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  • This paper presents some numerical results of bending and vibration analyses of an unstiffened and stiffened folded laminate composite plate using finite element method. The effects of fiber orientations, boundary conditions, stiffener conditions of the plates for deflections, natural frequencies, and the corresponding mode shapes, transient displacement responses were considered.

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  • This paper deals with the bending and vibration analysis of multi-folding laminate composite plate using finite element method based on the first order shear deformation theory (FSDT).

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  • These disorders are caused by maturational white matter abnormalities and therefore white matter tractography (using DTI) can offer advantages over conventional MRI in the detectability of clinically relevant microstructural features. High field strength structural MR scanning (up to 7 tesla for clinical and research use in humans) is now available in some countries, and this greatly enhances the spatial resolution over that offered by standard clinical facilities (typically 1.5 or 3 tesla).

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  • In setting research priorities and objectives for community-based research, the Aboriginal Women’s Health Research Advisory Council and the researchers shall give serious and due consideration to the benefit of the community concerned. In assessing community benefit, regard shall be given to the widest possible range of community interests, whether the groups in question be Aboriginal or non Aboriginal, and also to the impact of research at the local, regional or national level.

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  • Public health can be thought of as a series of complex systems. Many things that individual living in high income countries take for granted like the control of infectious disease, clean, potable water, low infant mortality rates require a high functioning systems comprised of numerous actors, locations and interactions to work. Many people only notice public health when that system fails. With widespread globalization occurring, public health issues have become transnational.

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  • The more we learn about nutrition and exercise, the more we recognize their importance in everyday life. Children need a healthy diet for normal growth and development, and Americans of all ages may reduce their risk of chronic disease by adopting a nutritious diet and engaging in regular physical activity. However, putting this knowledge into practice is difficult. More than 90 million Americans are affected by chronic diseases and conditions that compromise their quality of life and well-being.

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  • The so called portfolio approach to credit supply (for an overview see Fase (1995)) starts with the assumption that banks maximize a utility function under a set of balance sheet constraints which allows to derive directly credit supply functions. However, the derivation assumes a perfect financial market while treating the private sector (comprising the corporate and household sectors) as one homogeneous entity. These limitations restrict the use of this model when trying to address the specific issues related to corporate finance in imperfect markets.

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  • There are two professional organisations our Valuation and Property Management graduates are likely to join. These are the Property Institute of New Zealand and the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand. Each body is closely involved with the development of the Massey courses, and encourages you to get involved in the affairs of the local branch and upon graduation, to become a member.

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  • Estimating the risk of in-hospital death is one of the most important considerations for surgeons and patients when they evaluate the option of surgery for lung cancer.The 30 day mortality for lobectomy and pneumonectomy in England from National Lung Cancer Audit is 2.3% and 5.8% respectively. Thoracoscore is currently the largest and most validated global risk score .

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  • In the first section, we have included chapters providing clinical perspectives on myocarditis. Here, readers can find comprehensive reviews summarizing the causes of myocarditis, its classification, diagnosis and treatment. The part also includes a chapter that focuses on perimyocarditis and its causes, presentation and clinical management. It also includes a comprehensive review of Chagas' chronic myocarditis, another important type of myocarditis.

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  • The contribution of our paper to the existing literature is threefold. First, our work contributes to the large literature exploring the generation of abnormal returns by portfolio managers. In exploring beyond the abilities of mutual fund managers to generate trading profits in public markets, our work contributes to an emerging literature that attempts to generate a systematic view of how potential trading profits are made in alternative asset markets (see e.g.

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  • Despite inadequate funding levels and limited program coordination, the United States still allocates tens of billions of dollars annually to a multitude of projects across the nation. Such investment could go further toward upgrading America’s infrastructure if it were spent more efficiently. The vast majority of funds for infrastructure projects in the United States are not disbursed on the basis of a rigorous comparison of projects’ economic costs and benefits.

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  • Raising the Bar for Safety: In response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Obama Administration has launched the most aggressive and comprehensive reforms to offshore oil and gas regulation and oversight in U.S. history. The reforms, which strengthen requirements for everything from well design and workplace safety to corporate accountability, are helping to ensure that the U.S. can safely and responsibly expand development of its offshore energy resources.

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  • Developments in the dairy sector have to be seen in the context of the evolving nature of dairy policy and trade policy. Although Agenda 2000 and more particularly the MTR have brought about a considerable change in support to the dairy sector, existing CAP instruments such as milk quotas, super levies, intervention prices, dairy premiums, processing aids, export subsidies and import tariffs still affect the supply and demand for milk and milk products.

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  • We also believe that high quality design should play akey role in minimising any adverse effects of projects,whether this is directed at the disposition of windturbines and energy crops in the landscape or thepositioning of photo-voltaic cells on historic buildings.Fundamental to achieving high quality design will be asound understanding of the character and importanceof the historic asset involved,whether at the scale ofindividual buildings and sites or more extensive historicareas and landscapes.

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  • Our forecast model assumes that California resident tax filers’ wage and salary income surpasses $1 trillion for the first time in 2017. Between 2012 and 2018, we assume that wages and salaries for all resident California taxpayers grow at an average annual rate of about 5 percent—similar to the growth rate in recent decades. Employment growth, inflation, and changes in labor productivity contribute to rising wages and salaries throughout the economy. Capital Gains Drive PIT Volatility.

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  • Vector processors provide high-level operations that work on vectors, i.e., linear arrays of numbers [20]. A typical vector is able to contain between 64 and 512 64-bit elements. With a single instruction, operations can be performed in parallel on all elements. Specialized architectures with large numbers of simple processing elements are required. Compared to vector registers, SIMD registers can hold a small number of elements. For example, at most four 32-bit values can be processed using SIMD instructions in a Pentium 4.

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  • According to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the University of Kentucky must use the official wording prescribed by SACS in all catalogues, brochures and advertisements when referring to reporting its accreditation status in its relationship with the Commission on Colleges. This regulation refers to any communication – either printed, broadcast or electronic -- that refers to the University’s accreditation by SACS.

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  • Urinary incontinence was temporary, disappearing within 3 months. By the transurethral technique, continence can be reserved because the operator can easily detect the external sphincter, and supporting structures surrounding the prostate therefore allow the urethra to remain intact. The most excellent results of postoperative continence after radical prostatectomy are reported 93.0 % as to open prostatectomy (Walsh et al., 2000), 97.4 % as to laparoscopic surgery (Christopher et al., 2011) and 98.0 % as to robot-assisted surgery (Patel et al., 2005).

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  • Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Health Information in Washington State During the focus group and interviews, participants aired many ideas and referenced numerous organizations and projects whose efforts towards culturally competent information and services they highly regard. These and other resources’ current and potential roles are further explained and elaborated upon in the Resources for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Health Information section.

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