Gamete generation

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  • After the first edition published in 2007 that became a best seller, the continuous scientific developments in the field have prompted us to produce the second edition of this book. As it happens in life and science, some of the novel and promising data presented in the first edition have been confirmed, some not, and new breakthrough achievements have been accomplished. Stem Cells in Reproductive Medicine, Basic Science and Therapeutic Potential, second edition, updates the revolutionary advances in stem cell science that may potentially impact on human reproductive medicine.

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  • Two other sets of concepts that generate strong, and sometimes conflicting, reactions are the notion of what is 'public' (the public sector, the state, action that takes place in public) versus what is 'private' (of interest only to the individual/family, the private sector); and the meanings associated with money. We suggest that donation is a multi-layered process with each layer having its own public and private meanings. It may therefore be more helpful to think of public and private as being complementary and overlapping rather than in opposition (see Box 4.3).

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  • The strategic communications audit should result in more than just an identification of areas or practices that need to be improved. To maximize the chances that audit findings will be used and actual practice improved as a result, the audit should: Demonstrate through data how communications problems are causing problems in the present (as opposed to speculating about their future impact). At the same time, the audit should reinforce practices that are current organizational strengths.

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  • In Canada, other factors such as digester insulation, because of cold weather, also influence the final cost of such a system. To be economical, digester capital cost must be offset by energy savings, fertilizer use, and bedding replacement . Another disadvantage 17 is that fresh poultry manure can be hauled as solid manure, but if digested, the dilution water would increase the original volume by about four times . As well, the biogas produced has low energy per unit volume and can only be used for on-site operations such as running an electrical generator.

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  • IVF and related treatments (GIFT and ZIFT, see below) are the most invasive ART treatments. Usually women try other methods first, and turn to IVF when those methods have not succeeded in pregnancy or live birth. One percent of babies in the US are born using IVF. Unlike AI, fertilization takes place outside the woman’s body in which eggs (retrieved from the woman trying to get pregnant or from an egg donor) are fertilized with sperm (from a partner or donor) in a Petri dish.

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  • At the start of the 21st century, the learning potential of significant numbers of children and young people in every country in the world is compromised. Hunger, malnutrition, micronutrient deficiencies, parasite infections, drug and alcohol abuse, violence and injury, early and unintended pregnancy, and infection with HIV and other sexually transmitted infections threaten the health and lives of children and youth (UNESCO, 2001). Yet these conditions and behaviours can be improved.

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  • Unless a poll is demanded by the chairman of the general meeting or by the specified number of shareholders or by the shareholders holding specified shares, the voting at a general meeting is done through a show of hands. Each shareholder has one vote. In the case of a poll, voting rights of a member are in proportion to his share of the paid-up equity capital. Preference shareholders have the right to vote only on matters that directly affect the rights attached to preference shares. Preference shareholders have the same rights to voting as equity shareholders if the dividend has...

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  • Third, the findings reveal that frequent midwifery care users are more likely to consult acupuncturists and doulas. This finding supports previous research identifying midwives as a popular source of CAM information for pregnant women [5] and often encouraging CAM use for women in their care [31].

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  • The traditional approach of corporate governance in the financial sector often involved the regulator or bank supervisor relying on statutory authority to devise governance standards promoting the interests of shareholders, depositors and other stakeholders. In the United Kingdom, banking regulation has traditionally involved government regulators adopting standards and rules that were applied externally to regulated financial institutions.

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  • Throughout the late-1940s and 1950s, the top marginal tax rate was typically above 90%; today it is 35%. Additionally, the top capital gains tax rate was 25% in the 1950s and 1960s, 35% in the 1970s; today it is 15%. The real GDP growth rate averaged 4.2% and real per capita GDP increased annually by 2.4% in the 1950s. In the 2000s, the average real GDP growth rate was 1.7% and real per capita GDP increased annually by less than 1%. This analysis finds no conclusive evidence, however, to substantiate a clear relationship between the 65-year reduction in the top...

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  • A growing literature has demonstrated that neighborhoods of residence affect health and may contribute to socioeconomic disparities in health. Contextual effects have been documented across a wide spectrum of populations, including both children and adults. However, neighborhood effects on the health of the elderly are currently understudied. Neighborhoods of residence across the lifecourse are likely to affect health status in late life and to contribute to observed disparities for several reasons.

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  • Treatment requirements imposed on individual firms were seen as the most direct response to pollution problems. In the climate of the early 1970s, and given the lack of regional institutions in place, the desire to minimize compliance costs and use taxes to meet ambient goals was less strongly felt. This is one explanation for the quantity-based regulatory system we have in place to this day. To understand some of the other explanations, it is necessary to describe the characteristics of a tax system in more detail. Before doing so, mention should also be made...

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  • As the long-term sustainability of our current financial models are brought into question, stock exchanges are well positioned to restore confidence in the market in the short-term and could, through improved ESG disclosure, drive market efficiency as better managed companies are rewarded. Furthermore, the growing sustainable investment market presents new opportunities for stock exchanges in the form of new products and services for responsible investors.

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  • Designation as National Statistics should not be interpreted to mean that the statistics are always correct. For example, whilst the Code requires statistics to be produced to a level of accuracy that meets users’ needs, it also recognises that errors can occur – in which case it requires them to be corrected and publicised. Assessment reports will not normally comment further on a set of statistics, for example on their validity as social or economic measures. However, reports may point to such questions if the Authority believes that further research would be desirable. ...

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  • Rarely does education seek to measure its health initiatives by assessing health outcomes such as biometrics related to obesity, levels of disease transmission or the prevalence of substance use/misuse. Meanwhile the health sector, not surprisingly sees its role to reduce levels of morbidity and mortality in the community and to access the 5 to 17 year old population group with interventions (a term alien to the education system). These interventions would often be based on information transfer to achieve these goals.

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  • Tuberculosis (TB) is not as common as it was many years ago in the United States; consequently, clinicians do not always consider the possibility of TB disease when evaluating patients who have symptoms. As a result, the diagnosis of TB disease may be delayed or even overlooked, and the patient may remain ill and possibly infectious for a prolonged period. Not all persons with TB disease have symptoms; however, most persons with TB disease have one or more symptoms that lead them to seek medical care. All persons with symptoms of TB disease, or either a positive tuberculin skin test (TST)...

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  • The 74th ranked problem in this survey is “Access to High-Speed Internet.” The sup- posed technology gap, the lack of access to broadband in rural areas and by lower income groups, does not appear to be a problem for small business owners. Eighty-two (82) percent of them have high-speed Internet according to NFIB’s IT Issues poll. The issue does not appear to be access for most of the remainder. Small business finance is an issue of particular interest to policymakers and the media due to recent turmoil in the banking industry.

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  • Innovestment Grants to provide funding opportunities to support clinical innovations in patient care; Fasttrack Innovation in Technology Awards to offer software development resources dedicated to rapid cycle development of promising innovative ideas in clinical care; Innovators’ Forum to help innovation community at Boston Children’s; Telehealth Task Force to develop hospital-wide strategy for a telehealth program that includes the remote delivery of care and physician to physician virtual consultations.

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  • Every parent is concerned for the welfare and health of their child. However, with the proliferation of misinformation everywhere the following situations are becoming more prevalent. Wouldn't you know my little boy received a free coupon to KFC from a coloring contest? We have planned to use it tonight but our son had questions concerning the safety of the food we were going to get at the restaurant. He had heard in school that hormones are being fed to animals to supply meat and this made the chicken unsafe...

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  • A central philosophy of an integrated approach to water resources management is that water should be managed at the lowest appropriate level. This means taking a basin approach where appropriate and decentralizing decision making, usually with increasing input and role for various stakeholders with an interest in how water resources are allocated and management decisions are being made.

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