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  • This Handbook of Manufacturing: Regulations and Quality focuses on all regulatory aspects and requirements that govern how drugs are produced for evaluation (and, later, sale to and use in) humans. The coverage ranges from what the issues are at the early stages (when the amounts are small and the materials of limited sophistication) up to until the issue is reproducibly and continuously making large volumes of a highly sophisticated manufactured product.

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  • The transcription factorNF-jB is activated in cellular stress responses. This requires rapid regulation of its function, which is accomplished, in part, by various modes of phos-phorylation. Even though diverseDNAbinding subunits of NF-jB proteins may transactivate fromdistinct recognition sequences, the differential regulation of transcription from the large number of NF-jB responsive sites in various gene promoters andenhancershasbeen incompletelyunderstood.

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  • In rod phototransduction, cyclic GMP synthesis by mem-brane bound guanylate cyclase ROS-GC1 is under Ca 2+ -dependent negative feedback control mediated by guanylate cyclase-activating proteins, GCAP-1 and GCAP-2. The cellular concentration of GCAP-1 and GCAP-2 approxi-mately sums to the cellular concentration of a functional ROS-GC1 dimer. Both GCAPs increase the catalytic effi-ciency (kcat /Km) of ROS-GC1. However, the presence of a myristoyl group in GCAP-1 has a strong impact on the regulation of ROS-GC1, this is in contrast to GCAP-2....

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