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  • In this paper we consider the analogue of these surfaces in the Minkowski 4-space. On the basis of our invariant theory of spacelike surfaces we study general rotational surfaces with special invariants. We describe analytically the flat general rotational surfaces and the general rotational surfaces with flat normal connection.

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  • This study was undertaken to determine the relative strength of individual soil aggregates of different sizes and shapes against crushing forces. Soil aggregates were placed individually between a clean–fixed flat surface and a flat plate connected to a pocketpenetrometer and crushed under applied stress.

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  • The objective of this study was to determine the influence of selected soil properties on the relative strength of individual soil aggregates against crushing forces. Soil aggregates were crushed between a flat surface and a flat plate connected to a pocket penetrometer.

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  • In this paper, we study Marcinkiewicz integral operators with rough kernels supported by surfaces of revolutions. We prove that our operators are bounded on Lp under certain convexity assumptions on our surfaces and under very weak conditions on the kernel.

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  • In this paper, forced convective condensation of water vapour on a horizontal flat plate was studied numerically by using ANSYS Fluent software. User-defined functions were developed and added to address the issue of film condensation at the surface of the flat plate. The model assumes that phase change occurs while a vapor-noncondensable gas mixture is in contact with the wall only. The condensation rate is obtained by requiring the condensate-gas interface to be impermeable to the non-condensable gas.

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  • Graphic design is the phrase to refer to a career focused on the fine arts. In particular the term "graphic" to only the drawing is displayed on a flat surface (multi-material), and the verb "design" includes constructive sense, creative. Then you can understand, "graphic design" is to create an image, a work surface to a certain material, meaning the purpose of art decoration, beauty, serve the needs of children people.

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  • This cartridge-operated rotary actuator quickly retracts the webbing to separate a pilot forcibly from his seat as the seat is ejected in emergencies. It eliminates the tendency of both pilot and seat to tumble together after ejection, preventing the opening of the chute. Gas pressure from the ejection device fires the cartridge in the actuator to force the ball-bearing screw to move axially. The linear motion of the screw is translated into the rotary motion of a ball nut. This motion rapidly rolls up the webbing (stretching it as shown) so that the pilot is snapped out of his seat.

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  • Due to the widespread use of ceramic coatings, several synthesis techniques have been developed in recent decades. The majority of these techniques, such as chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD) and their variants, are focused on the synthesis of flat coatings. Recently, the preceramic polymeric synthesis route has offered the possibility to impregnate preceramic materials into porous matrices prior to pyrolysis in order to create coated or composite materials This technique, however, leads to pore filling and alterations of the original substrate texture....

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  • CHAPTER 5 SPECIAL-PURPOSE MECHANISMS NINE DIFFERENT BALL SLIDES FOR LINEAR MOTION Fig. 1 V-grooves and flat surface make a simple horizontal ball slide for reciprocating motion where no side forces are present and a heavy slide is required to keep the balls in continuous contact. The ball cage ensures the proper spacing of the balls and its contacting surfaces are hardened and lapped. Fig. 2 Double V grooves are necessary where the slide is in a vertical position or when transverse loads are present. Screw adjustment or spring force is required to minimize any looseness in the slide.

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  • Basketball is a truly global game. Invented by a Canadian who lived in the United States, it is one of the most popular spectator sports in Europe and is played extensively in China. People worldwide seem to like the sport for its simplicity; only a flat surface, a hoop, and a ball are required to play. Another attraction is the beauty inherent in basketball. The individuals who engage in the sport at its highest levels display a grace and athleticism that is both unparalleled and often enrapturing....

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  • T tabula n.; pl. -ae [L. tabula, table] 1. (CNID: Anthozoa) Horizontal partitions across the vertical canals of corals. 2. (ECHINOD: Asteroidea) A flat elevated dorsal plate of sea stars. tabular a. [L. tabula, table] Arranged in a flat surface.

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  • Furthermore, Swinburne’s figures by LGA were an average for flats and houses: these figures were likely to over-state rentals for flats and under-state them for houses. For the missing years, estimated rentals were derived by interpolation. In a revision of this paper, the estimated rentals will be recast as yield-based in an effort to improve accuracy.

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  • Tài liệu tham khảo giáo trình nhôm trong thiết kế xây dựng - Chương 3 Fabrication 3.1 PREPARATION OF MATERIAL 3.1.1 Storage Aluminium materials waiting to be fabricated are obviously best stored in the dry. But if they do get wet, at least they will not rust. One possible problem during storage is water staining, which appears as ugly blotches varying from white to dark grey [8]. This occurs when water is trapped between flat aluminium surfaces, and sometimes happens as a result of condensation when metal is brought in from the cold....

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  • of flat metal planes, theoretically capable of indefinite projection. Linear striations on the surface of the planes allow for the enjoyment of both spatial and temporal experiences simultaneously, while suggesting the possibility of infinite continuity. The Putnam Collection Pevsner, with its handsome black granite pedestal designed by the sculptor, serves additionally as a memorial to the Danish scientist and humanist Niels Bohr (1885-1962), who had longstanding personal and professional ties with colleagues in the Department of Physics at Princeton.

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  • Lichen Planus Lichen planus (LP) is a papulosquamous disorder that may affect the skin, scalp, nails, and mucous membranes. The primary cutaneous lesions are pruritic, polygonal, flat-topped, violaceous papules. Close examination of the surface of these papules often reveals a network of gray lines (Wickham's striae). The skin lesions may occur anywhere but have a predilection for the wrists, shins, lower back, and genitalia (Fig. 53-5).

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  • Washes The most basic watercolor technique is the flat wash. It is produced by first wetting the area of paper to be covered by the wash, then mixing sufficient pigment to easily fill the entire area. The pigment is applied to a sloping surface in slightly overlapping horizontal bands from the top down. Once complete the wash should be left to dry and even itself out don't be tempted to work back into a drying wash, the results are usually disastrous! A variation on the basic wash is the graded wash. This technique requires the pigment to be diluted...

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  • Three methods: wet, dry and steam explosion were used to extract fibers from bamboo shoot culm sheath. Wet extracting method gave the best bamboo fibers. The fibers got by wet method were flat while using dry methods, fibers were broken on the surface. Bamboo fibers using wet methods gave the highest tensile strength of 272 MPa. After treated with NaOH, the strength of bamboo fibers increased about 20% in comparing with untreated fibers while silane treated make bamboo fibers strength lower about 15%.

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  • Once you are satisfied that you are getting an even cut (and be prepared for a few failures at first, so use test pieces), resaw the piece all the way through. If you are trying to get more than two pieces from your stock, flip it over and resaw again referring off the other flat face. Now you are left with two pieces that are surfaced on one side and rough on the other, and one piece that is rough on both sides. Depending on the thickness you started with and the thicknesses of the two cuts you made, the...

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