Generalization abstraction

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  • We present a general model and conceptual framework for specifying architectures for incremental processing in dialogue systems, in particular with respect to the topology of the network of modules that make up the system, the way information flows through this network, how information increments are ‘packaged’, and how these increments are processed by the modules. This model enables the precise specification of incremental systems and hence facilitates detailed comparisons between systems, as well as giving guidance on designing new systems. ...

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  • Institute for Theoretical Physics University of California Santa Barbara, CA 93106 December 1997 Abstract These notes represent approximately one semester’s worth of lectures on introductory general relativity for beginning graduate students in physics. Topics include manifolds, Riemannian geometry, Einstein’s equations, and three applications: gravitational radiation, black holes, and cosmology. Individual chapters, and potentially updated versions, can be found at NSF-ITP/97-147 gr-qc/9712019 .i Table of Contents 0.

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  • Semantic role labels are the representation of the grammatically relevant aspects of a sentence meaning. Capturing the nature and the number of semantic roles in a sentence is therefore fundamental to correctly describing the interface between grammar and meaning. In this paper, we compare two annotation schemes, PropBank and VerbNet, in a task-independent, general way, analysing how well they fare in capturing the linguistic generalisations that are known to hold for semantic role labels, and consequently how well they grammaticalise aspects of meaning.

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  • Existing work in the extraction of commonsense knowledge from text has been primarily restricted to factoids that serve as statements about what may possibly obtain in the world. We present an approach to deriving stronger, more general claims by abstracting over large sets of factoids. Our goal is to coalesce the observed nominals for a given predicate argument into a few predominant types, obtained as WordNet synsets. The results can be construed as generically quantified sentences restricting the semantic type of an argument position of a predicate....

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  • Định nghĩa và phân loại Danh từ là từ để gọi tên một người, một vật, một sự việc, một tình trạng hay một cảm xúc. Danh từ có thể được chia thành hai loại chính: Danh từ cụ thể (concrete nouns): man, river, Peter, Daisy... Danh từ trừu tượng (abstract nouns): happiness, beauty, health..

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  • This book is an introduction to game theory from a mathematical perspective. It is intended to be a first course for undergraduate students of mathematics, but I also hope that it will contain something of interest to advanced students or researchers in biology and economics who often encounter the basics of game theory informally via relevant applications. In view of the intended audience, the examples used in this book are generally abstract problems so that the reader is not forced to learn a great deal of a subject – either biology or economics – that may be unfamiliar.

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  • Abstract A new method is presented for improving the performance of red mud as a hydrogenation catalyst (a residue from the production of alumina by the Bayer process that contains iron oxides), based on the method developed by K.C. Pratt and V. Christoverson, Fuel 61 (1982) 460. The activation method consists essentially in dissolving red mud in a mixture of aqueous hydrochloric and phosphoric acids, boiling the resulting solution, adding aqueous ammonia until pHˆ8, and ®ltering, washing, drying and calcining the resulting precipitate. ...

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  • The pattern of health care provision is changing in Britain, due to the increasing focus on primary care. This is exemplified by the policies of the Labour government (elected in 1997) that stipulated that the majority of health care should eventually be provided in a primary care setting. As a reflection of this trend, undergraduate medical education is now based more in the community rather than in the hospital. These changes in medical education will influence the priorities and expertise of future doctors and elevate the status of primary care medicine....

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  • Producing source code that implements the GUI takes a great deal of effort in software development, especially for interactive software systems. This work load, generally considered tedious and burdensome, is inadequately automated given the richness of conceptual design and behavior models generated in earlier stages of the development process.

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  • Collection of similar entities or concepts into a higher level concept. EMPLOYEE class collects all employees into one class A class has properties called “class properties”. EMPLOYEE class has class properties - e.g., average salary, total number of employees. Each member has values for own properties (e.g. name, address, salary): called member properties.

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  • Collection of similar entities or concepts into a higher level concept. EMPLOYEE class collects all employees into one class A class has properties called “class properties”. EMPLOYEE class has class properties - e.g., average salary, total number of employees. Each member has values for own properties (e.g. name, address, salary): called member properties.

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  • Abstract grammar is somewhat different than in the abstract words and phonetics. Abstract grammar as abstract meaning categories. Category number in English and Russian such as generalized from two aspects of meaning less opposition and more. Category in Russian can be generalized mean two complete and not complete.

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  • Mục đích của đề tài này là chứng minh tồn tại đa thức bậc 5 không giải được bằng căn thức, không tồn tại công thức chung nào cho việc tìm nghiệm của phương trình bậc 5 từ các hệ số của nó thông qua hữu hạn các bước cộng, trừ, nhân, chia và khai căn các hệ số của nó. ABSTRACT The aim of this topic is showing the existence of quintic polynomial which is not solvable by radicals. So, there cannot exist any general formula for obtaining the roots of a quintic polynomial from its coefficients in...

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  • A formal language: Is an abstraction of the general characteristics of programming languages. Consists of a set of symbols and some formation rules by which these symbols can be combined into sentences. Accepts input, produces output, may have some temporary storage, and can make decisions in transforming the input into the output.

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  • C# Coding Standards Your Company Name Here Abstract This document contains coding conventions and style guidelines that will ensure that C# code will be of consistent and superior quality. It includes general coding guidelines as well as

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  • ABSTRACT. Scholars have long suspected that political processes such as democracy and corruption are important factors in determining economic growth. Studies show, however, that democracy has only indirect effects on growth, while corruption is generally accepted by scholars as having a direct and negative impact on economic perfor-mance.

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  • Service Robot Applications ..Service Robot Applica tions Edited by Service robotics is among the most promising technology dedicated to supporting the elderly since many countries are now facing aging populations coinciding with a decrease in the amount of the young working population. Service robots assist human beings, generally by performing dirty or tedious work, such as household chores. Service robots, in some cases, may replace human caretakers in their ability to care for elderly people. Yoshihiko Takahashi I-Tech .

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  • 6 Bioethanoloffrom Biomass Production Ethanol from Molasses Velusamy Senthilkumar and Paramasamy Gunasekaran contents Abstract.................................................................................................................... 73 6.1 Introduction .................................................................................................... 74 6.2 Types of Molasses .......................................................................................... 74 6.3 General Process for the Production of Ethanol from Molasses ..................... 75 6.

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  • 18 The Dynamics of the Class 1 Shell Tensegrity Structure 18.1 18.2 18.3 18.4 Robert E. Skelton University of California, San Diego Introduction Tensegrity Definitions A Typical Element • Rules of Closure for the Shell Class Jean-Paul Pinaud University of California, San Diego D. L. Mingori University of California, Los Angeles Dynamics of a Two-Rod Element Choice of Independent Variables and Coordinate Transformations 18.5 Tendon Forces 18.6 Conclusion Appendix 18.A Proof of Theorem 18.1 Appendix 18.B Algebraic Inversion of the Q Matrix Appendix 18.

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  • ABSTRACT Vietnam’s foreign exchange (forex) market has remained relatively poorly developed despite more than two decades of general reform throughout the economy. This paper adopts a microstructure approach to the analysis of the root-causes underlying the operational deficiencies of this market. The analysis suggests that the authorities have tended to follow a de facto adjustable peg exchange rate regime which, in turn, has acted as a retardant to the development of the country’s forex market. Consequently, market signals have become increasingly non-transparent.

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