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  • Unlike natural disasters, where any disruption to business service provision is likely to be hardware-related, disruption to business operation in the event of a pandemic is anticipated to be mainly human-resource oriented. Individual employers must consider their workforces and their particular circumstances. However, most should plan for up to 50% staff absences for periods of about two weeks at the height of a severe pandemic wave, and lower levels of staff absence for a few weeks either side of the peak. Overall, a pandemic wave may last about 8 weeks.

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  • The Food Safety Act, the main provisions of which came into effect on 1 January 1991, provides the basic framework for all food legislation throughout the UK. Its primary aim is to strengthen and update the previous food legislation.....

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  • Intravenous nutrition (IVN), also known as parenteral nutrition (PN), involves the administration of nutrients, electrolytes, minerals and fluid directly into patients’ veins. It is used in patients whose gastrointestinal absorption of food and/or fluids is inadequate, unsafe or inaccessible. Infusing a mixture of nutrients and fluid, however, is not without risk.

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  • In May 2010, the World Health Assembly (WHA), through resolution WHA63.14, endorsed a set of recommendations on the marketing of foods and non-alcoholic beverages to children. The main purpose of the recommendations was to guide efforts by Member States in designing new policies, or strengthening existing policies, on food marketing communications to children in order to reduce the impact of marketing foods high in saturated fats, trans-fatty acids, free sugars, or salt. Resolution WHA63.

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  • Diarrhea is one of the leading killers of children worldwide, accounting for 16% of deaths of children under five (World Health Organization [WHO], 2008). In Cambo- dia, diarrhea is the third leading cause of mortality for children under the age of five following neonatal causes and pneumonia (WHO, 2006).

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  • Among their many provisions, the new law and the stock market rules together require that the board of a publicly traded company be composed of a majority of independent directors and that the board’s audit committee consist entirely of independent directors and have at least one member with financial expertise. They also impose restrictions on the types of services that outside auditors can provide to their audit clients. These wide-ranging legislative and regulatory changes were adopted in response to the widespread outcry that followed these scandals.

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  • Biodiversity is fundamental to sustaining life, providing critical ecosystem services such as food provisioning, water purification, flood and drought control, nutrient cycling, and climate regulation, amongst many others. These services are essential to support human well-being and economic growth. Yet despite the significant economic, social and cultural values of biodiversity and ecosystem services, biodiversity worldwide is being lost, and in some areas at an accelerating rate.

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  • The micro- and nano- transport of biomolecules is of interest to a wide range of scientific and engineering communities. Application areas include miniaturized technology that will support and advance key sectors, including healthcare, food provisioning, environment services, etc. This ebook is generally intended for undergraduate students from chemical, life and physical sciences wanting to find out about the basic properties of biomolecules and how they can be transported in liquids on the micro- to nano-scale.

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  • This book is a combination of experiences in which I have been involved over my professional career. It brings a combination of ideas together that include methods of communicating, strategies for behavior change, ways to assess problems, and methods to facilitate self-management. The concepts presented in this book have been tested in a variety of clinical trials where lifestyle change was needed to determine if dietary change affected disease.

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  • Around 120,000 passengers benefit from the service provided by three-wheel SAFA tempos on a daily basis. Kathmandu perhaps has more number of battery-powered commuter electric vehicles than any other urban centers in the world. The EV drivers get NRs. 4,000 to NRs. 5, 000 per month. The tempo owners need NRs. 6000 – 7000 per months for charging and NRs.10, 000 per month for depreciation of the batteries. When the batteries are new, the SAFA Tempos can get a range of 70 or more kms. But, due to the aging, the capacity of the battery is reduced and the SAFA...

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  • Compliance scores are calculated on a weighted average based on the amount of milk produced at each farm. Scores are based on an on site inspection, raw milk sample results and water sample results. A passing score is 90 points. If a BTU fails to score 90 or above, the raw milk is diverted away from Grade A use until a passing survey is completed. Enforcement scores are a measure of the degree to which enforcement provisions of the Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) are being applied by the regulatory agency (e.g.

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  • The objective of the work carried out by authorities, donors, UN agencies and local and international implementing partners was to develop a joint framework for action to improve the nutritional status of the Somali population, thereby contributing to an overall improvement in their survival, growth and development.

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  • Soil fertility is critical for the provision of adequate food, fiber and renewable natural resources(fuel,wood etc.). In the developing world soil fertility is linked to economic well being of many farm families. Poor soils means poor harvest leading to low returns for the over 60% of the population of developing countries relying on agriculture for survival.Use of inorganic and organic fertilizers in addition to biological processes to improve the fertility of the soil requires good understanding of their practical use and management.

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  • In a definition from contemporary philosophy, well-being has three inter-related elements: Welfare - the provision of food, drink, shelter, medical care, and other requirements for ‘bodily flourishing’; Contentment - an enduring and stable sense of satisfaction with one’s life; and Dignity - the control of one’s destiny and the ability to live a life of one’s choice (Kenny & Kenny, 2006).

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  • Among seniors, food choice and related activities are affected by health status, biological changes wrought by aging and functional abilities, which are mediated in the larger arena by familial, social and economic factors. Determinants of healthy eating stem from individual and collective factors. Individual components include age, sex, education, physiological and health issues, psychological attributes, lifestyle practices, and knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours, in addition to other universal dietary determinants such as income, social status and culture.

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  • This guide has been produced to assist small event organisers. Each event is different and will require different levels of management, services and provisions, However, there are elements that are common to all events and we advise you to use the information contained in this guide as a basis for planning you event. the requirements for their event. If you are an employer or self‐employed person, compliance with health and safety, food safety and fire precautions legislation are legal requirements and can be enforced by local authorities.

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  • Finally, specific maps for an ecosystem or beneficiary group of interest can also be generated. Such maps can show either 1) the parts of the landscape from which a given beneficiary’s benefits are derived, or 2) the beneficiary groups receiving benefits from a particular ecosystem region of interest (Johnson et al. unpublished). We have to date mapped only the spatial dynamics of carbon sequestration and storage, aesthetic views and aesthetic proximity.

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  • Children are particularly affected by changes in local food prices, not only as there are a greater number of children living in poorer households, but under-nutrition - even for short periods - can have long term consequences for children. 3 As such, changes in local food prices give important insights into how household budgets and, in turn, provisions for children’s nutrition and health are being squeezed.

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  • Most programs can use their own records to obtain outcome information for at least some of their outcome indicators. For example, homeless shelters can track the number of overnight uses of their facilities. Food distribution programs can track the number of meals they provide or the number of different people they serve. And most programs should be able to use their records to track their response times from client request to service provision.

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  • Targeted supplementary feeding programmes (SFPs) for the management of moderately malnourished under-fives and pregnant and lactating women are being implemented by WFP through around 40 local and international NGOs. The current caseload is around 70,000 beneficiaries, of whom approximately 80% are under-fives and 20% pregnant and lactating women. Map 1 shows the current nutrition situation and interventions based on latest reports.

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