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  • Geoscience is the scientific field of science covering all related disciplines dealing with Earth and its systems. The scientific field includes geology, physical geography, geophysics, geodesy, soil science, oceanography, hydrology, glaciology and atmospheric sciences. New Achievements in Geoscience is a comprehensive, up-todate resource for academic researchers in geophysics, environmental science, earth science, natural resource managements and their related support fields. This book attempts to highlight issues dealing with geophysical and earth sciences.

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  • In the last few years, there has been an exciting growth of interest in questions about what we do as human geographers and how we do it. Reflecting the general shift within the social sciences towards a reflexive notion of knowledge, geographers have begun to question the constitution of the discipline – what we know, how we know it and what difference this makes both to the type of research we do and who participates in it with us either as colleagues or research subjects … An intrinsic part of these debates has been a greater self-consciousness about research methods.

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  • Why do objects lose their color with depth? The colors other than blue (and green) are absorbed by the water molecules in the first few meters only blue (and green) are reflected Sound is transmitted better Sound is transmitted better in water than it is in air Sound velocity in the ocean is about 1500 m/s, or about 4 times its speed in air Sound velocity increases with pressure and temperature

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  • The Conference “History of Mathematical Sciences: Portugal and East Asia I.” took place at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Macao from the 10* to the 12* of October 1998.

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  • The last few years have witnessed tremendous changes in the syllabi of environmentally related courses at Advanced Level and in tertiary education. Moreover, there have been major alterations in the way degree and diploma courses are organised in colleges and universities. Syllabus changes reflect the increasing interest in environmental issues, their significance in a political context and their increasing relevance in everyday life.

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  • This session aims to benefit from the presence of both gender and development cooperation experts. Participants are encouraged to reflect on the above issues in the context of a world faced with new challenges and a rapidly changing development landscape. The question of how to best ensure gender equality and the empowerment of women given the multiplicity of actors and new approaches is one question which could be discussed.

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