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  • This version includes amendments resulting from IFRSs issued up to 31 December 2008. IAS 20 Accounting for Government Grants and Disclosure of Government Assistance was issued by the International Accounting Standards Committee in April 1983, and reformatted in 1994.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "International financial reporting standards" has contents: Employee benefits, revenue recognition, including construction contracts, government grants, foreign currency, financial instruments, fair value, fair value,...and other contents.

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  • This chapter includes contents: What is financial statements? The components of the financial statements, who is responsible for the preparation of the financial statements, financial records needed for the preparation of financial statements, critical issues to be considered: shares; debentures; income and government grants, preparation of SOCI and SOFP.

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  • Accounting for Government Grants and Disclosure of Government Assistance This version includes amendments resulting from IFRSs issued up to 17 January 2008. IAS 20 Accounting for Government Grants and Disclosure of Government Assistance was issued by the International Accounting Standards Committee in April 1983, and reformatted in 1994. Limited amendments to IAS 20 were made by IAS 10 (issued May 1999) and IAS 41 (issued January 2001).

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  • Property, plant and equipment is carried at cost less accumulated depreciation. Assets manufactured by the Company include direct manufacturing costs, production overheads and interest charges incurred during the construction period. Government grants are deducted from the cost of the related asset. Depreciation is calculated using the straight-line method over the expected economic life of the asset. Depreciation of special tooling costs is based on the expected future economic benefit of these tools.

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  • As citizens, Afghan women face constitutional equality but legal inequality. Furthermore, there are great discrepancies between customary law, civil law and Islamic Law - as well as the informal justice system, which tends to grant women even less rights. Years of conflict and violence have further eroded the protection of women's (limited) rights, and a culture of impunity reigns as far as violence is concerned, including violence against women inside and outside the household.

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  • Sector Approaches and Sector Programmes have been labelled over time in different ways: SIPs (Sector Investment Programmes), SDPs (Sector Development Programmes), Sector Expenditure Programmes, and more recently SWAp (Sector Wide Approach). In spite of the varied terminology, there are key principles on which there is agreement in the international donor community. 11 Firstly, it is accepted that they should be led by partner governments. Secondly, they have the common goal of improving the efficiency and effectiveness with which internal and external resources are utilised.

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  • Who has design authority? Similar to requirements, some- one has to define the design of the work itself. The design is different from the requirements because there are always many different possible designs to fulfill a set of require- ments. Designs, also like requirements, are often negotiated between two or more parties. One person or team might be responsible for driving the design process and developing ideas (designer), and another team provides guidance and feedback on the first party’s work (VP).

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  • the patterns of poverty and inequality that the first democratically elected government of South Africa had to address and also delves into the welfare sector, first under apartheid, and then the move towards developmental social welfare. Through this work, Lund allows readers to understand the transformation from traditional and discriminatory welfare under apartheid, to the more progressive and developmental social welfare system to emerge in South Africa.

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  • Through the SNS REAAL Fund, SNS REAAL Group seeks to express its commitment to social responsibility and solidarity in a concrete way, in the form of a social dividend. For this reason, the fund gives financial support to projects that further general community interests with an idealistic or social content. The focus areas of the SNS REAAL Fund are Art and Culture, Health and Care, Sport and Recreation, Nature and Environment, Education, Restoration (cultural heritage) and social community activities. When granting requests, attention is paid to regional distribution.

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  • Sometimes solidarity groups study the Women in Business manuals or other reading materials together. In some village banks the solidarity group members screen each other’s loan proposals and give suggestions. They can recommend to the management committee whether or not a loan should be granted. If one of the members of a solidarity group is having a problem with her business the others might help her make her loan payment. Or if one of the members has to go to the market for buying or selling, another member might look after her children. Since the women in a...

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  • Premium Deficiency Reserve As mentioned earlier, one view of the unearned premium reserve is that of deferred revenue. But what if it is determined that the deferred revenue will not be sufficient to cover the corresponding losses and expenses? Most accounting systems require the booking of an additional liability (sometimes called a “premium deficiency reserve”) in such a situation.

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  • Sales are generally recognized at the time the product is delivered to the customer, net of sales taxes, customer discounts, rebates and similar charges. Service revenue is recognized over the contractual period or as services are rendered. Revenues from long-term contracts are recognized in accordance with the percentage of completion method. Provision for estimated contract losses, if any, is made in the period that such losses are determined. Royalty income is recognized on an accrual basis.

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  • The proposed new local audit regime would continue to provide Parliament with the assurances it needs on public spending. The National Audit Office would prepare the Codes of audit practice, which prescribe the way in which auditors are to carry out their functions, and which would continue to be approved by Parliament, and associated guidance. The National Audit Office would also continue to audit Government departments providing funding to local public bodies and will continue to receive Whole of Government Accounts returns.

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  • The World Bank does not guarantee the accuracy of the data included in this publication and accepts no responsibility for any consequence of their use. The material in this publication is copyrighted. The World Bank encourages dissemination of its work and will normally grant permission to reproduce portions of the work promptly. Permission to photocopy items for internal or personal use, for the internal or personal use of specific clients,

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  • Chính phủ Hoa Kỳ Trách nhiệm Văn phòng Washington, DC 20548 14 Tháng 7, 2005 Susan danh dự J. Grant trưởng Tài chính của Bộ năng lượng Gregory danh dự H. Friedman Thanh tra Tổng cục Năng lượng Tiêu đề: Kiểm toán tài chính: Bộ Năng lượng năm tài chính 2004 Quản lý Đại diện Thư trên báo cáo tài chính của nó Như bạn đã biết, Bộ trưởng Tài chính, phối hợp với Giám đốc Văn phòng quản lý và Ngân sách (OMB)...

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  • For almost 35 years, the Alberta government has taken a proactive approach to developing the oil sands. Through strategic investment and appropriate policies, the province has helped the oil sands generate tremendous economic benefits for the people of Alberta and Canada. Planning began in 1974, when the Alberta government formed the Alberta Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority to proactively develop oil sands technologies that would allow bitumen to be recovered at relatively low costs.

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  • Each of the language markets has its own public service broadcaster. In the Flemish sector, total VRT revenues in 2008 were $560.9 million (€457.9 million), of which 74 percent comes from a government grant. The remaining $145.8 million (26 percent) is secured through advertising. In the French-speaking sector, RTBF’s total revenues for 2008 amounted to $474 million, with $390 million (82 percent) coming from government grants and the remaining $84 million (18 percent) from advertising and sponsorships.

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  • ICJ research is supported by pooled grants from corporations, trade and professional associations, and individuals; by government grants and contracts; and by private foundations. The Institute disseminates its work widely to the legal, business, and research communities, and to the general public. In accordance with RAND policy, all Institute research products are subject to peer review before publication. ICJ pu

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  • Tham khảo sách 'library of public policy and public administration volume 10', kinh tế - quản lý, luật phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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