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  • Citrus tristeza virus, the most important viral disease of citrus, is reported in Assam and other NE states of India to infect Khasi mandarin (Citrus reticulata), the most economically important citrus crop of the region. For effective management, an attempt was made to identify a potential mild isolate against virus. Leaf samples were collected from Khasi Mandarin plants expressing differential symptoms from three different locations viz., Tinsukia, Golaghat and Mariani of Upper Brahmaputra Valley Zone of Assam. These were then grouped into three categories based on ELISA OD405 values.

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  • Resistance to bacterial wilt of brinjal disease incited by Ralstonia solanacearum (Smith) is very common in Bastar plateau of Chhattisgarh state. To identify the resistant sources against bacterial disease of few brinjal varieties and hybrids were screened in artificially inoculated in soil under pot culture. Observations on per cent plant mortality were recorded starting from 25 days after transplanting till 95 days interval of 10 days. The plants showing symptoms were examined using ooze test to confirm the disease.

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  • The bleached pulps were screened prior to sheet preparation. All analyses were performed according to ISO and SCAN standards, except for the carbohydrate analysis of straw which was done by high-performance anion-exchange chromatography (HPAEC). The ashing was conducted at 550°C for 12 h. The mechanically refined pulp after hot water treatment was fractioned with a Bauer McNett apparatus. The paper technical properties were determined from the combined 100 and 200 mesh fractions.

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  • Strengthening the economic growth is another objective for supporting R&D in the European food sector. Thus, improving the European quality of life goes wider than only addressing the consumer. Research that fosters the competitiveness of the food industry in Europe creates the possibility for increased employment opportunities. This can be done through the development of new and improved products as well as production systems using new technologies.

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  • Visually inspect the beer. Give your nose a rest, and score the appearance of the beer. Tilt the cup, and examine it through backlighting. For darker beers, it may be necessary to use a small flashlight to adequately illuminate the beer. Examine the beer’s color, clarity, and head (retention, color, and texture). Write comments about the degree to which the color, clarity, and head are appropriate for the intended style and record a score. Score the beer for appearance, allocating a maximum of one point for each of these characteristics. ...

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  • Continued growth in annual fuel cell system shipments was seen worldwide in 2011, increasing 39% compared to 2010 to reach a new high of 24,600 units. So far 2012 has seen that momentum maintained and our expectations are for full-year system shipments to more than triple relative to 2011, reaching 78,200. In megawatt terms, 2011 grew 20% versus the previous year to exceed 100 MW for the fi rst time and we anticipate a further 61% growth in megawatts for 2012, totalling 175.8 MW. A number of high-profi le developments took place, including a surge in large stationary fuel cell...

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  • The lead director position was created as a compromise between having a board with no leader of its independent directors and mandating that every company have a nonexecutive chairman. So far, the most important contributions of lead directors have come not from the duties mandated by stock exchange requirements, but from the responsibilities that lead directors in fact have undertaken for their companies as the de facto leaders of the independent board members.

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  • The continued demand in the global animation market has allowed the Asia-Pacific region to further emerge as a premier destination for animation outsourcing. The major players in the region include China, India, Singapore, South Korea and the Philippines. China With reported revenues of about US$1.4 billion in 2007 and approximately 10,000 animation professionals, China is considered as one of the stronger players in the animation outsourcing industry.

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  • The phases of the project cycle can be described as follows: À During the Programming phase, the situation at national and sectoral level is analysed to identify problems, constraints and opportunities which development cooperation could address. This involves a review of socio-economic indicators, and of national and donor priorities. The purpose is to identify and agree the main objectives and sectoral priorities for development cooperation, and thus to provide a relevant and feasible programming framework within which projects can be identified and prepared.

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  • The importance of self-monitoring to the effective use of insulin therapy and for those at risk of hypoglycaemia through leisure or work activities (including driving) on oral medications was noted. The frequency of monitoring that is useful to someone with diabetes is highly individual and it is inappropriate to put an artificial restriction on this.

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  • NI is a medium-sized ($500M to $1B USD) high-tech company whose products serve several markets including the design, industrial, and test and measurement markets. From a mix-versus-volume perspective, NI can be classified as a high-mix, low-volume organization (quadrant II) because it has more than a dozen primary product lines with more than 1,000 unique devices. Based on these characteristics, the corporate test strategy at NI emphasizes flexibility and reuse.

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  • of food. Eggs are laid outside in simple nests and are mainly used to maintain chicken numbers. In many cases, up to 75% of the eggs have to be hatched because the mortality rate among baby chicks is high. Few eggs remain for consumption and the chickens themselves do not give much meat. The advantages of this system are that little labour is needed and waste food can be used efficiently. Very low costs can offset low pro- duction levels so that keeping chickens around the house can be prof- itable if certain improvements are made. ...

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  • The risks to global value chains emerge not only from the decline in international trade, but also from key suppliers facing bankruptcy, and from firms re-considering their investment strategies and retrenching to core markets. Protectionist policies could exacerbate these risks. It would increase the input costs for domestic industries and would penalise exporters twice, through higher costs and through retaliation from other countries.

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  • Good availability of bank credit and informal capital can partially but not fully substitute for underdeveloped equity markets. New Zealand’s banking sector has been growing since 1990 in line with growth in Australia and Denmark. Informal capital markets are also larger than in most OECD countries relative to GDP. International Linkages While New Zealand’s economy has low formal barriers to trade, its share of external trade (relative to GDP) is well below that of similar-sized, high-performing OECD countries.

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  • Banking activities have a relatively large share of GDP in the U.K. compared to other countries. In this paper the focus will be on the domestic activities of the banks and non-banks. The latter can be defined as lenders, which have their funding provided by the wholesale money and capital markets, rather than by their own depositors. Many banks in the U.K., especially in the City of London are involved in cross-border activities, either as currency traders, bond and share traders and/or as risk traders in the derivatives markets.

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  • In other words, we exclude both the analysis of other (non-economic) foreign policies with an impact on the development of development-aid-receiving countries, and the coherence between the instruments and objectives of international development cooperation policy. Some of these aspects are covered in previous papers on the coherence of Spain’s development policies, such as Alonso and FitzGerald (2003). Very broadly speaking, the development of aid-receiving countries has been established as the objective we have to be consistent with.

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  • The HITIDE Subgroup focuses on governance challenges, operational opportunities, and issues relevant to HITIDE projects. Its current interests include interoperability, standards, de-identified test data, and organizational barriers. medical device interoperability (NIH Affiliate, ONC Strategic Health IT Advanced Research Projects [SHARP] program); and developing substitutable, modular applications for health IT systems (ONC SHARP program).

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  • Hidden malicious circuits provide an attacker with a stealthy attack vector. As they occupy a layer below the entire software stack, malicious circuits can bypass tra- ditional defensive techniques. Yet current work on trojan circuits considers only simple attacks against the hard- ware itself, and straightforward defenses. More complex designs that attack the software are unexplored, as are the countermeasures an attacker may take to bypass pro- posed defenses. We present the design and implementation of Illinois Malicious Processors (IMPs).

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  • Within the kernel, the situation is also not ideal. Space must be found to hold the descriptor list; for large lists, this is done by calling malloc(), and the area must in turn be freed before returning. After the copy is per- formed, the kernel must examine every entry to deter- mine whether there is pending activity on the descriptor.

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  • Through history, expression of Dionysian ideals often seemed inspired as a reaction to the dominant tradition of reason. While the rise and fall of tension between the two traditions may make for a dramatic story and inspire many to choose one side or the other, Dewey and other holists would insist that the complete human experience is always the unity of the two. Thus, it is neither accurate nor sensible to assert that one side is more important than the other or to force an either/or choice. That said,...

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