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  • This paper presents an implemented, psychologically plausible parsing model for Government Binding theory grammars. I make use of two main ideas: (1) a generalization of the licensing relations of [Abney, 1986] allows for the direct encoding of certain principles of grammar (e.g. Theta Criterion, Case Filter) which drive structure building; (2) the working space of the parser is constrained to the domain determined by a Tree Adjoining Grammar elementary tree. All dependencies and constraints are locaiized within this bounded structure. ...

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  • Overgeneration is the main source of computational complexity in previous principle-based parsers. This paper presents a message passing algorithm for principle-based parsing that avoids the overgeneration problem. This algorithm has been implemented in C + + and successfully tested with example sentences from (van Riemsdijk and Williams, 1986). 1.

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  • Government-Binding Parsing has become attractive in the last few years. A variety of systems have been designed in view of a correspondence as direct as possible with linguistic theory ([Johnson, 1989], [Pollard and Sag, 1991], [Kroch, 1989]). These approaches can be classified by their method of handling global constraints. Global constraints are syntactic in nature: They cover more than one projection. In contrast, local constraints can be checked inside a projection and, thus, lend themselves to a treatment in the lexicon. ...

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  • In this paper we present a new parsing model of linguistic and computational interest. Linguistically, the relation between the paxsez and the theory of grammar adopted (Government and Binding (GB) theory as presented in Chomsky(1981, 1986a,b) is clearly specified. Computationally, this model adopts a mixed parsing procedure, by using left corner prediction in a modified LR parser.

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