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  • These findings along with a freely mobile prostate, normal serum acid phosphatase and normal skeletal radiographs suggested organ-confined disease and provided enough evidence to initiate radical treatment. In 1953, Colby retrospectively reviewed 100 prostatectomy specimens for presumed prostate cancer and of these 42 were performed solely on the basis of an abnormal digital rectal examination (DRE) (Colby 1953).

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  • The growing worldwide epidemic of metabolic syndrome and other chronic degenerative diseases continues to expand, with a rapid decrease in the age at which they are being diagnosed (Guarnieri et al.; 2010; Hsueh & Wyne, 2011). Metabolic syndrome is a multifactorial disorder, strongly influenced by several lifestyle factors, with symptoms clustering on abnormalities that include obesity, hypertension, dyslipidemia, glucose intolerance and insulin resistance (Guarnieri et al.; 2010; Tanaka et al.; 2006).

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  • Several key terms that are used throughout this report bear mention. The two most significant related terms for subsets of “credit rating agencies” are “nationally recognised statistical rating organisations” (NRSROs), which are regulated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (US SEC), and “external credit assessment institutions” (ECAIs), a term set forth in the Basel II framework. The term “NRSRO” is defined in United States (US) legislation4 and is limited to credit rating agencies that have applied for and been granted registration by the US SEC.

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  • Good availability of bank credit and informal capital can partially but not fully substitute for underdeveloped equity markets. New Zealand’s banking sector has been growing since 1990 in line with growth in Australia and Denmark. Informal capital markets are also larger than in most OECD countries relative to GDP. International Linkages While New Zealand’s economy has low formal barriers to trade, its share of external trade (relative to GDP) is well below that of similar-sized, high-performing OECD countries.

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  • Since the first demonstration of transradial approach feasibility in 1989, by Lucien Campeau, many studies have confirmed this initial experience and especially its safety and performances compared to transfemoral route. Nevertheless, a recent study reports that less than 2% of percutaneous coronary interventions were performed by a transradial approach in the United States between 2004 and 2007(1). The persistent discrepancy between current practice in vascular access site choice and known advantages of a radial access needs to be clarified, enlightened by recent data....

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  • Following a brief overview of the state of the evidence regarding household energy interventions, indoor air pollution and health, the presentation "Why evaluate?" describes multiple evaluation perspectives. Target audiences and purposes for evaluation can range from informing the community that their needs and concerns have been addressed to contributing to the international evidence base by carefully documenting intervention impacts. Moreover, data on the costs and benefits of an intervention project or programme can feed into economic evaluation.

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  • The  capital  constraints  of  the  organization  may  necessitate  a  top‐down  budgeting  process.   However, a comprehensive analysis of need with a standardized method of prioritizing capital  spend  is  equally  required.   The  Port Authority  is  an  asset manager  that  owns  and manages  billions of dollars of infrastructure and must devote a significant portion of its capital to support  the state of good repair of  this portfolio as well as provide  for new  investments  in  the system  with  discipline.

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  • The Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) estimated that between 1985 and 1996 463 children 14 and younger were killed in alcohol-related car crashes. Sixty-four percent of these children were killed in the hands of their guardians; they were passengers in the impaired driver’s vehicle. More than 16,000 other children were injured. Unfortunately, the situation is worsening.

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  • The European Commission has further stated that work must begin immediately on a longer-term target of a 50% cut in global emissions by 2050 (see Figure 1). Producing 27% of all emissions, transport is the second largest source of man-made CO2 in the EU-27 after energy production (see Figure 2). Moreover, latest projections from the European Environment Agency (EEA) estimate that the sector’s emissions are set to increase by 25% between 1990 and 2020. This is in contrast to emissions from industrial and energy sectors, which are falling....

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  • Even though human oncogenic viruses belong to different virus families and utilize diverse strategies to contribute to cancer development, they share many common features. One key feature is their ability to infect, but not kill, their host cell. In contrast to many other viruses that cause disease, oncogenic viruses have the tendency to establish long-term persistent in- fections. Consequently, they have evolved strategies for evading the host immune response, which would otherwise clear the virus during these persistent infections.

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  • There is one major exception: tribal courts do not have the authority to impose criminal sanctions against non-Indians. However, tribal police can take non-Indian perpetrators into custody and transport them to state or federal authorities. Tribal courts can exclude non-Indian violators from tribal lands, use their civil laws to compel non-Indians to complete tasks required by protection orders, and impose fines against non-Indian abusers.

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  • Automatic sampler (optional)—The sampler must incorporate glass sample containers for the collection of a minimum of 250 mL of sample. Sample containers must be kept refrigerated at 4°C and protected from light during compositing. If the sampler uses a peristaltic pump, a minimum length of compressible silicone rubber tubing may be used. Before use, however, the compressible tubing should be thoroughly rinsed with methanol, followed by repeated rinsings with distilled water to minimize the potential for contamination of the sample.

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  • The IRS also faces significant enforcement challenges posed by the complexity and magnitude of the international financial system. As technology continues to advance and cross-border transactions rise, the IRS faces the growing challenge created by economic globalization. Over the past few years, the IRS has taken action to coordinate international tax compliance issues.

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  • In the time it takes you to make just one in-person sales call, you could stay at your office, pick up the telephone, and potentially reach dozens, if not hundreds, of potential prospects, using basic outbound telemarketing efforts.

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  • About half of all deaths from unsafe abortion are in Asia, with most of the remainder (44%) in Africa. 6 The unsafe abortion mortality ratio (the number of unsafe abortion-related deaths per 100 000 livebirths) varies across regions. For the developing world as a whole, this ratio was estimated to be 60 in the year 2000. However, the ratio is much higher in eastern, middle, and western Africa (90–140), and is lower in northern and southern Africa, western and southeastern Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean (10–40).

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  • A number of developments have inadvertently exposed the extent to which the accountancy profession had become a major industry and, thus, indirectly invited critical reflection upon the relevance and adequacy of its regulation. Consideration of the three episodes allows us to explore how accountants have responded to the challenge of change and, more specifically, how they have sought to address and neutralise the threat to the image of themselves (and associated material benefits) as responsible, independent professionals.

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  • This document presents WHO guidelines for the protection of public health from health risks due to a number of chemicals commonly present in indoor air. The guidelines are based on a comprehensive review and evaluation of the accu- mulated scientific evidence by a multidisciplinary group of experts studying the toxic properties and health effects of these pollutants.

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  • The financial statements of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. (the ‘Parent Company') are included in the statements of the Philips Group. The unconsolidated statements of income of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. therefore reflect only the net after-tax income from affiliated companies and other income after taxes. The accompanying notes are an integral part of the consolidated financial statements. Presentation balance sheet and income statement In 1997, the Company changed the format of its consolidated balance sheet presentation.

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  • While a filter ismatched against a single notification based on the notification’s attribute values, a pattern is matched against one or more notifications based on both their attribute values and on the combination they form. At its most generic, a patternmight correlate events according to any relation. For example, the programmer of a stockmarket analysis toolmight be interested in receiving price change notifications for the stock of one company only if the price of a related stock has changed by a certain amount.

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  • In the second study an attempt was made to determine whether there might be a relationship between reproductive messages and the popularity/sales of recorded contemporary songs. This was accomplished by measuring the number of reproductive messages in 30 randomly selected songs from each of the three charts that made it into the Top Ten in 2009 and also appeared in albums. As a control condition, we measured the number of reproductive messages in randomly selected songs from the same album by the same vocalists that did not make it into the Top 10. As a result, each...

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