Flat rolling

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "In textbook of machine design" has contents: Power screws, flat belt drives, flat belt pulleys, chain drives, flywheel, springs, clutchces, brakes, sliding contact bearings, rolling contact bearings, spur gears, helical gears, internal combustion engine parts,...and other contents.

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  • Use drive rolls with a V-groove and flat pressure rolls. ✓ Use knurled rolls only when friction in the liner causes smooth rolls to slip e.g. with long, extremely curved cable assemblies. Knurled rolls give increased liner and contact tip wear. ✓ Check that the groove size is correct for the wire diameter. ✓ Apply the correct pressure on feed rolls. Too much pressure flattens the wire, resulting in feedings problems and higher liner and contact tip wear.

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  • Ondjiva, an Angolan town on the border with Namibia, often goes for years without significant rainfall. When it does rain, floods sweep across the flat ground leaving little stored for future use. Those who can afford to do so buy their water from tankers, spending on average one third of their monthly income. Others buy from men like Antonio - his barrel weighs nearly ¼ tonne, and it will have taken him much of the day to roll it into town, earning him around 20 pence. Many people can afford neither; meaning girls and women must spend time...

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  • Thirty or more years ago, one who stood at the foot of Main Street, Winnipeg, in front of the stone gate leading to the inner court of Fort Garry, and looked up across the river flats, would have seen a procession as picturesque as ever graced the streets of old Quebec--the dog brigades of the Hudson's Bay Company coming in from the winter's hunt. Against the rolling snowdrifts appeared a line, at first grotesquely dwarfed under the mock suns of the eastern sky veiled in a soft frost fog. Then a husky-dog in bells and harness bounced up over the drifts, followed by another and yet...

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