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  • Sustainable tourism, sustainable development through tourism, principles of sustainable development in tourism and tourism development in terms of sustainable tourism, in the literature often treated as names for the same phenomenon, are becoming increasingly interesting for scholars and practicians of tourism from various countries.

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  • Tourism is big business and getting bigger. In the 20 years from1980 to 2000 global tourism receipts increased at an annual rate of nearly 8 per cent, much faster than the rate of world economic growth of around 3 per cent. In 2000, income from tourism combined with passenger transport totaled more than $575 billion, making this sector the world number one export earner, ahead of automotive production, chemicals, petroleum and food (UNEP web site1).

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  • Chapter 20 - Tourism's future. After completing this unit, you should be able to: Examine forecasts concerning the growth of international tourism; identify the major global forces which are shaping the tourism of tomorrow; understand the impacts, both positive and negative, that these forces are likely to have on tourism markets and on the ability of destinations to respond to the demands of these markets.

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  • The recent boom has focused world attention on the GCC economies—not only as exporters of oil and gas, but as investment destinations with major infrastructure projects, booming tourism and financial services sectors. As US economic growth has slowed, GCC investors have begun to diversify their assets more widely, making investments in Asia, Africa and within the Gulf region itself.

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  • The individual segments of business tourism (conferences and meetings, exhibitions and trade fairs, incentive travel, corporate events, outdoor events) are the five segments which are the prime focus of marketing activities by venues and destinations, because decisions about where the events take place are open to influence. The organisers of the event may have greater flexibility in deciding where it is held, and are able to use their own judgement or discretion. For this reason, these five segments are often described as ‘discretionary’.

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  • Despite all the above and whatever impacts technology, global economies and terrorism are likely to have, there is still the desire amongst international associations to meet, press the flesh and exchange views which will always remain. According to ICCA the UK’s market share of the international association congress segment remains stable at around 5.6% and is second only to the USA.

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