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  • The charge to this committee—to envision the future of geotechnology— is at once a grand challenge and a problem. In many ways, geotechnology is a mature field having come to its majority in the last 50 years. Many serious problems have been solved. We know how to build strong foundations, safe dams, and stable roads and tunnels. We have a good understanding about the behavior and protection of groundwater, how to extract the petroleum resources, and develop a geothermal field.

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  • Tuy nhiên, thực chất bạn đang muốn ngăn chặn điều gì? Bạn không trở nên ẩn danh khi chặn cookie theo dõi, Web beacons và các loại hình theo dõi khác mỗi khi lướt web. ISP cùng các trang web đã truy cập vẫn biết rất nhiều về bạn, nhận diện thông tin được thực hiện tự động bởi trình duyệt đang sử dụng.

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  • Chapter 1: Setting up and jacking in 1.1 Ready, set... 1.2 Go! 1.3 Public-access Internet providers 1.4 If your town doesn't have direct access 1.5 Net origins 1.6 How it works 1.7 When things go wrong .1.8 FYI Chapter 2: E-mail 2.1. The basics 2.2 Elm -- a better way 2.3 Pine -- even better than Elm 2.4 Smileys 2.5 Sending e-mail to other networks 2.6 Seven Unix commands you can't live without Chapter 3: Usenet I 3.1 The global watering hole 3.2 Navigating Usenet with nn 3.3 nn commands 3.4 Using rn 3.5 rn commands 3.6 Essential newsgroups 3.7 Speaking...

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  • We thank the University of Washington Department of Economics for sponsoring ‘Frontiers in Natural Resource and Environmental Economics’, a conference in honor of Gardner M. Brown, Jr., that led to this book. In particular, we thank Richard Parks for his efforts in planning a wonderful event and helping to lay the foundation for this book; Neil Bruce, who sup- ported and encouraged us to plan a conference worthy of Gardner’s career; and Gary Waterman who helped to make the event, and in turn this book, a reality.

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  • Discover the many facets of non-equilibrium thermodynamics. The first part of this book describes the current thermodynamic formalism recognized as the classical theory. The second part focuses on different approaches. Throughout the presentation, the emphasis is on problem-solving applications. To help build your understanding, some problems have been analyzed using several formalisms to underscore their differences and their similarities.

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