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  • .Representing Landscape Architecture It has been said that we can realize only what we can imagine; but to realize what we imagine, we must convey those ideas to others as well as present them to ourselves. We use images, models, and words—alone or in combination—to conceive, study, test, construct, and evaluate new landscapes or modify old ones. Given the transient nature of most landscapes—always growing, always changing— landscape representation presents a special challenge. It is by no means neutral in a political sense or even in terms of design evaluation.

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  •  This classic study of perspective is an absolute must for any serious students of design, benefiting amateurs and professionals alike. Dozens of examples are illustrated, including parallel, angular, and oblique perspectives, as well as ascending and descending planes. Other images show how to create a “cone of rays,” and add depth and realism to curved objects. The techniques can be used for laying out a garden, predicting the shadow effects of a tall building, and accurately capturing the interplay of angles, light, and shadow.

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  • That book came about when a group of architects and architecture students at the University of California at Berkeley worked together to articulate their design ideas and experiences, distilling them down to some 250 pat-terns that affect the way we live.

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  • When asked where landscape architects work, many people might point out their back door to the garden. It would be more accurate, however, to look out the front door. The landscape is anywhere and everywhere outdoors, and landscape architects are shaping the face of the Earth across cities, towns and countryside alike. Landscape architecture involves shaping and managing the physical world and the natural systems that we inhabit. Landscape architects do design gardens, but what is critical is that the garden, or any other outdoor space, is seen in context.

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  • I knew that I would enjoy this book when I saw that Andrew Charleson had used one of my favorite buildings, the Villa Savoie in Paris, as a seismic design case study. The earthquake engineers ’ nightmare, with its pin-like pilotis, ramps and roof garden – the epitome of the free planned International Style dwelling – it floats above the field in Poissy, giving the illusion of being on the sea.

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  • Ebook First book of minibeasts will comprise 35 common garden creatures for beginner naturalists. Through beautiful full-page illustration accompanied by key information about each creature, books are designed to encourage young children's interest in the outside world and the wildlife around them. A spotter's chart for children to fill in, and links to Internet-based activities in each book, mean that children can extend the fun.

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  • For the wealthy owners of large villas, enjoying leisure was a primary motivation for living around the Bay of Naples. The facades of many villas were lined with colonnaded walkways with sweeping views of the sea and terraces that connected to private harbors for pleasure boats. Villa interiors were decorated with colorful frescoes and mosaics, whose images often represented mythological scenes, and still lifes celebrating local delicacies, such as shrimp, octopus, and conch. Others, such as the Garden Scene fresco, featured lush landscapes that visually expanded interior spaces.

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  • Furniture and equipment may be selected on the basis of user trials, but these procedures require the services of a representative group of users, the larger the size of the group the better. Trials can be very time-consuming when a wide range of products needs to be evaluated. A comprehensive checklist can be a useful screening tool enabling a short list of chairs to be identified for user trials. It also has the advantage of selection criteria being available "up front" to manufacturers so that they are more aware of ergonomic design features. Checklists contain both...

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  • (BQ) Ebook First Book of Seashore guide comprises 35 common garden creatures for beginner naturalists. Through beautiful full-page illustration accompanied by key information about each creature, books are designed to encourage young children's interest in the outside world and the wildlife around them.

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  • I have designed my home according to the guidelines of Feng Shui. I have decorated my home with Feng Shui plants, mirrors, paintings, and other items. The furniture in my home faces the doors or windows. The colors of the walls, furniture and ornaments are all based on the five primary colors of Feng Shui: Black, White, Green, Yellow, and Red. I have constructed a basic garden with many natural Feng Shui plants.

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  • Những khu vườn mini này đảm bảo được cả ba yếu tố: xanh, sạch, đẹp. Sử dụng công nghệ trồng vườn hiện đại Với công nghệ trồng vườn hiện đại, không sử dụng đất, hình thức lại nhẹ nhàng tinh tế, Yourban Garden đang trở thành một sản phẩm mang tính thời sự cho những ai yêu thích những mảng xanh trong các căn hộ cao cấp vốn thiếu hụt thiên nhiên.

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  • The PPS also recognises that renewable energydevelopments may have an adverse effect on both the historic and natural environment.It thereforestipulates that applications affecting World HeritageSites should only be granted after an assessment has shown that the integrity of the site would not be adversely affected.

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  • The Outdoor Fiber Distribution Terminal 24 (OFDT-24) is designed to terminate, splice and interconnect fiber optic cables in an outdoor environment. This terminal may be adapted to Fiberto- The-Premise (FTTP) Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) applications and is particularly suited for garden style MDU buildings. The enclosure is mounted to the exterior surface of a dwelling and connects the distribution cable and drops routed to individual living units. The cables meet at a central connector field that includes termination for the distribution cable and parking for the drop cables.

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  • Historic sites are a finite resource which cannot bereplaced once damaged or destroyed.In contrast withsome nature conservation or landscape designations,which may embrace very extensive tracts of land,designated historic sites tend to be more limited inextent.For example,the average area of a scheduledmonument is only 2.5 hectares and the average area of a registered park and garden is 108 hectares.Listedbuildings and their curtilages generally occupy farsmaller areas.

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  • Whatever value this publication may have, lies in the fact that it offers a typical case--a small cross section of the army that freed the slave and saved the Union. The Editor of the Commission's publications has asked me to state briefly something about myself. I am one of the multitude of "hyphenated" Americans, born across the water but reared under the flag. I am a Cambro-American, proud of both designations, and with abundant heart, loyalty, and perhaps too much head pride in both.

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  • It was a very beautiful home which he was leaving. Before him stretched the gardens—Italian in design, brilliant with flowers, with here and there a dark cedar-tree drooping low upon the lawn. A yew hedge bordered the rose-garden, a fountain was playing in the middle of a lake. A wooden fence encircled the grounds, and beyond was a smooth rolling park, with little belts of pine pla

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  • Clearly, we shall not enjoy such feelings of involvement in the face of an object if our attitude in relation to this object is entirely neutral. Sympathy-feelings are in fact distinguished by the fact that they presuppose some primitive relation of fellow-feeling between us and the object which evokes them. `For those whom we neither value nor love, neither hate nor abhor, we have no pleasure when they are happy, no pity when they are unhappy, and no concern for their fate' (155). Thus there are no sympathy-feelings...

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  • The Aqua Augusta, an aqueduct built by Octavian (63 BC–AD 14; later known as Augustus, the first emperor of the Roman Empire), was completed in the late first century BC and provided an uninterrupted supply of pressurized water to eight towns around the bay, including Pompeii. The arrival of a constant source of running water in these cities allowed residents to design and grow more elaborate gardens. Gardeners were able to accentuate their landscape designs with springs, water courses, pools, and fountains modeled after Greek statuary.

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