Focus and intentions

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  • Even though human-induced species extinction presently seems to rank low on peoples’ attention scale compared to other political and societal topics, this does not mean that its significance in earth history or its ecological consequences have diminished in any way. It must repeatedly be made clear that if current trends continue, within the next one hundred years half of all our planet’s species will most likely have become extinct.

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  • We analyze the concept of focus in speech and the relationship between focus and speech acts for prosodic generation. We determine how the speaker’s utterances are influenced by speaker’s intention. The relationship between speech acts and focus information is used to define which parts of the sentence serve as the focus parts. We propose the Focus to Emphasize Tones (FET) structure to analyze the focus components. We also design the FET grammar to analyze the intonation patterns and produce tone marks as a result of our analysis.

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  • In the spirit of place, Steve Apfelbaum and his partner, Susan Lehnhardt, have found a unique spiritual connection through their love of the land. To be “rooted in the land” involves actively participating in a known landscape. Steve and Susan have worked directly on the land, connecting both with it and with each other as members of a community of interdependent parts —soils, waters, plants, and animals.

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  • President Thabo Mbeki claims that he asked for Madlala- Routledge’s resignation because she travelled to an AIDS vaccine conference in Spain earlier in the year without receiving the required permission to make the trip. But no one believes this petty transgression to be the real issue. The fact of the matter is that Madlala- Routledge’s direct and honest approach to AIDS and other health challenges had placed her on a direct collision course with both Mbeki and his health minister, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang....

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  • Rather than focus too intently on a precise definition of slang or on whether a given entry is slang, jargon or colloquial English, we take full advantage of the wide net cast by Partridge when he chose to record 'slang and unconventional English' instead of just slang, which is, after all, without any settled test of purity. We have con-sidered for inclusion all unconventional English that has been used with the purpose or effect of either lowering the formality of communication and reducing solemnity and/or identifying status or group and putting oneself in tune with one's company. ...

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  • Brazil’s capital market remains focused on short term instruments. Most financial contracts among residents are indexed to the overnight interest rate, although there has been a gradual trend towards increasing duration in the recent years. This largely short term structure reflects long-standing fundamental factors, including a legacy of past high inflation that typically is associated with a more short–term focus for investing.

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  • Hence, in order for us to understand not just this encounter but also Villa-Lobos’s stay in Paris, we need to explore carefully the sociohistorical configuration in which both occurred. My intention, though, is not to trace a global ‘context’ in which these figures were ‘immersed.’ Such an approach would impoverish the analytic possibilities, since as Bensa argues (1998:46), “context is immanent to practices and makes up part of them.

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  • Remember what you’ve learned so far. Look at structure. Look for the main idea of the passage. Consider the purpose for which the passage was written. What clues can you deduce from the writing style about the author’s attitude toward the subject? Is the attitude positive? Negative? Objective? Try to pick out individual words that further each writer’s intent and support each writer’s opinion. If it helps, underline or make notes on important points. Active reading techniques like these will keep you focused on some very detailed reading comprehension passages....

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  • PERIOD 13 LESSON 6 : LANGUAGE FOCUS A / Aims and Objectives : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to talk about intentions with be going to and know how to use Adverbs of place . B / Teaching aids : Textbooks , posters , chalks .... C / Procedure : I / Warm up : TELEPHONE TRANSMITTING II / New lesson : 1.Talk about intentions with going to : Introduce the form and use of going to - Form : S + be going to + infinitive - Use : express an intention Ex 1 : -...

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  • This book is a revised and updated edition of Asking Questions: A Practical Guide to Questionnaire Design, first published in 1982. It focuses on the type of question asking that social science researchers and market researchers use in structured questionnaires or interviews. Many of the principles of effective formalized questioning we focus on in this book are useful in other contexts. They are useful in informal or semistructured interviews, in administering printed questionnaires in testing rooms, and in experimental studies involving participant evaluations or responses....

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  • Addiction has appeared on the movie screen since Edison's earliest films (Starks, 1982); however, the now familiar images of modem institutional treatment did not appear until the late 1980s. After a decade of American cultural backlash against addicts and drug treatment during the years of the Reagan administration, public opinion seemed to shift throughout the 1990s toward encouraging people with substance-abuse problems to get help (White, 1998). Since that time, Hollywood has released several works with narratives focused on institutional treatment of addiction....

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  • Our intention for this second edition is the same as it was for the first: to provide an accessible yet challenging explanation and appraisal of international criminal law and procedure for students, academics and practitioners. We focus on the crimes which are within the jurisdiction of international courts or tribunals – genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and aggression – and the means of prosecuting them. We also briefly discuss terrorist offences, torture, and other crimes which are not (yet) within the jurisdiction of an international court or tribunal....

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  • That was the subtitle for this book that was sadly, but wisely, rejected. However, it conveys two things about this book that I’ve tried to focus on: getting a job and having fun while learning the skills you need. Well, as much fun as you can reasonably have while learning how to program. Although many books aren’t explicit in this intent, I’ll say it up front: This book is about money.

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  • Thus it is a publication oriented toward policymakers, nutrition educators, nutritionists, and healthcare providers rather than to the general public, as with previous versions of the Dietary Guidelines, and contains more technical information. The intent of the Dietary Guidelines is to summarize and synthesize knowledge regarding individual nutrients and food components into recommendations for a pattern of eating that can be adopted by the public. In this publi­ cation, Key Recommendations are grouped under nine inter-related focus areas.

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  • The development of a strategy involves the selection of a coherent set of measures which, taken together, will reduce the emissions of transport pollutants. These measures can be technology-oriented, targeting the vehicles and fuels used and maintenance practices within the sector, or they can be behavioural, seeking to reduce (or prevent increases in) the amount of activity of the most polluting vehicles.

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  • Given the strong leadership evidenced by the current Governors of New York and New Jersey,  and  their  appropriate  and  intense  focus  on  responsible  government,  increased  transparency,  organizational  efficiency  and  fiscal  responsibility,  the  Port  Authority  now  has  a window  of  opportunity to drive the transformational changes fundamental to addressing the challenges of  the organization.

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  • The traditional process of reducing project tasks into ever-smaller components for assignment and tracking often causes degeneration into “fractal” tasks, tasks at ever repeated smaller scales. The traditional tool for guidance – a project plan with fractal tasks – often has tasks at too small a level to be really meaningful. Instead, maintain a focus on the forest over the trees and promote a planning process that keeps tasks at a level that sets intent and desired outcome, while preserving flexibility for the team innovation and autonomy.

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  • Sometimes a book is so refreshing in its perspective, so innovative, that it promises to revolutionize a field of scholarship. The Founding Fathers, Pop Culture, and Constitutional Law is one such book. It is a bold intervention into the field of constitutional interpretation, a field which Susan Burgess argues has reached a kind of scholarly impasse. Rather than tread the well-worked path with another theory of constitutional meaning, Burgess offers us a cultural studies reading of constitutional scholarship.

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  • This Program Director Guide to the Common Program Requirements includes explanations of the intent of most common requirements (with a specific focus on those related to competency- based requirements), suggestions for implementing requirements, and bulleted guidelines for the types of expected documentation. Currently, the explanations and expected documentation in this Guide relate only to the CPR. Program directors should consult their specialty program requirements and PIF for additional information. These may be incorporated into future versions of this Guide. ...

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  • We conducted focus groups in the Plan stage of the Kleimann’s Information Design Model. Starting this project by conducting two focus groups enabled us to gather exploratory, baseline information on consumers’ awareness of, history with, and general understanding about financial privacy notices. Focus groups are helpful in the Plan stage because they help us generate hypotheses and assist in the project development by providing valuable opinions, feedback, and insights into where to concentrate the study.

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