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  • Wonderful, wild, too-good-to-be-true Amsterdam and its sometimes self-consciously cool, cultivated denizens lend themselves to tongue-in-cheek treatment. Few Europeans are so forthright, so ready to make fun of themselves, their history, language, and customs as the inhabitants of this small, flat, watery capital of a small, flat, watery country. “Our hearts are on our tongues,” goes an old Amsterdam saying. So much for the stereotype of the dour Dutch: Amsterdammers are disarmingly friendly, fun—and irreverent....

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  • -He was the man of labor : industrious, untiring…: +His perseverance in spending months making a canoe, and in practicing pottery, making until he gets it right. Additionally, his resourcefulness in -building a house, goat stable, growing grape arbor…. .“ I made a table and a chair” (p40) .

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  • So you need a job! We’ve all been there. Everyone needs to provide for themselves and their loved ones. Unless you’re independently wealthy, you need to work for a living – to pay the bills, put food on the table, and enjoy the pleasures of life. You may be feeling a variety of emotions as you embark on your job search: anxiety, loathing, excitement, reluctance, or even that pit-of-the-stomach feeling you get right before you throw up. Whatever you are feeling, accept the feeling as being okay, and know that things can only get better from here. ...

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  • Java and XML Data Binding Brett McLaughlin Publisher: O'Reilly First Edition May 2002 ISBN: 0-596-00278-5, 214 pages Table of Contents Index Full Description Reviews Reader reviews Errata This new title provides an in-depth technical look at XML Data Binding. The book offers complete documentation of all features in both the Sun Microsystems JAXB API and popular open source alternative implementations (Enhydra Zeus, Exolabs Castor and Quick).

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