Future possibilities

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  • Grammar: Chapter 13 and chapter 14 - The future with Be going to, will, and The present continuous. INTENTIONS AND PLAN S: Use BE GOING TO and THE PRESENT CONTINUOUS to talk about intentions or future plans. For example: 1. I’m going to study hard for the test. (= I am studying hard for the test.) 2. She’s going to visit Greece this summer. (= She’s visiting Greece this summer.)

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  • This volume grew out of two conferences held in 2007 to address the opportunities and challenges of transition to a bio-economy. The first, an international sympo- sium on “Fueling Change with Renewable Energy,” was held at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in April 2007, while the second, “Intersection of Energy and Agriculture: Implications of Biofuels and the Search for a Fuel of the Future,” was held at the University of California at Berkeley in October 2007.

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  • An analysis of Project Futuribles, an international venture which operates on the premise that the future is not a given unknown but one of many possible futures.Futuribles has gathered expert speculation as to possible future developments in various areas, which are presented in 83 published essays.The author maintains that, while there cannot be a science of the future, there are rigorous ways o......

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  • A discussion of the requirements for policy-oriented future studies — saliency, credibility, transformability into policymaking inputs, and desirability by the policymaking system.To be salient, future studies should relate alternative futures to present decisions, deal with matters of actual or potential concern, recognize possible future developments, examine critical issues even if unlink......

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  • .possible?” “Anything is possible boy, you just have to believe. Now you say you want to show your sister ay” The man replied pulling out two golden tickets for James. James took the tickets politely and said “thank you.” He ran straight home headed for his little sister when in distance he heard the man exclaim “Be careful future boy there’s no telling what time you’ll end up in.” .

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  • There were 8 persons within Set C who did not answer in the first round. But the~ also were aware of the results of the first round; therefore a Delphi effect was possible. (In the following the whole integers refer to absolute numbers; the decimal figures to relative/procentual numbers).

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  • A material is suggested for future mechanical vibration textbooks. Both mathematically and conceptually it is simpler than most of the material that is already included in the existing textbooks. It pertains to the inverse vibration problem for inhomogeneous beam, i.e. the beam with the modulus of elasticity that varies along the axial coordinate. Specifically, the solution of the following problem is presented: Find a distribution of the modulus of elasticity of an inhomogeneous beam such that the beam would possess the preselected simple, polynomial vibration mode shape.

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  • Grammar: Chapter 7 - Future time clauses and If clauses. Definition: A clause is a group of words that has a subject and a verb. A main clause can stand alone as a complete sentence. A dependent clause cannot stand alone and must be used with a main clause.

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  • Emergency medicine is, by its nature, borne out of necessity and through painful lessons that specialized care is required for many patients presenting to hospital “ERs” with complaints ranging from minor ailments to life threatening illness and even in peri-arrest states.

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  • In terms of economic stability and growth, in 2008 the UK food and drink industry accounted for 7% of the national output, supporting about 3.7million jobs (Cabinet Office 2008). Trying to balance these complex elements of sustainability poses an enormous challenge. While some synergies can be found there are also a number of conflicting goals and potential tensions.

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  • Synthesis: The Marriage of Stocks and Futures The union of stocks and futures into the single stock futures contract brings to the financial markets a new vehicle as well as a new era in trading and investing. By combining the lower margin of futures with the wide range of available stocks and narrow-based indices, a new area of financial possibilities is open to investors and traders.

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  • The Commission is addressing governments, directly and through their various agencies and ministries. The congregation of governments, gathered in the General Assembly of the United Nations, will be the main recipients of this report. The Commission is also addressing private enterprise, from the one-person business to the great multinational company with a total economic turnover greater than that of many nations, and with possibilities for bringing about far-reaching changes and improvements.

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  • The information has been organised thematically in possibly simple way. It concerns social nsurance benefi ts and some of non-insurance benefi ts that are, however, managed by ZUS, as a public institution servicing the social security system in Poland. The study also describes the general principles of operation of separate systems, which are not managed by ZUS: health insurance, family benefi ts, benefi ts in respect of unemployment as well as the scheme of social insurance of farmers.

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  • The Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications [which as of January 1, 2001, became part of the Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences] will examine forces and trends over the next 5 to 10 years pertinent to NIST’s mission. The basis will be the judgments of a well-rounded committee, supported by a facilitated workshop probing a range of possible trends and forces in science and technology, the economy, industry, and other areas that NIST should consider in its future planning.

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  • Trigeneration. The combination of gas engines with absorption chillers is an optimal solution for generating air conditioning and/or refrigeration. The waste heat from the mixture intercooler, the engin oil, the engine cooling water, and the exhaust gas serves as drive energy for the chillers. Combining a cogeneration plant unit with an absorption refrigeration system allows utilization of seasonal excess heat for cooling.

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  • Many policy makers and researchers believe that voluntary cost pooling of employees across small firms will make insurance affordable to these firms. This is possible because, on average, expected costs of employees at small firms are only slightly higher than large firms. We show that risk pooling across firms may not work as well as this conventional wisdom would suggest, because of large between-firm heterogeneity in employee characteristics at small firms.

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  • There are two types of “combustion explosions”, i.e. deflagrations and detonations. There are other types of “explosions”, e.g. “physical explosions” of vessels by overpressure above the established limit due to overfill, as a result of runaway reaction, etc. The word “explosion” is rather a jargon and we will avoid applying it in this book where possible. Sometimes the use of term “explosion” could generate misunderstanding. For example, some standards do introduce wrongly from author’s point of view so-called “explosion limit”.

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  • The above three approaches are used for the valuation of land as a site for the construction of a particular building at the current time. Which approach is more applicable is problem-specific. For example, in a situation where the purchase of real estate is for investment, the income approach seems more suitable, whereas for individual use, the sales comparison approach is more acceptable. Another way for the valuation of land is to consider a vacant piece of land as a potential site for development in the future so that it is viewed as an option for purchasing one of...

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  • Suppose that you've nally made your model as simple as possible. At this point your model is probably too simple to be of much interest: it's likely just an example or a special case. But if you have made your model as simple as possible, it will now be much easier to see how to generalize it since you know what the key pieces are that make the model work. Here is where your education can be helpful. At last you can use all those techniques you learned in graduate school. Most of the time you were a student you probably stud- ied various canonical models: things...

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  • Today enterprises are overwhelmed with the possibility of social media. It’s been proven that it is no longer a fad and it means serious business. At this turning event of realization, enterprises are not equipped with right tools and human resources to leverage social media. On the other hand, we are seeing a rapid innovation in the field of social media tools and technologies – social monitoring, analytics, marketing, intelligence, scrm, big data etc.

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