Global prices of crude oil

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  • The research intends to analyze the connection among the global prices of crude oil and stock market of Indonesia for the period of 2010 to 2019. The international prices for crude oil attributed to the prices of West Texas Intermediary (WTI) crude oil, whereas the Indonesian stock indices were considered asstock exchange factorsin Indonesia.

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  • The impact of higher oil prices on economic growth in OPEC countries would depend on a variety of factors, particularly how the windfall revenues are spent. In the long term, however, OPEC oil revenues and GDP are likely to be lower, as higher prices would not compensate fully for lower production.

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  • The rapid increase in the price of crude oil in recent years (as of 2005) and the resulting“sticker shock” at the gas pump have caused the scientific and engineering communitiesto finally understand that it is time for some reality checks on our priorities. Energyis the real problem that faces the world, and it will not be solved by the recent fads ofbiotechnology or nanotechnology. Energy consumption is the main producer of carbondioxide, so it is directly linked with the problem of global warming.

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  • We know that markets are global. The recent crude oil price increases, which translate into higher prices at the pump, have many causes, including the global economic recovery and unrest in the Middle East. But a major cause of the recent price rise is the concern that global oil demand will outpace supply over the next few years. The dependence of the global vehicle fleet on oil makes this problem especially acute. That’s why we are working to reduce oil demand and increase reliable supplies of oil around the world in the years ahead,...

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  • In this paper, employ asymmetric multivariate GARCH approaches to examine their performance on the volatility interactions between global crude oil prices and seven major stock market indices. Insofar as volatility spillover across these markets is a crucial element for portfolio diversification and risk management, we also examine the optimal weights and hedge ratios for oil-stock portfolio holdings with respect to the results.

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  • Asia whose growing share in world output is also raising the oil demand of the world economy as a whole. Furthermore, a thin margin of spare oil production capacity is expected to continue into 2007 despite new supplies from both non-OPEC and OPEC countries, as existing production comes close to its short-term capacity while some existing fields, e.g. the North Sea, suffer from declining yields. Rising crude oil stocks, which are close to five- year highs, will do little to dampen the oil price given the lack of spare capacity in oil production.

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