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  • "Bioactive Food Peptides in Health and Disease" highlights recent developments on bioactive food peptides for the promotion of human health and the prevention/management of chronic diseases. The book provides a comprehensive revision of bioactive peptides obtained from both animal and plant food sources. Aspects related to their bioactivity, mechanism of action, and bioavailability are extensively described along the different chapters.

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  • Safrol is a natural product, and presents especially in Sassafras oil with 80% abundance. Sassafras oil has been used for long time for treatment of some diseases such as influenza, trouble digestion, stomach and arthritis [1]. Otherwise, Sassafras oil was also used in food and cosmetic industries. Some derivatives of safrol such as heliotropin is a precious perfume used widely in cosmetic industry. Heliotropin was prepared by oxidation of isosafrol [2, 3].

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  • Carbohydrates are sugars and starches derived from cereals, tubers, roots, and other substances such as cellulose and lignin from plant cell walls, vessels and woody tissues. Carbohydrates do mainly provide energy for maintenance and production. A surplus of energy is stored as body fat. A part of the carbohydrates is crude fibre (CF), the remaining is nitrogen-free extract (NFE). The latter consists of sugars, starches and sugar-like substances. Sugars and starches are much easier to digest than CF.

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  • An analysis of the complex relationship between demographic changes and impacts on the natural-resource base confirms that resource exploitation is occurring not only to meet growing domestic needs but also for other vested interests. Population, together with other major drivers, such as institutions, markets, and technology, will have a very strong bearing on the way in which the rich resources of the Mekong River Basin are developed and distributed in the present and future.

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  • Preparations derived from Lentinula edodes (Berk.) Pegl. mycelium are worldwide used as dietary supplements containing compounds active as immune system enhancers, demonstrating chemopreventive and anticancer activity. L. edodes mycelium enriched with organic forms of selenium like selenized yeast possess putative, higher cancer preventive properties. The objective of this study was to test the effect of enrichment in selenium on antioxidant, reducing and free radical scavenging activity of water and alcohol extracts from mycelium of L. edodes (Berk.).

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  • Genetically modified foods and food products derived from genetically engineered organisms are among a number of biotechnological developments intended to improve shelf life, nutritional content, flavor, color, and texture, as well as agronomic and processing characteristics. Although in popular parlance the term genetically modified often is used interchangeably with genetically engineered, in this report genetic modification refers to a range of methods used to alter the genetic composition of a plant or animal, including traditional hybridization and breeding.

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  • Target marketing is based on fundamental marketing principles that are employed by just about all firms across all types of products and toward all types of audience segments. As the nation undergoes dramatic demographic shifts, moving today’s ethnic minorities to the majority in many geographic areas, target marketing to ethnic groups will increase.

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  • Celiac disease has many names, such as gluten intolerance, gluten-sensitive enteropathy, and non-tropical sprue. Each name depicts a life-long autoimmune disorder in which a person’s body cannot tolerate a group of grain proteins known as gluten. These grains consist of wheat, rye, barley, and any derivatives of these grains. Oats were always part if this list, but recent studies have shown that a moderate consumption of oats is safe for healthy children and adults who are well-established on a gluten-free diet....

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  • In 2008, the price of green power for residential customers in utility programs ranged from -1.0¢/kWh (a savings compared to standard service) to 8.8¢/kWh above standard electricity rates, with an average premium of 1.8¢/kWh and median of 1.5¢/kWh. These premiums have been adjusted to account for any fuel-cost exemptions granted to green power program participants. 16 In 2008, the utility programs with the lowest premiums for energy derived from new renewable sources had premiums ranging from -1.0¢/kWh (a savings) to 0.9¢/kWh. On average, consumers spend about $5.

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  • In our review of the literature, we focus first on the value graduates derive from holding the MBA degree. Identification of these benefits should lead to inferences on the reasons for choosing the degree. But since our premise is that online programs encourage the participation of more experienced students, we believe that understanding the motives for choosing a specific program is also important. Our review of the literature is organized to highlight these two points: the value of the MBA, and the motives for choosing a particular type of MBA program. ...

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  • Codex standard for rice Codex stan 198 -1995 applies to husked rice, milled rice, and parboiled rice, all for direct human consumption; i.e, ready for its intended use as human food, presented in packaged form or sold loose from the package directly to the consumer. It does not apply to other products derived from rice or to glutinous rice.



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  • The present edition of "Current Insights in Pollen Allergens" provides recent aspects related to pollen allergy, a major medical problem which is still under thorough studies. The chapters of this book will be of significant value to those interested to get notions about molecular basis of pollen allergy, such as allergen proteins polymorphism and its implications in allergic disease, cross-reactivity between pollen and pollen-plant food derived allergens, as well as strategies for clinical trial and future research....

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  • The goal of the Working Group is to recommend principles that both improve the nutritional quality of foods marketed to children and can be feasibly implemented by industry with sufficient time to accomplish reformulation. The Working Group recognizes that, if the proposed nutrition principles were fully implemented by industry as proposed, a large percentage of food products currently in the marketplace would not meet the principles.

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  • “The implementation of the National Policy requires a modernization of the legal framework, hence the importance of a new Water Act that allows the creation of institutions necessary …. It is essential to get politicians to internalize and take action, because so far, the IWRM Policy remains a reference document” (Costa Rica).

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  • Public health achieved considerable health improvements in the 19th Century with for example, treatment and legislation relating to water supply, sewage disposal and safer food. In the last century this legacy was extended with improvements in nutrition, the introduction of antibiotics and the sulphonamide drugs, early childhood vaccinations, the introduction of legislation on the compulsory use of seat belt and tobacco controls and taxation etc.

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  • Cement kiln dust (noted in “Food, Energy, and Survival”), which is primarily derived from local gravels, was gathered for these studies from 20 cement manufacturers in Virginia, Maryland, New York, Iowa, Oregon, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida, Tennessee, California, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Minnesota, Michigan, and Washington.

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  • Spices are high value, export-oriented crops used extensively in food and beverage flavourings, medicines, cosmetics and perfumes. Interest is growing however in the theoretical and practical aspects of the biosynthetic mechanisms of active components in spices as well as the relationship between the biological activity and chemical structure of these secondary metabolites. A wide variety of phenolic substances and amides derived from spices have been found to possess potent chemopreventive, anti-mutagenic, anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties....

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  • Chitin that is a natural organic constituent has had high exchange value. The derivative of chitin is specially chitosan, which has had many applications on light industry, food, agriculture, medicine, and comestic… Makingsausaage casing; chitosan (3%) and 10% of mixed additives of PEG and EG (ratio1:1) are dissolved in a aqueous acetic acid solution, the acetic acid concentration of the solution is 1.5%. The solutions are used to make sausage casing for 35 minutes at 64 650C.

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  • Organic chemistry is a subdiscipline within chemistry involving the scientific study of the structure, properties, composition, reactions, and preparation (by synthesis or by other means) of carbon-based compounds, hydrocarbons, and their derivatives. Organic compounds are structurally diverse. The range of application of organic compounds is enormous. They either form the basis of, or are important constituents of, many products including plastics, drugs, petrochemicals, food, explosives, and paints....

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  • Forests are an integral part of global sustainable development. The World Bank estimates more than 1.6 billion people to be dependent on forests for their livelihoods with some 300 million living in them. The forest product industry is a source of economic growth and employment, with global forest products traded internationally is estimated at $327 billion. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that every year 130,000 km² of the world's forests are lost due to deforestation.

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