Forestry and life

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  • The Basel paper on interest rate risk divides the responsibilities for interest rate risk management and oversight among the supreme management body and senior management. In the context of Austrian corporate law, the senior management would be the directors of a credit institution authorized to manage and legally represent it under Article 2 No 1 of the Austrian Banking Act.

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  • Moving away from these assertions, the aim of this paper is to identify and analyze the primary issues, opportunities and challenges that eGovernment initiatives present for developing countries. The insights and results here presented are based on an empirical, web- based research of 15 case studies undertaken in developing countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Guatemala, India, Jamaica, the Philippines) which have already explored and implemented eGovernment initiatives.

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  • HFMD is a common viral illness among infants and young children. This virus can cause fever and sores in the mouth, and blisters on the hands and feet. The disease is usually mild but it can also cause severe condition, complications and sometimes results in death. The virus causing HFMD is spread from person to person through direct contact through nose and throat secretions, saliva, blister fluids, stools of infected persons, or through contact with contaminated surfaces.

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  • Paying a market rate of interest on reserves could create cash flow problems for a central bank. One problem is that interest on reserves would be paid on a daily basis, but interest earnings would not accrue on a daily basis. Interest on short-term securities is paid on a discount basis rather than on a daily basis and interest on longer term securities is paid at infrequent intervals.

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  • Plan a financial strategy before you enter law school. If possible, pay off any outstanding consumer debt. Save as much money as you can to reduce the amount you will borrow. Have a plan for meeting the expenses of your legal education and anticipate what portion of the plan will be based on borrowing. It is also important that you have a good credit history. Because most of your financial aid is likely to come from loans, you are likely to graduate from law school with debt to repay. Currently, the average law school debt is about $100,000.

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  • Wireless networks are being integrated into the modern automobile. The security and privacy implications of such in-car networks, however, have are not well under- stood as their transmissions propagate beyond the con- nes of a car's body. To understand the risks associated with these wireless systems, this paper presents a privacy and security evaluation of wireless Tire Pressure Moni- toring Systems using both laboratory experiments with isolated tire pressure sensor modules and experiments with a complete vehicle system.

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  • Elon’s PA program will prepare graduates to think critically and act skillfully to meet expanding health care needs in local and global communities. Students will immerse themselves in a curriculum structured around active learning strategies through collaborative work with Elon’s faculty, scholars and practitioners in the field. Students will emerge in a little more than two years as graduates prepared to employ the most current knowledge to care for patients’ physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

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  • Historically, the Cocos plate boundary produced the 1985 Michoacan earthquake of magnitude 8.1 Mw Richter scale. It destroyed hundreds of buildings and caused thousand of deaths in Mexico City and other parts of the country. It is considered the most damaging earthquake in the history of Mexico City. The Mexican insurance industry officials estimated payouts of four billion dollars. In the last decades, other earthquakes have reached the magnitude 7.8 Mw Richter scale.

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  • On behalf of the Mental Health Commission of Canada, we are extremely pleased to present this document to everyone across the country who has been directly or indirectly touched by a mental health problem or illness, and to everyone concerned with mental health issues. We believe that this in fact describes just about every single person living in Canada. It has often been – rightly – said that there is no health without mental health. For far too long, this simple truth has been obscured by the lack of public discussion of mental health issues.

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  • The environmental goods and services  (EGS) sector has  traditionally  included solutions  for problems  such  as  air, noise  and marine pollution,  land  and water  contamination,  as well  as  activities  such  as  environmental  analysis  and  consultancy  and  waste  management  and  recycling.  However  more  recently,  the  definition  of  this  sector  has  widened.

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  • When an alert is raised, it appears in McAfee Network Security Manager (Manager) in an unacknowledged state. Unacknowledged means that you have not officially recognized its presence by marking it acknowledged. An alert remains in an unacknowledged state until you either acknowledge it or delete it. Unacknowledged alerts display in the Unacknowledged Alert Summary section of the Home page and in the Real-Time Threat Analyzer. Acknowledging alerts dismisses them from these views. Acknowledged alerts display only in the Historical Threat Analyzer and in reports. ...

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  • Event tracing is a powerful and widely-used method for analyzing the performance of parallel programs. In the context of developing parallel programs, tracing is especially effective for observing the interactions between different processes or threads that occur during communication or synchronization operations and to analyze the way concurrent activities influence each other’s performance.

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  • The study covered mutual fund expense ratios (not including market impact costs) and the behavior of these ratios with respect to mutual fund complexes and individual product lines with various amounts of assets under management. In particular, the study covered all 533 mutual fund complexes that existed in the United States during the years 1990 to 1994, encompassing assets totaling about $2 trillion at the end of the period. A mutual fund complex is a "sponsor" which may offer anywhere from...

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  • The notion of Ecosystem Services (ES: (Daily 1997; Carpenter 2003; Kremen and Ostfeld 2005) provides a cohesive scientific view of the many mechanisms through which nature contributes to human well-being. Focusing on both the biophysical mechanisms of ES provision and the economic implications of ES use can allow our societies to balance the sides of the “nature vs. the economy” equation, leading to better management and governance (Millennium Ecosystem Assessment 2002).

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  • The relationship between air pollution and premature mortality is most often studied using time-series analysis of daily observations of the number of deaths and pollution levels. These studies capture the effects of short-term exposure to pollution on the probability of dying. The underlying assumption is that there is a distribution of susceptibility to the effects of air pollution in any population. People who are in a weakened physical state or who have a history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or cardio-pulmonary problems are thought to be the most vulnerable.

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  • Most of the VOCs probably derived from indoor sources. However, the wall cavity was an apparent source of acetaldehyde, toluene and xylenes and the belly space was a source of 2-butanone, lower volatility aldehydes and aromatic hydrocarbons. Indoor minus outdoor VOC concentrations varied with time. Adjusted formaldehyde concentrations exhibited the most temporal variability with concentrations ranging from 25 µg m-3 to 128 µg m-3 and the lowest concentrations occurring in winter months when indoor RH was low.

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  • To increase school diversity, geographic boundaries for St. Paul's neighborhood schools are not always contiguous; magnet schools include socioeconomic status (specifically, whether a student qualifies for reduced-cost or free lunch programs) among their selection criteria (Schellenberg and Porter, 2003). In 1974 almost all students in the St. Paul school district attended a school located in or near their neighborhood. Today, any public school student [in the US, `public schools' refers to schools receiving most of their funding from public government (tax-based) monies] in St.

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  • In practice, the number of passive assets must be limited in some fashion. Our empirical design includes p passive assets, consisting of k benchmarks and m nonbenchmark assets, and the benchmarks are associated with popular asset pricing models. Suppose one admits the possibility that the benchmarks do not price the nonbenchmark assets exactly, that is ®N 6 =0.Then ±A, the intercept in (2), is a better measure of skill, in that it is de¯ned with respect to the more inclusive set of passive assets.

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  • The production function characterizes health as a form of human capital, where current health status is a function of choices and shocks over the individual’s lifetime. Specifically, an individual’s health capital, such as height, is the result of a set of factors, including previous health status, medical care, personal behaviors, and environment –some of which are observed, i.e., altitude, whereas others are not. Some of the determinants are chosen, such as nutritional intake, medical care, and time spent in seeking care.

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  • Financial flows from migrants and their descendants are at the heart of the relationship between migration and development. Policy attention has focused on the largest and most visible of these flows migrants’ remittances and, to a lesser but growing extent, the direct investments that diaspora entrepreneurs make in businesses in their countries of origin. The third major category of private financial resources that originate from diasporas, capital market investments, are much less understood and examined.

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