Forestry roads

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  • Masspropagation field evaluation and advanced technology to expand vegetable plantations of Pinus caribaea value and related hybrids in Vietnam Natural and plantation Pinus kesiya around Da Lat, Lam Dong A1 & A2: Natural Pinus kesiya on the main road to Dalat

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  • This volume, edited by John Gunn, Rob Steedman, and Dick Ryder, pulls together an incredibly broad mix of people and topics under a single cover. As such, it is a worthy addition to the new series from CRC Press — Integrative Studies in Water Management and Land Development — that was initiated in 2002 with publication of my own edited volume, Handbook of Water Sensitive Planning and Design . Books like these are rare, but they shouldn’t be.

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  • Within the additional morbidity cases, the highest incidence in all three countries is registered for acute bronchitis in children younger than 15 years. Some 21’000 cases in Austria, some 250’000 cases in France and some 24’000 cases in Switzerland were attributable to road traffic-related air pollution in 1996. The second highest frequency is obtained for the incidence of chronic bronchitis in adults. In 1996, the number attributable to road traffic-related air pollution amounts to ca 2’700 cases in Austria, 20’400 cases in France and 2’200 cases in Switzerland.

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  • Financial flows from migrants and their descendants are at the heart of the relationship between migration and development. Policy attention has focused on the largest and most visible of these flows migrants’ remittances and, to a lesser but growing extent, the direct investments that diaspora entrepreneurs make in businesses in their countries of origin. The third major category of private financial resources that originate from diasporas, capital market investments, are much less understood and examined.

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