Gas lasers

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  • Excimer lasers are pulsed gas lasers that intrinsically offer efficient and powerful broadband emission at several spectral regions throughout the ultraviolet. The spectral widths are typically 2 nm. An exception to this categorization is the XeF laser urith its broadly tunable C+A transition (approximately 50 nm) in the visible. The broad tunability results from the steeply repulsive A state.

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  • The molecular carbon dioxide laser was invented in 1964 by C. K. N. Patel at Bell Labs. Immediately, it proved to be a high-power, continuous wave (CW) laser and a relatively high-efficiency gas laser (20-25% conversion of electrical energy into laser radiation), both in CW or pulsed operation. As a matter of fact, the CO2 lasers are the highest-power CW lasers (more than 100 kW) and one of the highest-energy pulsed gas laser (100 kJ) that are currently available.

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  • Đặc điểm chung Các thành phần cơ bản của máy điều khiển số. Hệ thống điều khiển số Một số kết cấu cơ khí.Giới thiệu các máy điều khiển số.

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  • The content of this book covers several up-to-date topics in fluid dynamics, computational modeling and its applications, and it is intended to serve as a general reference for scientists, engineers, and graduate students. The book is comprised of 30 chapters divided into 5 parts, which include: winds, building and risk prevention; multiphase flow, structures and gases; heat transfer, combustion and energy; medical and biomechanical applications; and other important themes.

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  • 1.333 bệnh nhân (BN) được điều trị bằng laser CO2 45W từ 2006 đến 2008. Kết quả cho thấy: nốt ruồi chiếm tỷ lệ cao nhất: (42,16%). Tiếp đó là bệnh hạt cơm (26,03%); sùi mào gà: (3,00%); tuyến mồ hôi (2,86); sẹo lồi: 2,78%; xóa xăm: 1,43%; nơ vi tuyến bã: 1,20%. tàn nhang: 0,83%. sẩn cục: 0,66%. u vàng: 0,66%. Các bệnh da khác: 18,39%. Kết quả điều trị cho thấy: sau 1 - 2 lần điều trị bằng laser CO2 45W, các bệnh nốt ruồi, hạt cơm, sùi mào gà, u tuyến mồ hôi, xóa xăm, nơ...

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học ngành toán học được đăng trên tạp chí toán học quốc tế đề tài: Composition and crystalline properties of TiNi thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition under vacuum and in ambient Ar ga

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  • Pulsed lasers are available in the gas, liquid, and the solid state. These lasers are also enormously versatile in their output characteristics yielding emission from very large energy pulses to very high peak-power pulses. Pulsed lasers are equally versatile in their spectral characteristics.

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  • Flow cytometry is a technology that simultaneously measures and analyses multiple physical characteristics of single particles, usually cells, as they flow in a fluid stream through a beam of light. The properties measured include a particle’s relative size (represented by forward angle light scatter), relative granularity or internal complexity (represented by right-angle scatter), and relative fluorescence intensity.

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  •  Infrared (IR) Spectroscopy: – First real IR spectra measured by Abney and Festing in 1880’s – Technique made into a routine analytical method between 1903- 1940 (especially by Coblentz at the US NBS) – IR spectroscopy through most of the 20th century is done with dispersive (grating) instruments, i.e. monochromators – Fourier Transform (FT) IR instruments become common in the 1980’s, led to a great increase in sensitivity and resolution  Raman Spectroscopy: – In 1928, C. V.

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  • Ưu và nhược điểm của cân chỉnh laser .Cân chỉnh Laser Ưu điểm: Công việc cân chỉnh được tự động hoá cao nên mọi ngượi thợ có thể đạt được kết quả như nhau. Các dữ liệu có thể chuyển vào máy tính để sau này có thể tính toán di chuyển nếu cần. Người thợ không cần đọc số đo trên đồng hồ và khai triển hình học trên giấy. Như vậy loại bỏ quá trình đo.

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  • LIF (laser-induced fluorescence) is a very popular CE detector – These have ~0.01 attomole sensitivity for fluorescent molecules (e.g. derivatized proteins). Direct absorbance (UV-Vis) can be used for organics. For inorganics, indirect absorbance methods are used instead, where a absorptive buffer (e.g. chromate) is displaced by analyte ions – Detection limits are in the 50-500 ppb range. Alternative methods involving potentiometric and conductometric detection are also used – Potentiometric detection: a broad-spectrum ISE – Conductometric detection: like IC...

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  • Tungsten Carbide - Processing and Applications, provides fundamental and practical information of tungsten carbide from powder processing to machining technologies for industry to explore more potential applications. Tungsten carbide has attracted great interest to both engineers and academics for the sake of its excellent properties such as hard and wear-resistance, high melting point and chemically inert. It has been applied in numerous important industries including aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, semiconductor and marine as mining and cutting tools, mould and die, wear parts, etc.

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  • Analytical chemists work to improve the reliability of existing techniques to meet the demands of for better chemical measurements which arise constantly in our society They adapt proven methodologies to new kinds of materials or to answer new questions about their composition. They carry out research to discover completely new principles of measurements and are at the forefront of the utilization of major discoveries such as lasers and microchip devices for practical purposes.

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  • J. Angeles, Fundamentals of Robotic Mechanical Systems: Theory, Methods, and Algorithms, 2nd ed. P. Basu, C. Kefa, and L. Jestin, Boilers and Burners: Design and Theory J.M. Berthelot, Composite Materials: Mechanical Behavior and Structural Analysis I.J. Busch-Vishniac, Electromechanical Sensors and Actuators J. Chakrabarty, Applied Plasticity G. Chryssolouris, Laser Machining: Theory and Practice V.N. Constantinescu, Laminar Viscous Flow G.A. Costello, Theory of Wire Rope, 2nd ed. K. Czolczynski, Rotordynamics of Gas-Lubricated Journal Bearing Systems M.S.

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  • The heat transfer and analysis on laser beam, evaporator coils, shell-and-tube condenser, two phase flow, nanofluids, and on phase change are significant issues in a design of wide range of industrial processes and devices. This book introduces advanced processes and modeling of heat transfer, flat miniature heat pipe, gas-solid fluidization bed, solidification phenomena, thermal approaches to laser damage, and temperature and velocity distribution to the international community.

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  • DEM ứng dụng Một thiết bị laser được gắn trong một máy bay có thể tạo ra một nền tảng GIS sẵn sàng bản đồ độ cao bề mặt của khu vực nghiên cứu của bạn hoặc đo độ cao hố ga của bạn? Đọc chương này để tìm hiểu.

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  • Free-standing semiconductor nanowires have been used to fabricate nanometer-scale field-effect transistors (FETs), bipolar junction transistors, and light- emitting diodes, nano-scale lasers, complementary inverters, complex logic gates, gas sensors, nano-resonators, nano-generators and nano-photovoltaic devices. Since the very first pioneering works carried out by K. Hiruma in Japan in the mid 90’s, and by C.M.

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