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  • To be successful in forestry practices, all factors affecting forests and the interactions among them should be determined. It is important to study and understand the structure and dynamics of forests and make an inventory of existing and non-degraded homogeneous areas of natural forest types in the country.

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  • The development of understory plants and attendant changes of pollinators immediately after clear-cut logging were studied in boreal Scots pine forests. Experiments were carried out in Vacciniosa and Vaccinio-myrtillosa forest types.

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  • Vietnam is mostly located in the tropical region; Hilly and mountainous regions account for Hilly and mountainous regions account for ¾ of of VietnamVietnam’’s total natural land;s total natural land; Vietnam has coastal lines more than 3,000 km Vietnam has coastal lines more than 3,000 km long;long;High diversity of forests: tropical rain forest in High diversity of forests: tropical rain forest in most region, submost region, sub-tropical forest in the north and tropical forest in the north and at high altitudes, mangrove forest along at high altitudes, mangrove forest along coastline;coa...

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  • Forests play a major role in global carbon (C) cycle, and the carbon density (CD) could reflect its ecological function of C sequestration. Study on the CD of different forest types on a community scale is crucial to characterize in depth the capacity of forest C sequestration.

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  • The past several years have witnessed rapid advances in syntax-based machine translation, which exploits natural language syntax to guide translation. Depending on the type of input, most of these efforts can be divided into two broad categories: (a) string-based systems whose input is a string, which is simultaneously parsed and translated by a synchronous grammar (Wu, 1997; Chiang, 2005; Galley et al., 2006), and (b) tree-based systems whose input is already a parse tree to be directly converted into a target tree or string (Lin, 2004; Ding and Palmer, 2005; Quirk et al.

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  • The main aim of this study was to compare Grime’s strategies in 91 plant taxa occurring from the eastern to the western part of the central Black Sea region of northern Turkey (Samsun). To do this, 45 sample plots were taken from different community types (from swamp forests to halophytic communities), and the strategies of plant species were compared with each other.

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  • According to the scheme for forests, the services are divided into five main categories: resources; ecological; biospheric; social; and amenities2. The resources category refers to all goods that may be obtained from forests (wood and non-wood); the ecological services are those related to protection of water, soil and health; the biospheric services are mainly climate regulation and biodiversity protection; while social and amenity services comprise of different types of recreational activities and the cultural importance of forests.

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  • facing the rapidly changing global business and different cross-country customer cultures, luxury can be understood as a special transnational type of culture. it represents a system of tangible (clothing, cars, buildings, etc.), as well as intangible components comprising ideals, expected behaviors, and beliefs in a group specific value system. in a global marketplace, there is no understanding of luxury conceivable which is nationally or regionally bound. however, it has to be stated that to some extent ethnocentrism and ―country-of-origin‖ effects may interfere.

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  • If you really want to make more money, you can. But not everyone wants to make more. Some people can live very meagerly. As long as they can pay their bills, and have enough left over for a movie once a month, and maybe a night out at a decent restaurant, they’re happy. These individuals will have absolutely no use for information on how to make more money. But if you’re the type of salesperson who likes “things”, this is the program for you.

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  • This increased level of risk among young men is not confined to driving. The WHO (1999) and (2002) report that men are also more likely to die from falls, drowning, poisoning and a range of other events. Only in the case of deaths in fires are women slightly more over-represented than men. The report also notes that injury and fatality rates are higher among men for every type of road injury victim in several developing countries. In Kampala, Uganda, for example, males outnumbered females by between 2 and 7 to 1 among injured vehicle drivers, passengers and pedestrians. In the...

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  • As school administrators, facility planners, architects and designers make decisions about furniture for an expansion, renovation or new construction, one word summarizes a guiding principle in helping ensure that the project supports academic achievement for every student: Flexibility. Budget challenges, varying class sizes, teacher shortages, student performance assessments, and technology-driven instruction methods represent several of the many issues facing educational facility managers.

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  • This guidance document is intended to serve as a resource for national park, forest, and refuge staff when considering lichen studies to address air quality concerns. It provides background regarding the use of lichens as air pollution indicators, their sensitivities to various air pollutants, and the effects of air pollution on lichen physiology, communities, and tissue chemistry. It discusses the types of information and objectives that can optimize the utility of lichen studies from an air management and air regulatory perspective.

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  • As the human population inexorably grows, its cumulative impacts on the earth’s resources are hard to ignore. The ability of the earth to support more humans is dependent on the ability of humans to manage natural resources wisely. Because disturbance alters resource levels, effective management requires understanding of the ecology of disturbance. Editorship of this book was undertaken with several goals in mind. First, I wanted to present an organized summary of the many types of disturbances that impact the earth, with as global a focus as the existing literature allowed....

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  • Some adaptation of the Greek dress, the most perfect of known costumes has been suggested as meeting all needs. The simple Chyton would be pretty enough for young and finely moulded women, but for the many it would be too trying and monotonous. Robust and lovely as is the pure English type, the race is too mixed as I have said to endure one costume; long-limbed and short- limbed, the small waisted and the heavily built, could not be equally set off by such a dress, any more than fair and dark can submit to one colour. The Greek pallium,...

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  • Replacing agricultural land for energy crop plantations, as the former lack proper structure (becauseoffollowingmonoagriculturalpattern)cannotbejustifiedbyanypossibleterms.The biodiversitythatenergycropssupportcanhaveapositiveimpactononetypeofspecieswhere acompletelyharmfulimpactonanother. Plantingnonindigenouscrops for thesake for increasingproductionandprofitmayharm the localbiodiversityevenfurther.Oftennonindigenouscropsdestroythenatural landscapeand may lead to fragmentationof theecologicaldiversity.

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  • There are several ways policies may cover home health care. Some long- term care insurance policies only pay for care in your home from licensed home health agencies. Some also will pay for care from licensed health care providers not from a licensed agency. These include licensed practical nurses; occupational, speech, or physical therapists; or licensed home health care aides. Other policies may pay for services from home health care aides who may not be licensed or are not from licensed agencies. Home health care aides help with personal care.

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  • The gender gap in each dimension is then quantified using two types of recent available data: a) published national statistics and data from international organizations, and b) survey data of a qualitative nature from the annual Executive Opinion Survey of the World Economic Forum. Following, is a brief description of each of the five categories and the rationale behind them. Details of the specific variables examined and their sources may be found in the Appendix.

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  • Pressures on European banks to deleverage increased towards the end of 2011 as funding strains intensified and regulators imposed new capitalisation targets. Many of these banks shed assets, both through sales and by cutting lending. However, this did not appear to weigh heavily on asset prices, nor did overall financing fall for most types of credit. This was because other banks, asset managers and bond market investors took over the business of European banks.

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  • The Financial Injury Framework requires fixed dollar payments for most injury categories. These fixed dollar payments approximate an amount of direct financial injury that borrowers may have suffered as a result of a specific error. The regulators believe that payments of designated amounts for particular types of injury will avoid the need for borrowers to provide proof of the amount of the injury suffered and will avoid the delay and expense associated with an examination of the particular circumstances involved in each borrower’s case.

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  • Some reciprocating open-type compressors used with water cooled systems incorporate a cylinder head cooling feature in the form of a water circuit through the compressor head. Supply water enters this before entering the condenser (see Figure 16). A rapid indicating thermometer is recommended for taking water temper- atures because the water regulating valve responds to the operating head pressure and will vary the temperature of the water as it modulates. It is also necessary, when adjusting the water regulator, to be able to take inlet and outlet temperatures quickly.

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