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  • this report is the result of canadean’s extensive market research covering the clothing and footwear retailing category in argentina. it provides detailed historic and forecast sales data of the category along with market segmentation of apparel, accessories, luggage and leather goods

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  • industry spending, analysis of the economic impacts of this activity, and projections of future drilling, natural gas production, and related economic impacts (Considine, et al., 2009, 2010). Unlike the previous studies, however, this report estimates the impact Marcellus production has on prices for natural gas and expenditures for natural gas and electricity in Pennsylvania. This report also presents an analysis of labor market and sales tax data that affirms the economic stimulus provided by the Marcellus industry.

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  • Oracle Spatial allows users and application developers to seamlessly integrate their spatial data into enterprise applications. Oracle Spatial facilitates analysis based on the spatial relationships of associated data, like the proximity of store locations to customers within a given distance and sales revenue per territory. Oracle Spatial manages spatial data in an industry-standard database, resulting in application integration that takes place at the data server.

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  • 298 Planning and Forecasting later. Since the cash f low is deferred, the true value of that sale to the firm is somewhat diminished. By focusing on cash f lows and when they occur, NPV ref lects the true value of increased revenues and costs. Consequently, NPV analysis requires that accounting data be unraveled to reveal the underlying cash f lows. That is why changes in net working capital must be accounted for and why depreciation does not show up directly. Principle No. 2: Use Expected Values There is always going to be some uncertainty over future cash f lows. Future costs and...

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  • A simple model of earnings, cash flows and accruals is developed by assuming a random walk sales process, variable and fixed costs, accounts receivable and payable, and inventory and applying the accounting process. The model implies earnings better predicts future operating cash flows than does current operating cash flows and the difference varies with the operating cash cycle. Also, the model is used to predict serial and crosscorrelations of each firm's series. The implications and predictions are tested on a 1337 firm sample over 1963-1992.

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