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  • English listening is very helpful to all students to deepen or to improve their language skill although it is usually considered a passive skill. In high school, listening plays a minor role, which leads to big troubles in listening comprehension when students enter universities. To cultivate the students listening skill, the teacher is supposed to be imaginative and creative in developing their teaching methods to create good atmosphere and make English lessons more exiting.

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  • The aim of this study is cover background knowledge of speaking. - Find out reality of teaching and learning English at Hai Phong Management and Technology University. Find out appropriate techniques for teaching speaking lessons which draw students’ attention into the lesson. The students will feel interested, enjoyable and funny when they come into the speaking lesson. Some good extra-techniques will be given out in order to improve their speaking skill.

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  • The results show that the school runs a good model of professional learning communities such as directing the development and implementation of school education plans and professional training activities. Professional Learning Communities is the target of the teachers at school developing teaching profession.

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  • file:///C:/Users/dangt/Downloads/qhf_2In traditional listening teaching methods in general and, in particular, teaching listening tends to treat students equally. Teachers have tendencies to present the same in-class exercises and activities to all learners and expect the same outcome. In present, with the development of high technology, numerous techniques to teach listening are applied in listening lessons; however, dictation is still a good method to be used to teach listening when it has various implications for educators in terms of classroom instructions.

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  • The study aims to explore factors influencing the teachers’ integrating ICC into their Business English teaching. The data were collected through 1/ in-depth interviews; 2/ analyses of two syllabi and two Business English textbooks in current use; 3/ classroom observations. Theme analysis was used to analyze the data. The findings reveal that the teachers hesitate to teach ICC due to multiple influential factors. The results of the study are a good source of data for more efficient policies to develop ICC teaching and learning in the era of global integration.

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  • This study focuses on the teaching and learning of English Literature, a compulsory subject in the course of study to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree at the Faculty of English (FoE) at Hanoi Nationnal University of Education (HNUE) and some recommendation on how to activate the students’ role to meet the goal of their university education and help them benefit from good learning habits.

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  • The research results show that there are differences in some professional development activities between lecturers who are masters and doctors as regards the number of publications in international journals; Most doctoral lecturers are willing to share professional knowledge with colleagues; There is an equal proportion of lecturers (Masters, PhDs) seeking advice on professional teaching development, from associations or professional networks, however, the proportion of lecturers with master’s degree seeking advice from colleagues and managers is higher than the lecturers who are doctors; T...

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  • Nowadays, lecturers tend to explore creative and qualitative methods in higher education (HE) research across international contexts to gain innovative ways of teaching. The purpose of this research is to examine a new approach to the learning journey of university students and justify how effective it is to HE students. The study was carried out with 50 first-year students at Nguyen Tat Thanh University (NTTU). The first phase involved an augmented reality task in which students created their own “lively” products and reflected on their experience through Flipgrid.

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  • (BQ) This text together with the references supplied, and excellent sources now available on the Internet, should enable the reader to understand the key concepts and arguments. In addition, a simple “Good Science Detection Guide” is included in the appendix to aid in the identification of the good, the bad, pseudoscience and non-science in healthcare writing and research. Summary ideas for critical discussion are also presented at the end of each chapter that may be helpful for those teaching this material.

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  • To shift the paradigm from a passive tutor driven tutorials to more responsible active learning by the students, a cooperative teaching learning method could be a good alternative. The Jigsaw approach, a model of co-operative learning, focuses on learning in groups with fellow learner co-operation and reassures team work. Thus, this study was aimed at assessing the effectiveness of jigsaw strategy in comparison to tutorials in enhancing cognitive skills among the medical students in microbiology.

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  • The most valuable and remarkable human knowledge exists more implicitly. Sharing and managing this implicit knowledge is considered very difficult, so investigating the factors that may affect knowledge sharing has become a colorful area of research. The focus of this study is to examine the relationship between individual (individual attitude, organizational commitment, and knowledge self-efficacy) and tacit knowledge sharing. The study distributed 650 questionnaires among teaching staff in public higher educational institutes. Out of 650, only 320 questionnaires were returned.

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  • In this paper, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of online learning and the combined learning. We also share our experience on teaching at Flinders University, South Australia through Flinders learning online system. From this knowledge, we will suggest some solutions about building a combined learning system which is suitable for Vietnamese universities.

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  • Teaching is an ability of teacher to efficiently impart knowledge. An effective teacher will be one, who is competent, has knowledge and skill and is a performer i.e. he can use knowledge and skill in a classroom to accomplish a teachers‟ goal. It is said that experience and age has a positive effect on teaching. But over a period of time, there is a change in observations. Students‟ views are changing. In few of the recent studies students have chosen teachers with good knowledge, communication skills and student friendly nature.

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  • To enable the Vietnamese youth to join the international workforce during ASEAN integration, teaching English in general education has undertaken a reform with the aim of intercultural communicative competence instead of communicative competence. Since building learners’ intercultural communicative competence requires their personal engagement in social interaction, teachers should follow a proper approach to activate students’ participation in intercultural communication.

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  • The paper present the teaching about status and roles of human in society can be called life charter of people in society according to Buddhism because these principles cover living a life of people having status in society. This means relationship between parents-children and husband-wife is in family status. In addition, relationship between employer-employee and within friends is in social status. Further, relationship between teachers-pupil is in educational status, and relationship between priests–residents is in religious status.

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  • Infancy is a critical period in the life of every individual owing to the various adjustments that need to be made for extra uterine survival. Therefore, mortality rates are also very high in this one year period. Good care practices go a long way in reducing morbidity and mortality in this period. A cross sectional study was undertaken on a cohort group of mothers with 3 month old infants to assess their care practices and to determine the effectiveness of a structured teaching programme on good infant care in ward No. 3 of Ponmala Panchayath in Malappuram.

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  • The quote highlights the role of teachers and it is generally accepted that teachers are the key actors who contribute to the making of people through education. Teachers are often considered as ‘good people’ and in the context of Nepal especially in the rural areas; it is the teacher who is often consulted for any important work in the community. “The teachers are in the business of making good people, or of enabling their students to become good people. They do this specifically by helping them to become smarter” (Tate, 2007: 1).

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  • This research is an attempt to highlight how Vietnamese EFL school teachers perceive their roles and what style of teacher they are in this current changing world – the world of Industry 4.0. The study involved a sample of 300 Vietnamese EFL school teachers throughout Vietnam. The instruments employed for the research were three questionnaires intended to explore different aspects of EFL teachers’ perception of their roles. The data collected were analyzed quantitatively and were discussed in some detail.

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  • The portolio is a good tool to promote refecton and to evaluate both specifc and generic skills in experimental courses, the dynamics of a laboratory course permit students to develop their group-work and communicatve skills, and peer evaluatons both improve students’ communicaton skills and promote metacognitve refecton. Finally, the project demonstrates that it is possible to train students in general skills using the specifc course content and that the incorporaton of partcipatory methodologies encourages students to become actvely involved in the teaching-learning process.

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  • This paper presents the findings of a study which was undertaken at five different primary schools in Vietnam. The participants were 5 teachers of English aged 28 to 35 in Quang Ngai province.

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