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  • In order to address the ever-increasing significance of carbohydrates in biology the presentation of material in this volume has been somewhat modified. A new introductory chapter (1) highlights some of the reviews published during the year that give an overview of the glycobiological aspects of carbohydrate chemistry, and another new chapter (20) brings together reports of the use of enzymic methods in the field - particularly those employed in the synthesis of glycosides and especially di- and oligosaccharides. There is consequently some inevitable overlap between...

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  • Digital photography has taken the world by storm in the past decade, and continues to register explosive growth among consumers. One of the most ardent and dedicated markets in photography is nature photography. Nature photographers pursue their hobby and their profession with a zeal unmatched in any other area of photography. With consistently over one million page views every month for the last 7 years, NatureScapes.Net is one of the leading resources for these nature photographers.

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  • The NMR structure of 2¢,5¢ d(GGGGCCCC) was deter-mined togain insights into the structural differences between 2¢,5¢-and 3¢,5¢-linked DNA duplexes that may be relevant in elucidating nature’s choice of sugar-phosphate links to encode genetic information. The oligomer assumes a duplex with extended nucleotide repeats formed out of mostly N-type sugar puckers. With the exception of the 5¢-terminal guanine that assumes thesyn glycosyl conformation, all other bases prefer theantiglycosyl conformation. Base pairs in the duplex exhibit slide ()1.

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  • Although the chemical nature of the catalytic mechanism of the serine pro-tease a-chymotrypsin (a-CT) is largely understood, the influence of the enzyme’s structural dynamics on its catalysis remains uncertain. Here we investigate whether a-CT’s structural dynamics directly influence the kinet-ics of enzyme catalysis.

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  • The lightning streamed athwart the heavens in quick and vivid flashes. One peal of thunder after another echoed from cliff to cliff, while a driving storm of rain, wind and hail, made the face of nature black and dismal. There was something frightfully congenial in this uproar of the contending elements with the storm raging in Bacon's heart, as he rushed from the scene of the catastrophe we have just witnessed. The darkness which succeeded the lurid and sulphureous flashes was not more complete and unfathomable than the black despair of his own soul.

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  • Lactoferrin (LF) is an iron-binding glycoprotein of the innate host defence system. To elucidate the role ofN-linked glycosylation in protection of LF against proteolysis, we compared the tryptic susceptibility of human LF (hLF) variants from human milk, expressed in human 293(S) cells or in the milk of transgenic mice and cows. The analysis revealed that recombinant hLF (rhLF) with mutations Ile130fiThr and Gly404fiCys was about twofold more susceptible than glycosylated and unglycosylated variants with the naturally occurring Ile130 and Gly404....

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  • GM-CSF is one of several naturally occurring glycoproteins that regulate leukocyte production, migration and function. It has been produced in different cell types, with different properties that depend on the production process used. The purpose of this work was to characterize the recombinant human GM-CSF from an engineered Chinese hamster ovary cell line grown in suspension and as adherent culture for the identification of the glycosylation sites and the defi-nition of the glycosidic moiety, including the degree of site occupancy....

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  • Glycosylatedpolyenemacrolide antibiotics, as nystatins and amphotericins, are amphiphilic structures known to exert antifungal activity by disrupting the fungal cell membrane, leading to leakage of cellular materials, and cell death. This membrane disruption is strongly influenced by the presence and the exact nature of the membrane sterols.

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  • Bothrops snake venoms are known to induce local tissue damage suchas hemorrhage andmyonecrosis. Theopossum Didelphis marsupialisis resistant to these snake venoms and has natural venom inhibitors in its plasma. The aim of this work was to clone and study the chemical, physicochemical andbiological properties ofDM64, an antimyotoxic protein from opossum serum. DM64 is an acidic protein showing 15% glycosylation andwith amolecular mass of 63 659 Da when analysed by MALDI-TOF MS.

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  • Single-domain antibodies (sdAbs), which occur naturally in camelids, are endowed with many characteristics that make them attractive candidates as building blocks to create new antibody-related therapeutic molecules. In this study, we isolated from an immunized llama several high-affinity sdAbs directed against human carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), a heavily glycosylated tumor-associated molecule expressed in a variety of cancers.

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