Geologic time

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  • In a classic paper by the late Yale historian of science, Derek De Solla Price (1965), based mainly on the study of citations in a single scientific research field, it was shown how citations in a developing research area have a strong 'immediacy effect'.1 Citation was found to be at a maximum for papers about two-and-a-half years old, and the 'major work of a paper ... [is] finished after 10 years', as judged by citations.

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  • Caledonia, stern and wild, may be called "meet nurse" of geologists as well as of poets. Among the most remarkable of the former is Charles Lyell, who was born in Forfarshire on November 14th, 1797, at Kinnordy, the family mansion. His father, who also bore the name of Charles,[1] was both a lover of natural history and a man of high culture. He took an interest at one time in entomology, but abandoned this for botany, devoting himself more especially to the study of the cryptogams.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'information technology statistical study of acquisition time', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, kĩ thuật viễn thông phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Although in some respects more technical in their subjects and style than Darwin's "Journal," the books here reprinted will never lose their value and interest for the originality of the observations they contain. Many parts of them are admirably adapted for giving an insight into problems regarding the structure and changes of the earth's surface, and in fact they form a charming introduction to physical geology and physiography in their application to special domains.

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  • Residence time is the average length of time a component remains in a system; for natural substances at equilibrium, residence time equals capacity divided by rate of influx. For most substances in seawater, capacity is controlled by solubility. The element is weathered or leached out into streams and transported into the ocean, where it remains until it is precipitated out into sediments.

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  • Amidst all of the news stories of threats and damage to the natural environment, there are scientists working to understand more about the world and to protect it from avoidable harm. Botanists, zoologists, ecologists, geologists, volcanologists, seismologists, geomorphologists, meteorologists, climatologists, oceanographers, and many more are all environmental scientists in their own different ways, and their work has contributed greatly to the study of Earth science.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'martian geomorphology', y tế - sức khoẻ, y học thường thức phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Dictionaries and scholars have offered a variety of definitions. The Merriam-Webster dictionary offers a definition of the term: "the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area" and "a capability given by the practical application of knowledge".[6] Ursula Franklin, in her 1989 "Real World of Technology" lecture, gave another definition of the concept; it is "practice, the way we do things around here".[7] The term is often used to imply a specific field of technology, or to refer to high technology or just consumer electronics, rather than technology as a whole.

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  • The automotive industry in India was heavily regulated until the 1970s. The automotive firms were obliged to obtain licenses from the Indian government for various firm activities. The 1980s witnessed some relaxation in the regulations and the entry of Japanese firms. In the early 1990s, India undertook historic economic reforms under which the automotive industry was liberalised. Various government interventions in the form of policies, existing at various points of time, have influenced the development of India’s automotive industry over these phases. ...

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  • So far, the understanding of Pre-Tertiary formations in the Phu Quoc basin is eliminated due to lack of drilling and the absence of outcrops except on Phu Quoc Island and some other isles. By analogue with stratigraphic information from surrounding areas, seismic horizons may be correlated with known-age strata. Strata of pre-Cambrian and Early Paleozoic ages have not been discovered yet in SW Viet Nam but by analogue may consist of metamorphosed rocks such as chloritized phylite, sericite schist, and quartzite sandwiched with ultra basic rocks.

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  • Introduction It is Imperative We Master Our Minds so We Can Design Our Destiny in these Turbulent and Evolutionary Times There was once a professor who wanted to go down a river, so he approached a local boatman who agreed to row him downstream for a small sum of money. As they wound their way down the river, the professor decides to show off his intelligence and high education so he started to test the simple boatman.

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  • Recrystallization is a phenomenon moderately well documented in the geological and metallurgical literature. This book provides a timely overview of the latest research and methods in a variety of fields where recrystallization is studied and is an important factor. The main advantage of a new look at these fields is the rapid increase in modern techniques, such as TEM, spectrometers and modeling capabilities, all of which are providing us with far better images and analysis than ever previously possible....

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  • Knowledge of the Earth’s structure and dynamics calls for a multi-disciplinary study that makes use of the most advanced methods of Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics and Information Technology, in the framework, or in close collaboration with, the different branches of Earth Sciences such as Geology, Geophysics and Geodesy.

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  • established in the earliest history of the planet or as the result of a continuing supply of water and the constituents of sea water by degassing from the Earth’s interior. In 1951 W.W. Rubey, in his Presidential Address to the Geological Society of America, took the latter point of view. His arguments were colored by the knowledge available at that time of the age of the Earth and the age of the oldest rocks. Based on the analysis of lead isotopes in galenas, it was determined in the late 1940s that the Earth was about 3.2 billion years old.

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  • Earth sciences phenomena have evolved in time and space jointly, but in practical applications their records are available as temporal records, spatial measurements, or both.

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  • In many small and shallow aquifers the hydrochemistry does not evolve further. However, the baseline natural quality of groundwater may vary spatially within the same aquifer if the mineral assemblages vary, and also evolves with time as the water moves along groundwater flow lines. If an aquifer dips below a confining layer (Figure 2.5), a sequence of hydrochemical processes occurs with progressive distance down gradient away from the outcrop, including precipitation of some solids when relevant ion concentrations reach saturation levels for a solid mineral phase.

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  • At the same time, both countries chemically process liquid HLW in order to immobilize it for safer storage and disposal. The United States and Russia, however, have different approaches to and long-term strategies for realizing end points for SNF and HLW. The United States currently plans to transport SNF to a geologic repository for disposal without chemical processing. Russia plans to develop the capacity to chemically p

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  • The American Indians repeatedly warned John Wesley Powell against his first trip through the Grand Canyon. The canyon once contained a trail made by the god Tavwoats for a mourning chief to go to see his wife in a heaven to the West. Then the god filled up the trail with a river and forbade anyone to go there. Powell would draw Tavwoats' wrath. 2 But Powell saw the canyon geologically. He too experienced awe, but of the erosional forces of time and the river flowing. He went on to direct the US Geological Survey, and, interestingly, to head the US...

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  • Yes, but the eye of the beholder is notoriously subjective, hopelessly narrow in its capacities for vision. One has only to consult smell or taste, for example, to realize that much more is going on than the eye can see. Science, by extending so greatly human capacities for perception, and by integrating these into theory, teaches us what is objectively there. We realize what is going on in the dark, underground, or over time. Without science, there is no sense of deep time, nor of geological or evolutionary history, and little appreciation of ecology.

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  • Since the ancient times Amber has been a mysterious substance -always alive and constantly changing, similar to our human existence. In a way the theory tends to lag behind the processes of nature, for a long time we felt a lack of literature on Baltic Amber. Most of the existing books written on Amber subject were dedicated to scientific research, geology or history while a short, simple and up-to-date handbook did not exist.

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