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  • Formal methods mathematical languages, techniques and tools, used to specify and verify systems, goal is help engineers construct more reliable systems. Introduction to Formal Methodspresents about introduction; formal specification; formalformal verificationverification; model checking; theorem proving.



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  • Senator Edwards is not alone in observing a lack of accountability in America’s democracy. Indeed, both popular and academic media offer considerable support for this sentiment. The popular Cable News Network (CNN) criticized “government, big business, and special interest groups” for enriching themselves at the expense of the common electorate and characterized elected offices as “accountability free zones” while arguing that “our government no longer works for us.”2 Important scholars like John Matsusaka have added weight to this type of argument.

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  • We proposed in this paper an approach for checking the conformability in CORBA component model specifications. In software engineering, it is demonstrated that discovering bugs in earlier phases is much more economical than later phases. We focused thus on verifying components by their ports specification. In order to do this, firstly we determined constraints on kinds of port as well as on types of port which the connection between ports must satisfy, and then formalized them to be able to prove automatically using formal prover tools.

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  • have often been asked the question, "Why don't you write a book?" And I have said, "What is the use? What good will it do?" I have thought about it time and time again, and have come to the conclusion to write a story of my life, the good and the bad, and if the story will be a help, and check some one that's just going wrong, set him thinking, and point him on the right road, praise God! I was born in Hudson City, N. J., over forty years ago, when there were not as many houses in that town as there are...

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  • The following checks should be carried out at the beginning of each operating theatre session. In addition, specific checks should be carried out before each new patient during a session or when there is any alteration or addition to the breathing system, monitoring or ancillary equipment. It is the responsibility of the anaesthetist to make sure that these checks have been performed, and the anaesthetist must be satisfied that they have been carried out correctly.

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  • A type system enables the programmer to understand and properly implement operations on values of various types. A carefully specified type system allows the compiler to perfonn rigorous type checking on a program before run time, thus heading off run-time errors that may occur because of inappropriately typed operands. Chapter 6 - Type systems: Formalizing the clite type system.

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  • Các phương pháp hình thức đã được ứng dụng thành công để kiểm chứng mô hình kiến trúc hướng dịch vụ tại giai đoạn thiết kế. Bài báo này đề xuất một phương pháp hình thức để đặc tả và kiểm chứng sự tương thích giữa các yêu cầu của dịch vụ web so với khả năng đáp ứng của chúng. Mời các bạn tham khảo nội dung bài báo.

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  • VISUAL FORMALISM, STATECHARTS, AND STATEMATE Finite-state machines (FSMs) have been used extensively in the specification and analysis of many computer-based as well as non-computer-based systems, ranging from electronic circuits to econometric models. They can model in detail the behavior of a system, and several algorithms exist to perform the analysis. Unfortunately, classical state machines such as those employed in the standard, explicit-state CTL model-checking approach [Clarke, Emerson, and Sistla, 1986] lack support for modularity and suffer from exponential-state explosion. ...

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  • Listed alphabetically by program title are 777 fellowships, traineeships, forgivable loans, and awards that support structured and unstructured study or training in the social and behavioral sciences on the graduate level in the United States.

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  • Specific software programs denoted in the Conformed RFP for use by design are considered validated and do not need to be verified. Upon written request, WSDOT can specify other programs that do not require formal verification. All other commercially available software programs shall be verified and added to the Verified Computer Program Log for the project, as noted below. Verification of Spreadsheets. Internally developed spreadsheets may be used.

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  • Each laboratory that uses this method is required to operate a formal quality control program. The minimum requirements of this program consist of an initial demonstration of laboratory capability and an ongoing analysis of spiked samples to evaluate and document data quality. The laboratory must maintain records to document the quality of data that is generated. Ongoing data quality checks are compared with established performance criteria to determine if the results of analyses meet the performance characteristics of the method.

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  • A natural next step in the evolution of constraint-based grammar formalisms from rewriting formalisms is to abstract fully away from the details of the grammar mechanism--to express syntactic theories purely in terms of the properties of the class of structures they license.

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  • We propose a treatment of coordination based on the concepts of functor, argument and subcategorization. Its formalization comprises two parts which are conceptually independent. On one hand, we have extended the feature structure unification to disjunctive and set values in order to check the compatibility and the satisfiability of subcategorization requirements by structured complements.

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  • Current complex-feature based grammars use a single procedure--unification--for a multitude of purposes, among them, enforcing formal agreement between purely syntactic features. This paper presents evidence from several natural languages that unification--variable-matching combined with variable substitution--is the wrong mechanism for effecting agreement. The view of grammar developed here is one in which unification is used for semantic interpretation, while purely formal agreement involves only a check for non-distinctness---i.e, variable-matching without variable substitution. ...

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