Forward flight

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  • The classic text on helicopter aerodynamics, "Aerodynamics of the Helicopter" has been in continuous print for over fifty years. Clearly written and well illustrated, the book focuses on fundamental physical relationships without a highly complex mathematical development. The emphasis on fundamentals makes the book an ideal - indeed, necessary - first step towards more advanced study.

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  • Các khái niệm vật lý của chuyển động Blade và kiểm soát Rotor Khí động lực học của chuyến bay chuyển tiếp Forward-Flight Hiệu suất Dự đoán và hiệu ứng của Stall Blade Rotor Giới thiệu về tính ổn định máy bay trực thăng Giới thiệu về các vấn đề rung máy bay trực thăng Phụ lục: Danh mục, Thư mục

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  • The conclusions and recommendations that have been put forward in this paper are based on the data collected throughout the life of this project. Opinions from a wide range of stakeholders were gathered during the four conferences which were hosted by Strategic Asia and the UK FCO as part of this project. Two conferences at the regional level, Kalimantan and Lombok, were held to assess implementation barriers and requirements as well as opportunities in the MP3EI. Two further national conferences were also held in Jakarta.

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