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  • ICT 5 Web Development - Chapter 7: MVC & PHP Frameworks Overview of Design Patterns, What is MVC architecture? PHP Frameworks, Why do we need Patterns? Structure of a design pattern, Class Diagram for the Observer Pattern.

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  • Recipes to make you an expert user of the Galleria JavaScript framework Overview Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results. Integrate and create themes. Extend Galleria using the API. Learn how to create mobile friendly galleries .

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  • Chapter 1: Undertanding the .NET Framework overview .NET Framework; understanding the common language runtime; understanding the managed excution process; understanding assemblies and the global assembly cache; cogfiguration and security; application domains and run times hosts.

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  • The Microsoft .NET Framework introduces many new concepts, technologies, and terms. My goal in this chapter is to give you an overview of how the .NET Framework is architected, introduce you to some of the new technologies the framework includes, and define many of the terms you’ll be seeing when you start using it. I’ll also take you through the process of building your source code into an application or a set of redistributable components (types) and then explain how these components execute....

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  • This design guide provides an overview of the Enterprise Branch Architecture, which is one component in the overall Cisco Service-Oriented Network Architecture (SONA). SONA is a comprehensive framework to provide guidelines to accelerate applications, business processes, and profitability. Based on the Cisco SONA framework, the Enterprise Branch Architecture incorporates networked infrastructure services, integrated services, and application networking services across typical branch networks.

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  • The purpose of this course is to increase awareness and availability of the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) by creating an overview course that can be broadly offered by the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) channel to partners and customers, and to establish MSF as the foundation for assembling the resources, people, and techniques necessary to create successful technology solutions to business problems, particularly for Digital Nervous Systems (DNS) solutions.

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  • Before you learn about anything in .NET, you should undertand how’s its structure. This chapter takes a brief look at Microsoft .NET and the Microsoft .NET Platform. It then describes the .NET Framework design goals and introduces you to the components of the .NET Framework Microsoft announced the .NET intitiative in July 2000 The .

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  • This module provides students with an overview of other Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) models, including the MSF Enterprise Architecture Model, the MSF Design Process Model, and the MSF Application Model.

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  • his book has two main goals: to provide a unifed and structured overview of this growing field, as well as to propose a corresponding software framework, the OpenTL library, developed by the author and his working group at TUM-Informatik. The main objective of this work is to show, how most real-world application scenarios can be naturally cast into a common description vocabulary, and therefore implemented and tested in a fully modular and scalable way, through the defnition of a layered

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  • Research on the text generation task has led to creation of a large systemic grammar of English, Nigel, which is embedded in a computer program. The grammar and the systemic framework have been extended by addition of a semantic stratum. The grammar generates sentences and other units under several kinds of experimental control. This paper describes augmentations of various precedents in the systemic framework. The emphasis is on developments which control the text to fulfill a purpose, and on characteristics which make Nigel relatively easy to embed in a larger experimental program. ...

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  • The article has come to the classification that will be used as a framework of analysis and from here giving some general assessments of the ethnic minority policies promulgated by the Party and the State since 1980.

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  • Decision Support Systems: Chapter 1 - Management Support Systems - An Overview presents about Managers and decision making, Managerial decision making and information systems, A framework for decision making, The concept of decision support systems, Executive Information Systems.

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  • Scattered throughout the tutorial there are a number of sections devoted more to explaining the basics of XML than to programming exercises. They are listed here so as to form an XML thread you can follow without covering the entire programming tutorial: Understanding XML and the Java XML APIs explains the basics of XML and gives you a guide to the acronyms associated with it. It also provides an overview of the JavaTM XML APIs you can use to manipulate XML-based data, including the Java API for XML Parsing ((JAXP).

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  • ASP.NET Step By Step is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction and overview of developing Web applications with ASP.NET. The goal of this book is to help you become competent at the basic skills necessary for creating and using ASP.NET applications. To help you get there as quickly and easily as possible, this book has been divided into six parts, each composed of one or more chapters related to a specific topic. Over the course of these parts and chapters, you’ll learn about the new .NET development platform and the part ASP.NET plays in it.

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  • ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) provides a framework of “best practice” guidance for IT Service Management and is the most widely used and accepted approach to IT Service Management in the world. This pocket guide has been designed as an introductory overview for anyone who has an interest or need to understand more about the objectives, content and coverage of ITIL. Whilst this guide provides an overview, full details can be found in the actual ITIL publications themselves.

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  • Before we dig into the details of Visual Basic .NET, let’s take a look at an overview of all the changes and new features.This new release is a significant change from the previous version. It will take some effort to get used to, but I am sure you will feel that the new features will make it worthwhile.Visual Basic .NET is more than just an upgrade from Visual Basic 6.0. As you would expect, the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has been enhanced with some new features. All of the Visual Studio development tools will now share the same environment.

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  • This topic provides an overview of Course 2663. There is a link at the bottom of the slide that you can click to display an .htm file in Microsoft Internet Explorer. This file provides a brief overview of the course, the programming categories and tasks covered in the course, and the major XML base classes in the .NET Framework.

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  • The .NET framework 4.0 may be far away now, but Microsoft is working really hard to complete the bits. I wasn't going to write about this, but after reading the information on the C# future page on MSDN I found it hard not to soak it all in and provide an overview of what is to come.

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  • ADO.NET Overview Using Database Connections Commands Quick Data Access: The Data Reader Working with DataSet Viewing .NET data Example Data Access and Viewing with .NET Editor: Đoàn Quang Minh Đoà 2 .ADO.NET Overview ADO.NET là gì – ADO - Microsoft's ActiveX Data Objects: thư viện các cho phép truy cập và xử lý CSDL. – ADO có một số hạn chế: luôn luôn giữ kết nối, chỉ làm việc với CSDL... – ADO.NET: làm việc với các đối tượng dữ liệu, hỗ trợ mạnh mẽ SQL Server, đồng thời hỗ trợ các kết nối OLE DB.

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  • Web application development has been around for a long time. In fact, it has been around long enough that a new term, Web 2.0, is being used to describe the next generation of web applications. Web 2.0 is an intersection of new business models, new ideas, and multifaceted sharing and collaboration—with iterative development techniques getting new features to users at a much faster pace. Along with Web 2.0 came a revival of scripting languages (and even a few new ones), all dynamic and supporting fast-paced and highly productive development environments....

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