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  • Perioperative hypothermia is a common occurrence, particularly with the elderly and pediatric age groups. Hypothermia is associated with an increased risk of perioperative complications. One method of preventing hypothermia is warming the infused fluids given during surgery.

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  • Perioperative temperature management is fundamental to ensure normothermia in patients. Fluid warmers, which have become smaller in size over the past few years, can help to maintain a stable body temperature. Potentially, the reduction of the size may influence the heating performance.

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  • Preventing the frequent perioperative hypothermia incidents that occur during elective caesarean deliveries would be beneficial. This trial aimed at evaluating the effect of preoperative forced-air warming alongside perioperative intravenous fluid warming in women undergoing cesarean sections under spinal anesthesia.

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  • Fluid warming, recommended for fluid rates of > 500 ml h-1, is an integral part of patient temperature management strategies. Fluid warming devices using an uncoated aluminium containing heating element have been reported to liberate aluminium resulting in critical aluminium concentrations in heated fluids. We investigated saline solution (0.9%), artificially spiked with organic acids to determine the influence of fluid composition on aluminium release using the uncoated enFlow® device.

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  • Water vapor is the dominant greenhouse gas, the most important gaseous source of infrared opacity in the atmosphere. As the concentrations of other greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, increase because of human activity, it is centrally important to predict howthewater vapor distribution will be affected. To the extent that water vapor concentrations increase in a warmer world, the climatic effects of the other greenhouse gases will be amplified.

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  • Source: HANDBOOK OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CALCULATIONS SECTION 8 PIPING AND FLUID FLOW PRESSURE SURGE IN FLUID PIPING SYSTEMS 8.2 Pressure Surge in a Piping System From Rapid Valve Closure 8.2 Piping Pressure Surge with Different Material and Fluid 8.5 Pressure Surge in Piping System with Compound Pipeline 8.6 PIPE PROPERTIES, FLOW RATE, AND PRESSURE DROP 8.8 Quick Calculation of Flow Rate and Pressure Drop in Piping Systems 8.8 Fluid Head-Loss Approximations for All Types of Piping 8.10 Pipe-Wall Thickness and Schedule Number 8.

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