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  • The major obstacle in morphological (sometimes called morpho-syntactic, or extended POS) tagging of highly inflective languages, such as Czech or Russian, is - given the resources possibly available - the tagset size. Typically, it is in the order of thousands. Our method uses an exponential probabilistic model based on automatically selected features. The parameters of the model are computed using simple estimates (which makes training much faster than when one uses Maximum Entropy) to directly minimize the error rate on training data.

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  • In seminars and workshops over the past 40 years, I have had the good fortune to be able to discuss style with several thousand specialists in engineering, medicine, and science. This book presents the essence of our discussions and some supporting statistical evidence. I wish to acknowledge my debt to the participants in those seminars, who listened to my ideas, tried them out, and told me which were useful and which were not. I hope this presentation of the ‘useful’ category will contribute to the gradual improvement of standards of professional communication....

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  • There  is,  of  course,  some  potential  overlap within  these  sub‐sectors,  and  some  activities  could  fall  within more  than  one  of  the  three main  categories.  For  example,  Additional  Energy  Sources  could  potentially fall within the Renewable Energy sector, but has been include within Emerging Low Carbon  because  it  includes  mainly  new  energy  sources  and  those  that  are  still  in  development  (such  as  hydrogen fuel cells).

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  • Many countries are likely to have to raise taxes as part of fiscal consolidation over the next few years, but how is this best done – by broadening the tax base or raising tax rates? This study is intended to provide economic analysis that helps answer such questions. As the OECD Secretary-General remarked at the G20 Summit held last June in Toronto, fiscal consolidation should be as growth-friendly as possible. In general tax base-broadening reforms are identified as growth-oriented reforms.

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  • Both international and national agencies have invested in women's programs for almost a decade, and several offer sound field-based experience and have qualified female staff, who worked illegally under burqas and with mahrams throughout the years of women's exclusion from all public life. Such women today represent a new category of working women, many of whom have the important experience of working effectively in rural areas.

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  • Based on the mandate we received from the Quality Assurance Group, we set out to determine how the social funds portfolio, comprising 40 projects under implementation as of June 1996, was faring: How well was this portfolio performing? Was sustainability of social funds’ sub- project benefits an issue? A quick word on the methodology of the review. This was a desk review.

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  • Social science, policy and popular discourse around counterfeiting regularly position consumers of counterfeit goods as part of a technological elite or motivated by anti- capitalist or anti-corporate positions. In order to explore this construction and highlight its associated limitations, this paper presents quantitative data collected through postal and web-based questionnaires looking at the frequency, location and motivations for the purchase of counterfeit leisure items for consumers in the United Kingdom.

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  • The next largest category, accounting for close to 20% of imports since 1986, comprises light and textile industry products, including rubber, mineral, and iron products. The main imports in the category are iron, steel, textile yarn, and fabrics. However, imports of other products in the category, such as wool tops, wood, cork manufactures, leather, dressed fur, and aluminium, rose rapidly during 1986 and 1989.

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  • Better measurement begins with better data. In the era of Big Data, CG companies need to identify which data provide the best insights into consumer behaviours and interactions with their brand or the product categories in which they compete (see sidebar, page 12). Then they need to ensure that the right processes and tools are in place to capture and analyse these data. Strategic partnerships will continue to play an important role as the consumer marketing efforts of CG companies mature.

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  • Therefore, it is useful to use groups of consumers instead of countries as a basis for identifying international segments (Jain 1989). Within a segment and regarding a particular ―culture-independent‖ product category (e.g., fashion, cars, luxuries), consumer behaviors do not vary across cultures or countries (Dawar and Parker 1994). For example, information search and exchange can be regarded as ―universal‖ consumer behaviors and can be observed in all cultures (Dawar and Parker 1994; Murdock 1945).

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  • MM, Inc. strongly discourages the storage of large numbers of e-mail messages for a number of reasons. First, because e-mail messages frequently contain company confidential information, it is good to limit the number of such messages to protect the company’s information. Second, retention of messages fills up large amounts of storage space on the e-mail server and personal hard disks, and can slow down the performance of both the network and individual personal computers.

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  • The Clean Water Act was amended in 1977 and again in 1987 to extend the deadlines for promulgation of and compliance with the standards. In addition, in 1987 the EPA was ordered to promulgate effluent guidelines for additional point source categories. The Clean Water Act was in the vanguard of a major change in the federal government’s regulation of economic activity.

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  • The timing of monthly bill payments could explain the pattern we observe, if the timing happens to coincide with payday for most households. To the extent that the timing of bill payments is non-discretionary, this explanation implies that the decline in spending cannot be used to infer household preferences for timing of consumption.

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  • To be sure, certain eminent moralists have inclined to maintain that men are in substantial agreement in regard to their moral judgments. Joseph Butler, writing in the first half of the eighteenth century, came to the conclusion that, however men may dispute about particulars, there is an universally acknowledged standard of virtue, professed in public in all ages and all countries, made a show of by all men, enforced by the primary and fundamental laws of all civil constitutions: namely, justice, veracity, and regard to common good. [Footnote: _Dissertation on the Nature of Virtue.

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  • A comparison was made between the different product systems. The comparison was made for a European and a Swedish scenario. In the comparison two versions were used for the web based newspaper. Firstly, one where the web based newspaper was read for 10 minutes and 2.5 MB were downloaded and secondly, another where the reading time was increased to 30 minutes (the same time as assumed for reading the printed and e- paper newspapers) and 5.5 MB were down-loaded.

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  • To develop their proposal they examined, fi rst, the curricula offered by 47 different univer- sities. They structured the subjects in 11 areas. Second, they analysed the ads (400) placed by Spanish fi rms in the best known Spanish newspapers during the third trimesters of 2000 and 2001, to systematize the type of jobs that were being offered, and thus, the demands of the labour market. These job offers were fi nally classifi ed into 4 separate categories of em- ployment. From this information, to determine the relative weights of each of the subjects of the structure in...

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  • Supplement to chapter 15 covers maintenance aspects in operations management. Maintaining the productivity capability of an organization is an important function. Maintenance includes all of the activities related to keeping facilities and equipment in good operating order and maintaining the appearance of building and grounds.

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  • Chapter 1 - Menu planning: What kind of stuff should i sell? This chapter’s objectives are to: Identify what influences what a foodservice operation sells, identify the categories of menu misrepresentation, be familiar with the many types of menus that foodservice operations use,...

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  • This report is the result of Canadean’s extensive market research covering the Clothing and Footwear Retailing category in Argentina. It provides detailed historic and forecast sales data of the category along with market segmentation of Apparel, Accessories, Luggage and Leather Goods

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  • semiconductors.In the first category are substances which provide an easy path for an electric current. All metals are conductors, however some metals do not conduct well. Manganin, for example, is a poor conductor. Copper is a good conductor, therefore it is widely used for cables. A non-metal which conducts well is carbon. Salt water is an example of a liquid conductor. A material which does not easily release electrons is called an insulator. Rubber, nylon, porcelain and air are all insulator. There are no perfect insulators.

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