Forward recovery

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  • As a conventional treatment process, centrifugal dewatering of sludge required an additional energy of 1,376 kWh per day for recycling, pumping, mixing as well as transporting sludge. The conclusion was that anaerobic digestion can reduce the green-house gases versus conventional dewatering. The results from this research can thus demonstrate the applicability of anaerobic digestion on conversion of waste to energy, looking forward to resource recovery.

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  • The scope, complexity, and pervasiveness of computer-based and controlled systems continue to increase dramatically. The consequences of these sys- tems failing can range from the mildly annoying to catastrophic, with serious injury occurring or lives lost, human-made and natural systems destroyed, security breached, businesses failed, or opportunities lost. As software assumes more of the responsibility of providing functionality and control in systems, it becomes more complex and more significant to the overall system performance and dependability...

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  • The listener receives client connections and evaluates against a set of rules whether to deny or allow access. If it allows access, the listener forwards a request to a gateway process, selecting the one with the fewest connections. The CMGW process, in turn, forwards the request to another Oracle Connection Manager or directly to the database server, relaying data until the connection terminates. If a connection to the server already exists, the gateway multiplexes, or funnels, its connections through the existing connection.

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  • Shared server processes are utilized in the shared server architecture. Figure 5–8 on page 5-10 depicts a shared server architecture. With shared server architectures, client processes ultimately connect to a dispatcher. The PMON process registers the location and load of the dispatchers with the listener, enabling the listener to forward requests to the least loaded dispatcher. A dispatcher can support multiple client connections concurrently. Each client connection is bound to a virtual circuit.

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  • Household finances and attitudes also bear heavily on the housing market, which has generally remained depressed. In particular, home sales dropped sharply following the recent expiration of the homebuyers’ tax credit. Going forward, improved affordability--the result of lower house prices and record-low mortgage rates--should boost the demand for housing. However, the overhang of foreclosed-upon and vacant housing and the difficulties of many households in obtaining mortgage financing are likely to continue to weigh on the pace of residential investment for some time yet. ...

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  • Wheelchair Warrior tells the true story of Melvin Juette, an African American gang member from Chicago who was shot and paralyzed and later became a world-class wheelchair athlete. It is not primarily a story about urban black America, although it is also about that; rather, it is a story that focuses on Juette’s resiliency in the face of his disability and how his involvement in wheelchair basketball helped him move forward with his life.

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  • The strong recovery in net private capital flows to emerging markets that began in 2003 has continued this year. Although a moderation in the pace of flows is anticipated in the next several quarters, the overall level envisaged for 2006 remains relatively elevated. Downside risks have increased, however, in the face of rising concerns and unease about a potentially less hospitable global economic environment going forward.

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  • Notwithstanding some important steps forward, however, as we return once again to Jackson Hole I think we would all agree that, for much of the world, the task of economic recovery and repair remains far from complete. In many countries, including the United States and most other advanced industrial nations, growth during the past year has been too slow and joblessness remains too high. Financial conditions are generally much improved, but bank credit remains tight; moreover, much of the work of implementing financial reform lies ahead of us.

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  • The international consequences of zero-interest-rate policies are also negative. With interbank markets in the U.S. and Europe congested, forward foreign exchange markets become more difficult to organize. Without forward cover, exporters and importers find it more difficult to secure normal letters of credit. In the financial panic of 2008, foreign trade imploded much more than domestic trade. In addition, the Fed’s zero interest rate strategy inevitably weakens the dollar in the foreign exchanges.

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  • The work undertaken by the Mental Health Commission since its creation in the spring of 2007 by the Government of Canada, has helped accelerate efforts across the country to redress this situation. The publication of Toward Recovery and Well-Being marks an important step forward not only for the Mental Health Commission but for people everywhere in Canada. We are enormously encouraged by the degree of support for the work of the Commission to date and by the growing momentum for change.

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