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Glossary of terms

Xem 1-20 trên 64 kết quả Glossary of terms
  • (BQ) In ebook Schaum's outline of English Grammar (2nd Edition): Part 2, the following content will be discussed: Chapter 4 pronouns, chapter 5 adjectives, chapter 6 adverbs, chapter 7 prepositions and conjunctions. In this book, the author presents a clear and lively picture of the English grammar. Available with answers -making it ideal for self-study-, the book seems to have been done to make material and exercises as straightforward as possible without any "catches" or special difficulties -including a glossary of grammatical terms that the author prepared with great care.

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  • This manual includes, inter alia, material concerning types of emergencies that should be planned for, description of agencies involved in the plan, as well as the responsibility and role of each agency, including the emergency operations centre and the command post, for each type of emergency. It also contains a sample outline of an airport emergency plan document with details of the aspects which should be covered in such documents. A glossary is presented in Appendix 1 for use by those who may not be familiar with a particular technical term used in this manual.

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  • Members of the Fleischner Society compiled a glossary of terms for thoracic imaging that replaces previous glossaries published in 1984 and 1996 for thoracic radiography and computed tomography (CT), respectively. The need to update the previous versions came from the recognition that new words have emerged, others have become obsolete, and the meaning of some terms has changed. Brief descriptions of some diseases are included, and pictorial examples (chest radiographs and CT scans) are provided for the majority of terms.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 of the document The intensive care unit and infection control task (Third edition) has contents: Glossary of terms and definitions, classification of microorganisms according to their pathogenicity, carriage, colonization and infection, systemic antibiotics, systemic antifungals, enteral antimicrobials,… and other contents. Invite you to refer.

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  • designing software for control systems is difficult. experienced controls engineers have learned many techniques that allow them to solve problems. this book was written to present methods for designing controls software using programmable logic controllers (plcs). it is my personal hope that by employing the knowledge in the book that you will be able to quickly write controls programs that work as expected (and avoid having to learn by costly mistakes.)

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  • (bq) part 2 book "acid trips and chemistry" has contents: covert dosing, acid law, psychedelic seeds, acid synthesis, ergot cultures, tartrate from ergot, acid from tartrate, glossary of chemical terms.

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  • with expanded listings and illustrations, the book was offered in response to numerous requests from customers and others in the textile industry for an up-to-date glossary of terms encountered in the manufactured fiber and textile trades.

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  • this complete textile glossary is intended to be a convenient reference for textile terminology. although it covers all types of textile terms broadly, its special emphasis is on manufactured fibers - what they are, how they are made, and how they are used.

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  • modern hebrew the grammar aims to serve as a reference source for the learner and user of hebrew irrespective of level, by setting out the complexities of the language in short, readable sections that are clear and free from jargon. it is ideal either for independent study or for students in schools, colleges, universities and adult classes of all types.

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  • Glossary of selected financial terms his glossary covers basic operational and financial terms used in the IMF financial data query too, will help you studying finance. Invite you to consult the documentation .

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  • Development in Viet Nam has grown tremendously in recent years as all major international bilateral and multilateral donors increased their activities. Donors, at times, experienced a common frustrating issue–the lack of a common or shared vocabulary for development term.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'glossary of key information security terms', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, cơ khí - chế tạo máy phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Test, you may work only on the section the test center supervisor designates and only for the time allowed. You may not go back to an earlier section of the test after the supervisor announces, “Please stop work” for that section. The supervisor is authorized to dismiss you from the center for doing so. All answers must be recorded on your answer sheet. Answers recorded in your test booklet will not be counted. Given the time constraints, you should avoid waiting until the last five minutes of a test administration to record answers on your answer sheet.

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  • To enhance usability, the Guide has been organized to follow the numbering of the CPR, with explanations and documentation information separately accessible through hyperlinks via the table of contents. Additional hyperlinks to relevant documents, such as the ACGME Policy and Procedures Manual, Institutional Requirements, ACGME Glossary of Terms and Common Acronyms, and FAQs are also included. Selected resources available on the ACGME website that might be especially useful for new program directors have been collected together as part of the Guide and are listed below. ...

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  • The purpose of this book is to provide a straightforward but thorough introduction to accounting and finance for executives and managers who are studying these subjects, formally, for the first time. It is an entry-level text to be used before moving on to more advanced material. A high degree of practicality and relevance are introduced with a strong ‘real world’ flavour supported by examples from leading international companies. The glossary of terms is designed to be as comprehensive as possible so that readers can obtain clear guidance at a time when they most need it....

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  • The McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Engineering provides a compendium of more than 18,000 terms that are central to the various branches of engineering and related fields of science. The coverage in this Second Edition is focused on building construction, chemical engineering, civil engineering, control systems, design engineering, electricity and electronics, engineering acoustics, industrial engi- neering, mechanics and mechanical engineering, systems engineering, and thermodynamics.Many new entries have been added since the previous edition with others revised as necessary.

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  • This glossary defines terms in the field of computer applications. Topics covered include automated language processing, automatic indexing, business data processing, character recognition, computer-aided design and manufacturing, computer-assisted instruction, control systems, critical path method, library automation, medical applications, micrographics, office automation, operations research, personal computing, scientific and engineering applications, telecommunication applications, and word processing....

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  • Most interviewees agree concerning the basic characteristics and traits for a project leader. These characteristics include: forward-looking; competent; inspiring; intelligent; enterprising spirit; loyalty; leadership motivation; integrity; self-confidence; and knowledgeable of the business. As identified by this group of experts, one of the important traits is the ability to communicate effectively.

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  • The world is indeed your oyster when you sign up for a Deakin MBA. One of your options is to undertake a study tour – either within Australia or overseas. It is the perfect way to notch up some firsthand experience of an alternative business environment, share practical learning with other students – and gain credit towards your degree. Australia Study Program This intensive two-week program studying MPT753 Finance, involves three days of on-campus study at our Melbourne Burwood Campus followed by a series of industry visits in Tasmania.

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  • The Glossary provides explanations of all the terms commonly used in this guide that have a specific meaning in an implementation planning context. However there are a few key terms used that it is important to understand from the start. Benefit the measurable improvement resulting from an outcome which is perceived as an advantage by one or more stakeholders. It should be noted that not all outcomes will be perceived as positive, and outcomes that are positive for some stakeholders will be negative for others (sometimes referred to as “dis-benefits”).

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