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  • This paper aims to assess and compare the impact of geopolitical risk (GPR) on the banking sector profitability of “oil and nonoil dependent” emerging markets. For empirical estimation, we used annual macro-level data of all the countries listed in the GPR index from the period 1998 to 2017. The results of the fixed effect model indicate a negative significant impact of GPR on banking sectors’ profitability.

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  • This book project began in the summer of 1998. I spent two weeks of that summer at Radi, a small village outside Siena, discussing the contents of the MS with a sociologist and fellow doctoral student from the Zentrum für Höhere Studien (ZHS) at the University of Leipzig, Andreas Westerwinter1. Our discussions were mostly about the value, if any, of the discipline of geopolitics and the limited usefulness of neoclassical economics and modern political science for trying to explain current economic events, in particular the emergence of China as an economic superpower.

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  • The Nguyen Dynasty made efforts to build Chau Doc as a military and administrative center, and the most important traffic location and military transshipment on the Southwestern border line. All of the above affirmed the important role and strategic significance of the land of Chau Doc in the cause of protecting the Southwestern border of the country.

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  • Welcome to the paperback edition of The Lexus and the Olive Tree. Readers of the original hardback version of the book will notice that several things have changed in this new version. But what has not changed is the core thesis of this book: that globalization is not simply a trend or a fad but is, rather, an international system.

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  • We have found the use of the radar — our risk radar — to be a simple and useful device to allow us to present a snapshot of the top 10 strategic business risks for a company, a sector or indeed the global economy as a whole. The radar allows us to show both the scale of the challenge and its nature.

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  • The Oath of Citizenship I swear (or affirm) That I will be faithful And bear true allegiance To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second Queen of Canada Her Heirs and Successors And that I will faithfully observe The laws of Canada And fulfil my duties as a Canadian citizen. Understanding the Oath In Canada, we profess our loyalty to a person who represents all Canadians and not to a document such as a constitution, a banner such as a flag, or a geopolitical entity such as a country.

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  • The acceleration of globalization and the growth of emerging economies present signifi cant opportunities for business expansion. One of the quickest ways to achieve effective international expansion is by leveraging the web, which allows for the technological connectivity of global markets and opportunities to compete on a global basis. To systematically engage and thrive in this networked global economy, professionals and students need a new skill set – one that can help them develop, manage, assess, and optimize efforts to successfully launch websites for tapping global markets.

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  • PeakOil: the moment that we’ve taken out half of the oil that was out there and times of a cheap and abundant oil driven economy are for ever over. A time of severe growth of demand, declining supply, expensive exploration, higher prices by these three, beyond limits shortages, huge regional and geopolitical tensions. Undersupply of everything we need, and oversupply of shortages. Is this situation this our outlook? Let’s not hope so.

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  • In the last few years, the financial markets have been characterised by crises that have led to increased volatility (see Fig. 12). In view of this market turbulence, for numerous investors preservation of capital has become an important objective. To many investors, physical gold is the epitome of insurance against geopolitical and economic risks, as well as those emanating from the financial system. The historically high gold price impressively reflects this.

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  • The Earth’s polar regions (see Figure 1.1) are ecologically, economically, and, increasingly, geopolitically important; they are particularly vulnerable to the speed and magnitude of climate change and have significant potential to influence the global climate system (Oreskes, 2004; IPCC, 2007a; Anderegg et al., 2010). Climate models and observational data have shown that polar regions have warmed at substantially higher rates than the global mean (IPCC, 2007c).

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  • Oil prices rebounded in the first quarter of this year with Brent crude reaching over 60 dollars per barrel, following a temporary dip to around 55 dollars per barrel in November last year1, as geopolitical issues in Iran and Nigeria, coupled with cold weather in Russia and cyclones in Australia, curbed crude supply. Nonetheless, compared to the extremely tight market condition in the immediate aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita during September 2005, current oil market conditions are somewhat more subdued. ...

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  • There will also be other geopolitical consequences if climate change allows the northern shore of Russia, currently in a permafrost condition, to be open to shipping.

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  • Though  the confidence  intervals change by procedure and by  country ‐ depending on  the  sample  size  and response variance of each ‐ the overall survey portion of this research holds a standard error of +/‐  3.67% at a 95% level of confidence.       The International Survey on Aesthetic/Cosmetic Procedures Performed in 2010 was compiled, tabulated,  and analyzed by Industry Insights, Inc. ( , an independent research firm based  in Columbus, OH.

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  • In the present study, we examined the influence of descriptive and elaborative titles on paintings. Additionally, we varied the presentation time between Experiments 1 and 2. The first experiment was designed similar toMillis (2001) to replicate his elaboration effect with images of artworks. Two levels of representativeness in artworks were investigated (abstract versus representational). Ratings were collected before and after presenting a title, thus within-subjects comparisons could be made.

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  • Largely because of geographical restrictions, the New England culinary region is virtually identical to geopolitical New England. To the east and southeast, the Atlantic Ocean forms a definitive border. To the north and northeast lies Canada, whose East Coast culinary regions share elements of the New England style.

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  • The Vietnam-China borderland bears a strategically important geopolitical position for Vietnam. When Vietnam and China normalised ties in 1991, their bilateral relations were shifted into a new era, more positive than before, facilitating the development of cross-border economy, contributing to the development of the household economy and improving the living standards of local ethnic minority groups, especially those of the Hmong, Dao (Yao), Tay and Nung.

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  • This article deals with two pioneer scholars of postmodernism, David Harvey and Perry Anderson. The former disagrees with Jameson’s response to postmodern condition, and the latter concentrates on the economic and geopolitical conditions that have nurtured the idea and changes. However, both of them are aware of the totality of contemporary life. Postmodern condition, for Harvey, is dangerous as it avoids the issues of the realities of political economy and global power.

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  • This study examined the determinants of tax compliance behaviour under the self-assessment scheme in Nigeria. A non-random stratified sampling technique was used to evaluate taxpayer behaviour. Data was also gathered using questionnaire from three of the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria, namely South-South, South-West and North central zones respectively.

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  • Drinking water sources in the three geopolitical zones; Owerri, Orlu and Okigwe zones of Imo state, Nigeria were assessed using standard bacteriological techniques to determine their bacterial profile and counts. The result showed that the levels of bacterial counts were high compared to the recommended standard of the World Health Organization. The total bacterial count was found to be very high with an average count of 487.58 CFU/100ml.

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