Gain national independence

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  • The benefits of entrepreneurship to the society and the economy as a whole are enormous. Career in entrepreneurship offers individuals with significant opportunities to achieve independence, reap greater financial payback and gain the economy. It creates jobs setting stage for a flourishing economy and makes people and their nations richer.

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  • The patterns and institutions applied by the Ngo, the Dinh, and the Early Le dynasties were then improved successfully under the Ly and the Tran dynasties. The state of Dai Co Viet was much different from the general types of states in history, such as the state for domination and the state for exploitation, which ever appeared in many Eastern and Western countries during the Middle Ages.

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  • This book provides a modern and basic introduction to a branch of international law constantly gaining in importance in international life, namely international humanitarian law (the law of armed conflict). It is constructed in a way suitable for self-study. The subject matters are discussed in self-contained chapters, allowing each to be studied independently of the others.

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  • Finally, more efficiency-driven project selection could possibly deliver the greatest gains. An independent bank with a professional staff could rank project proposals by expected economic and social returns, and allot funds accordingly. They would not have to be constrained by outmoded formulas or arbitrary allocation processes, and could instead ensure that each dollar lent out achieves the greatest possible impact for the greatest number of people.

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