Gauge transformations

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  • We have adopted a number of conventions in this book in order to maintain a consistent, clear, and identifiable notation. As far as possible we have kept to common conventions for symbols and quantities in quantum chemistry. We have also tried to avoid the duplication of symbols where possible. These goals conflict to some extent, so some quantities are given unconventional symbols. The following list identifies symbols and typography used throughout the book.

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  • But the majority of these companies also said they were still struggling with how to best use the different channels, gauge their effectiveness, and integrate social media into their strategies. Two-thirds of users have no formalized social media strategy in place. Sixty-one percent reported a significant learning curve before they can truly utilize social media. Many companies reported they are still searching to find the best way to demonstrate the impact of social media and the contribution to the bottom line.

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  • Air gap in coupled inductor, 502 in flyback transformer, 503 in inductor, 464-466, 498, 505, 509 in transformer, 469 AL (mH/1000 turns), 509 American wire gauge (AWG) data, 755-756 design examples, 527, 531 Amorphous alloys, 473 AmpereÕs law, 457-458 Amp-second balance (see Capacitor charge balance) Apparent power, 550 Artificial ramp circuit, 415 effect on CPM boost low-harmonic rectifier, 637-639 effect on line-to-output transfer function of CCM buck, 437-438 effect on small-signal CCM models, 428-438 effect on small-signal DCM models, 438-447 effect on stability of CPM controllers, 414-...

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  • THEY never did discover whose fault it was. Fannia pointed out that if Donnaught had had the brains of an ox, as well as the build, he would have remembered to check the tanks. Donnaught, although twice as big as him, wasn't quite as fast with an insult. He intimated, after a little thought, that Fannia's nose might have obstructed his reading of the fuel gauge. This still left them twenty light-years from Thetis, with a cupful of transformer fuel in the emergency tank. "All right," Fannia said presently. "What's done is done. We can squeeze about three light-years out...

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