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  • Global journal of computer science and technology: Information & technology present publisher’s headquarters office; offset typesetting; packaging & continental dispatching; find a correspondence nodal officer near you; pricing (e xcluding air parcel charges).

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  • In this paper, we consider and improve the global progressing algorithm by using the cache storage technique to make the best of the previous alignment results. This algorithm and cache technique were been developed on the distributed system and Grid computing environment in order to decrease the algorithms execution time, as well as increase the quantity and size of input sequences.

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  • In this paper edge detection with fuzzy using canny is explained. Two basic phases of edge detection i.e. Global contrast intensification and local fuzzy edge detection are first explained and is then merged with Canny operator for better results specially for noisy images and low contrast images.

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  • This information can be shared with other nodes in the network and is central requirement for VANET application like navigation, intelligent transportation, collision avoidance and location based services. In case of emergency all the vehicles in the network are not affected so broadcasting of alert packet is not feasible rather multicasting of alert packet should be done, but defining the list of node to be considered for multicasting is a challenging task as every vehicle cannot hold the location information of all the vehicles in the network.

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  • Automatic transformation of paper documents into electronic forms requires geometry document layout analysis at the first stage. However, variations in character font sizes, text-line spacing, and layout structures have made it difficult to design a general-purpose method. Page segmentation algorithms usually segment text blocks using global separation objects, or local relations among connected components such as distance and orientation, but typically do not consider information other than local component’s size.

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  • This paper attempts to examine the impacts of the ongoing regional economic integration on Vietnam’s economy using a global Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model. The discussion will continue in section 2 analyzing the trade liberalization and regional economic integration in Vietnam.

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  • The paper presents a method for computing the ionospheric total electron content (TEC) using the combination of the phase and code measurements at the frequencies f1 and f2 of the global positioning system, and applies it to study the TEC variations and disturbances during the magnetic storm in March 2015 using GPS continuous data in the Southeast Asia region.

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  • Hsiao and Rashvand Human-centric Computing and Information Sciences 2011, 1:1 RESEARCH Open Access Integrating body language movements in augmented reality learning environment Kuei-Fang Hsiao1* and Habib F Rashvand2 * Correspondence: kfhsiao@mail. 1 Dept.

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