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  • What is new food product development, the new product development team: company organization and its influence on new product development, what are the sources for new product ideas,... To help you answer the questions above, you are invited to consult the text New Food Product Development. Hope this is useful references for you.

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  • The present study was undertaken with the view to evaluate the sensory attributes and proximate composition of rice based traditional food products like dosa, idli, utthapam, khichadi and rice biryani were prepared using different varieties of rice. The four different rice varieties namely permal (control), HB-2, HKR-48 and HKR-128 were selected for the study. The best acceptable variety (HKR-48) with best acceptable food products were selected organoleptically and evaluated for proximate composition.

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  • Consumer behaviour in the purchasing of ready-to-eat products is very necessary to judge for the success of getting the right product. The raising urbanization, increasing middleclass population, increasing disposable income of middle-class population and changing taste preferences of Indian consumers may be attributed towards the raising demand of ready-to-eat food market. The present study is aimed to analyse the brand preference and factors influencing for purchase of ready-to-eat food products in Belgaum city of Karnataka state.

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  • The green concept and the development of organic animal foods are still in the infant stage in India. The concept of animal cloning has gaining popularity over the last decade through the novel and revolutionary work done by ICAR-NDRI and it will have a great impact in the coming days in Indian food industry. Keeping in view the changing trend, this study explores the factors influencing purchase intention of consumers and how these factors affect the intention of consumers towards organic and cloned animal food products.

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  • Food color is one of the parameters impacting food quality and consumer acceptance to a significant level. Synthetic food colors are being used in many food products which are a major concern to human health, having allergic and carcinogenic affects. Therefore, efforts are being made to use natural food colorants from natural sources such as turmeric, saffron etc. Beetroot is one such material which is a source of betalain and is a rich source of many bioactive and phytochemical compounds which are known to provide several health benefits.

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  • The objectives of the study includes: to ascertain factors considered in the selection of food products, to find out the quality perception towards food products among home makers and to assess the satisfaction of product quality and purchase quality.

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  • In this study, general food choice motives are not considered, instead more specific attitude towards packed ready to heat and eat food products are predicted based on specific attitude like health consciousness, environmental attitude and healthy food related life style.

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  • The present study was carried out with an aim of the standardization, formulation and evaluation of Gluten free flour mix food products for celiac disease/ gluten intolerance patients. Gluten free flour mix was developed from the ragi, amaranth, buckwheat and fava bean flour. Gluten free flour mix recipes were standardized and formulated viz. poori, mathri, handmade sewai, litti and cake.

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  • The present study entitled “Utilization of Potato Peels Powder and Sweet Potato Peels Powder for the Preparation of the Value-Added Food Products” was carried out with the Objective to determine the Nutritional Composition of mix Powder. The dehydration of Potato peel and Sweet potato peel was done through tray drying at 60-650C for 10 hours.

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  • Increasing consumer demand for more convenient and varied food products have grown exponentially, together with the need for faster production rates, improved quality and extension in shelf life and another side food contains many heat sensitive nutrients which include vitamins, minerals, and nutrients having functional properties such as pigments, antioxidant, Bioactive compounds.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'nanotechnology in food products', khoa học tự nhiên, công nghệ sinh học phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Chapter 6 - Food production control: Portions. After reading this chapter, you should be able to: Explain the importance of standard portion sizes, standard recipes, and standard portion costs to foodservice operations; identify four methods for determining standard portion costs, and describe the type of food product for which each is used; calculate standard portion costs using four different methods;...

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  • Chapter 7 - Food production control: Quantities. In this chapter, we will assume that control has been established over individual portions and will shift our focus to the number of portions produced for each item on a menu for a given day or meal.

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  • The results of the thematic analysis indicate consumer’s conceptualization of healthy food is elusive, imprecise and intuitive. Product and process values are utilitarian values consumers use to assess how healthy is food. However, the physical setting and more intangible values such as the feeling of taking care of oneself also influence healthy food preferences. Based on these findings, a definition of “healthy food” based on four food values is proposed.

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  • Ureases, enzymes that catalyze urea hydrolysis, have received considerable attention for their impact on living organisms’ health and life quality. On the one hand, the persistence of urease activity in human and animal cells can be the cause of some diseases and pathogen infections. On the other hand, food production can be negatively affected by ureases of soil microbiota that, in turn, lead to losses of nitrogenous nutrients in fields supplemented with urea as fertilizer.

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  • Sustainability of soil system and crop productivity is the greatest challenges in the twentyfirst century. The growing population pressurized modern agricultural practices to enhance food production. Green-revolution derived modern agriculture is characterized by the use of high-yielding crop varieties, inappropriate application of synthetic fertilizers and intensive water and energy resources utilization.

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  • Mango (Mangifera indica Linn.) is one of the most important tropical fruits in the world. About 20% of the fruits are processed for products such as puree, nectar, leather, pickles and canned slices, which have worldwide popularity. During the processing of mango, several million tons of wastes are produced annually from factories in which peel and pomace each contributes about 15 – 20% of the mango fruit. As peel and pomace are rich in phytochemicals, fibre and vitamin C are not currently utilized for any commercial purpose and it is discarded as a waste and becoming a source of pollution.

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  • Agriculture and Food processing sector is the backbone of India’s economy in terms of income, employment generation and ensuring food and nutritional security. A women entrepreneur is one who innovates, initiates or adopts a business activity. Women Entrepreneur is a person who accepts challenging role to meet her personal needs and become economically independent. The study was conducted in Hassan district of Karnataka state. The district Comprises of 8 taluk`s viz., Hassan, Arakalagudu, Alur, Sakaleshpura, Channarayapatna, Holenarasipura, Belur and Arasikere.

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  • Millet based products are economically viable and highlight the excellent medicinal and nutritional qualities. Kodo and kutki based products were developed using various processing variables to enhance the nutritional value, palatability and functionality for school going children of Jabalpur and Dindori districts of Madhya Pradesh state in India. Various developed products were assessed for their acceptability using nine point hedonic scale. The values of mean score of acceptability of malted kodo and kutki millet were found to be 8.30 and 8.27 assessed by the students and 7.94 and 7.

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  • Wheatgrass at young green stage is a powerhouse of nutrients and phytochemicals. With an aim to develop wheatgrass enriched health foods, Wheatgrass juice (WGJ) and wheatgrass powder (WGP) were incorporated in milk and meat products, respectively. WGJ (1:2 ratio of wheatgrass: water) was incorporated at 3, 6 and 9% in milk to formulate green milk, green paneer and enrobe paneer. WGP was incorporated at 1, 2 and 3% for chicken balls and nuggets. Overall acceptability score of green milk and green paneer with 9% WGJ was 8.15, 7.93 and 8.

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