Fishing intensity

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  • This volume, the first in a series, presents the findings of an ambitious project—to measure the impact of fishing on the ecosystems that make up the North Atlantic Ocean and to propose ways to mitigate that impact. The project arose from a request by Dr. Joshua Reichert, the Director of the Environment Program of the Pew Charitable Trusts, Philadelphia, to answer six specific questions about the North Atlantic: • What are the total fisheries catches from the ecosystems, including reported and unreported landings and discards at sea?...

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  • In aquaculture, antibiotics have been used mainly for therapeutic purposes and as prophylactic agents. The abuse of antibiotics in aquaculture farming is a big problem. To achieve high yields and profits, many farmers are now applying intensive farming methods. The improper use of antibiotics causes the phenomenon of drug-resistant bacteria and residue accumulation of antibiotics in aquatic meat.

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  • In many parts of the world the primary source of animal protein for humans is finfish. The intensive culture of finfish has grown significantly since the 1980s partly because of the dramatic decline in the natural fish stocks and the increase in fish consumption by the ever-increasing population. For example, the worldwide consumption of fish between 1990 and 1997 increased by 30% while the capture fisheries increased only by 9%.

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  • The world ocean has somewhere between 10 000 and 100 000 seamounts more than 1 km tall and as many as 1 000 000 features over 100 m tall. These are some of the least understood habitats on the planet. Large seamounts, particularly those close to or within the photic zone, support and attract rich biotic communities and are important for the status of marine food webs and biodiversity. Intensive boom-and-bust fi sheries have depleted fi sh populations and damaged or destroyed associated benthic communities.

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  • The beneficial aspects of stress diminish when it is severe enough to over- whelm a child’s ability to cope effectively. Intensive and prolonged stress can lead to a variety of short- and long-term negative health effects. It can disrupt early brain development and compromise functioning of the nervous and immune systems. In addition, childhood stress can lead to health problems later in life including alcoholism, depression, eating disorders, heart disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases.

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  • This study aimed to understand the dietary composition, relative gut length and foraging intensity of immature and mature of male and female B. boddarti during the dry and the wet seasons, that will contribute to our knowledge on food and feeding habit of other goby fishes in the monsoonal regions.

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  • Bacillary necrosis occurs very often in intensive farming of Tra catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus) in the Mekong delta. Causative bacterium was identified as Edwardsiella ictaluri. Diseased fish with typical focal necrosis in the liver, kidney and spleen were sampled from 17 fish farms in Can Tho, Dong Thap, Vinh Long, An Giang and Ben Tre Province for bacterial isolation and identification. Among 97 isolates, 47 (48 %) were identified as E. ictaluri.

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  • Tiger shrimp (P. monodon) and marine fishes are common fish cultured in coastal area of Vietnam. The study on nutrition for such species has not much when compared to freshwater fish species. Trash fish is the traditional feed for marine cultured fish and tiger shrimp in semi-intensive system. The supply is not stable in term of quality and quantity. Moreover, the price has increased. Therefore, finding alternative feed for trash fish is very important and crucial issues Using pellet feed in which fishmeal was replaced by plant protein that started in 90’s decade.

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  • The mask is a surprising and wonderful relation of center and circumference, of containment and freely going forth, giving it a vibrant sense of life. Its intense, terrified and also sad expression seems to withdraw inward into the purity and whiteness of self while feathers, hands, fins, seal flippers, spindles, circles radiate, almost explode from its enclosed central form Jutting out from around the top of the head are white feathers and extending behind them is an arched reed that forms a wider oval.

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  • We now live in a world where more intense weather, patterns of droughts and floods are becoming commonplace, as are overexploited fish stocks, destroyed forests and dried up rivers. The era of post-war consumerism, where humanity lived in a world rich in resources that were thought boundless, is closing as ecological limits become apparent around the world. We have to face the fact that our consumption of everyday products has a global impact....

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  • The Baltic Sea is a unique basin, being productive with intensive fishing potential and has therefore been the object of many studies. It is a brackish, nontidal, relatively shallow and semi-enclosed sea. The Baltic is located at a high latitude, hence one of its characteristic features is ice. Another unique geographical pattern are the archipelagos located off the coast of Stockholm which consist of more than 25 000 islands. The relative ionic concentration of toxic substances e.g. chemical elements is generally higher in the low-saline Baltic Sea than compared to the North Sea....

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  • Ecologically, Ennore Creek is the most strategic place where many industries started mushrooming in and around the creek in the late 1970s led to meristamatic growth affecting the fishing community (Arunagiri et al., 1998). The environmental degradation of the Ennore Creek is structurally different from the problem of pollution of the metropolitan city of Chennai. This narrow creek is one among the most polluted creeks along the Eastern Coast, which is not only receiving worldwide attention, but also one of the areas demanding intensive research.

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  • La Ribah Agro India Pvt Ltd is originated from one of the most fascinating industries called agricultural industry.La Ribah Agro India is the result of the group of the most bustling personnel by their intense knowledge and exposure into the agricultural field. La Ribah Agro India has assorted projects in the areas of farming as in Emu Farming, Goat Farming, Horse Farming, Rabbit Farming, Dairy Farming, Fishing and Fish Farming. Farming is also the most beneficial, ravishing and product oriented form of business.

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  • The importance of fish in vertebrate evolution has been better recognized in recent years after the intense work carried out on fish genomics. The recent discovery that fish genomes comprise homologs of ribonucleases, studied before only in tetrapods, and the isolation of ribonucleases from zebrafish have suggested an experimental model for studying fish and verte-brate evolution.

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