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  • Of the two schoolfellows with whom Charlotte Bronte regularly corresponded from childhood till death, Mary Taylor and Ellen Nussey, the former had destroyed every letter; and thus it came about that by far the larger part of the correspondence in Mrs. Gaskell's biography was addressed to Miss Ellen Nussey, now as 'My dearest Nell,' now simply as 'E.' The unpublished correspondence in my hands, which refers to the biography, opens with a letter from Mrs. Gaskell to Miss Nussey, dated July 6th, 1855. It relates how, in accordance with a request from Mr.

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  • I was born at Stoneleigh Abbey on October 29th, 1849. My father has told me that immediately afterwards--I suppose next day--I was held up at the window for the members of the North Warwickshire Hunt to drink my health. I fear that their kind wishes were so far of no avail that I never became a sportswoman, though I always lived amongst keen followers of the hounds. For many years the first meet of the season was held at Stoneleigh, and large hospitality extended to the gentlemen and farmers within the Abbey and to the crowd without. Almost anyone could get bread and cheese and...

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  • The quest for quality has seen many inlitiatives and of these the pursuit of compliance with national and international standards is not aboating,despite opinions that they have not brought about their intended result.It is a fact of life that unless something is man-dated by goverment or customer,suplier won't do it. 

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