Foreign investment decisions

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Corporate finance and investment" has contents: Treasury management and working capital policy, short-term asset management, short- and medium-term finance, long-term finance, capital structure and the required return, capital structure and the required return, foreign investment decisions,...and other contents.

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  • Chapter 9 - Currency exchange rates. This chapter define an exchange rate, and distinguish between nominal and real exchange rates and spot and forward exchange rates; describe functions of and participants in the foreign exchange market; describe functions of and participants in the foreign exchange market;...

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  • Enterprise project office (EPO) is essentially a support for investment governance and has a strong demand-side role in ensuring the organisation’s investment decision-making will deliver the greatest benefit from the resources available. This includes involvement in organisation strategy development and project and programme identification as well as business cases for investment, resource planning and allocation. It should be able to optimise the allocation of resources to match business priorities, by having complete information on all projects – current and planned.

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  • In this chapter, you will explore foreign direct investment. You will also: Learn about worldwide patterns of foreign direct investment flows and the theories that attempt to explain them; understand important management issues in the foreign direct investment decision; and examine why governments intervene in the flow of foreign direct investment and the methods they use.

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  • This research focuses on the determinants of Vietnam’s outward FDI by studying simultaneously the influence of two pull factors and push factors. In addition, the work examines the differences in assessing the impact of two factors groups on investment decisions by market entry method.

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  • The presence of TNCs in the Brazilian pulp and paper sector has not been significant from a historical perspective. The FDI in this sector represented just 4.5% of the FDI accumulated in Brazil in 2000. But since 2000 the sector has been receiving increasing influx of FDI. On average foreign investment in the sector increased from US$ 8.6 millions per year between 1996-1999 to US$ 139.4 millions per year between 2000-2004.

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  • In this paper we review the fiscal evolution of China and Russia, asking how the process of creating a separate, tax-financed public sector in the two countries differed. We observe that the size of China's budget sector was consistently smaller than in Russia and that budget decentralization was consistently greater. We see both pros and cons in China's decentralization. Local governments that were allowed to keep marginal increases in local tax revenue had incentives to pursue growth-supporting policies, including support for foreign investment and export-oriented production.

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  • This volume includes eleven papers that were prepared as part of a research project on International Aspects of Taxation by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The papers examine the role of taxation in cross-border flows of capital and goods, the real and financial decisions of multinational corporations, and the implications of growing economic interdependence for a country’s choice of a tax system. These papers were presented at a conference...

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  • After a long time effectively closing the door to foreign investors, VietNam has opened them again in recent years. The government has pursued an economic liberalization policy and introduced market - based reforms. Price controls in many areas have been scrapped, restriction on foreign investment have been loosened and so on. Let’s have a look at the factors of production that effect the decision making of “ Direct foreign investment may take place through either the acquisition of existing facilities or the new one (from the perspective of the host country like Viet Nam)”......

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  • Certain developing countries and certain developed countries are especially large debtors to commercial banks and foreign governments. Investment in debt obligations ("Sovereign Debt") issued or guaranteed by governments or their agencies ("governmental entities") of such countries involves a high degree of risk. The governmental entity that controls the repayment of Sovereign Debt may not be able or willing to repay the principal and/or interest when due in accordance with the terms of such debt.

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  • The relationship between capital markets, investment and economic growth has been a major interest for economic decision-makers, researchers and analysts. Many countries have tried to boost economic growth through amending capital market regulations, such as phasing out restrictions on capital with the aim of encouraging foreign cash flows into their markets to boost development. Previous studies have shown that stock markets can promote economic growth by directing accumulated savings into real investments.

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  • The response of Hollywood was to embrace some of this material. A landmark move was the decision by Columbia to distribute Easy Rider (1969), a project originally destined to become another biker picture for AIP. The success of Easy Rider helped convince the studios to invest in a new generation of filmmakers seen to be more in touch with the youth audience affected by the 1960s counterculture. Hollywood learned other lessons from the independents in this period.

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