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  • With this guide you'll gain what you need to be a great communicator at home and on the job. It provides solid information on grammatical rules and how and when to use them, friendly advice for adding variety and style to your writing, and tips, definitions, and warnings to help you along the way.

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  • This book is divided into six sections that teach you the practical, hands-on grammar and usage rules you need. You'll understand why certain rules exist and what function they serve in writing and speech. Most of all, you'll finish this book convinced that writing is fun as well as useful and important.

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  • This paper reports a pilot study, in which Constraint G r a m m a r inspired rules were learnt using the Progol machine-learning system. Rules discarding faulty readings of ambiguously tagged words were learnt for the part of speech tags of the Stockholm-Ume£ Corpus. Several thousand disambiguation rules were induced. When tested on unseen data, 98% of the words retained the correct reading after tagging. However, there were ambiguities pending after tagging, on an average 1.13 tags per word.

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  • Looking for an easy-to-use guide to English grammar? This handy introduction covers all the basics of the subject, using a simple and straightforward style. Students will find the book's step-by-step approach easy to follow and be encouraged by its non-technical language. Requiring no prior knowledge of English grammar, the information is presented in small steps, with objective techniques to help readers apply new concepts.

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  • I owe thanks to my colleagues at the Horace Mann School, who are always willing to discuss the finer points of grammar. I appreciate the work of Kristin DeMint, Sarah Faulkner, and Neil Johnson, editors whose attention and intelligence guided my writing. I also appreciate the efforts of Lisa Queen, my agent, and of Roxanne Cerda and Kathy Cox, Wiley acquisitions editors.

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  • Ebook "Writing: Grammar, usage and style" giới thiệu tới người đọc cách rèn luyện các kỹ năng viết Tiếng Anh, cách sử dụng ngữ pháp tiếng Anh và sử dụng tiếng Anh để viết bài luận. Đây là một tài liệu hữu ích dành cho các bạn sinh viên ôn tập và củng cố khả năng tiếng Anh của minh. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo nội dung chi tiết.

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  • I sent the columnist/tutor an e-mail, starting off softly: “Enjoyed your column, blah blah, impressed you also know so much about math, blah blah. And by the way, you might want to check your source on the split infinitives stuff. The Associated Press Stylebook, The Chicago Manual of Style, Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style, Garner’s Modern American Usage and others all say there’s no such rule.” The columnist wrote me back. Her response: “I could not disagree more.”

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  • This Style Guide is intended primarily for English-language authors and translators, both in-house and freelance, working for the European Commission. But now that so many texts in and around the EU institutions are drafted in English by native and nonnative speakers alike, its rules, reminders and handy references aim to serve a wider readership as well.

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  • Written in a simple style with frequent headings, this book "Improve your Punctuation and Grammar" is for anyone–of any age–who wishes to improve the standard of his or her English.

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  • This book will work well in combination with almost any basic grammar and usage text. You will probably find it most helpful to give students a brief lesson in the particular operation they'll be learning—capitalization, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, pronoun agreement, sentence structure, style—and then have them spend the remainder of the session actually answering the questions in the sets.

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  • PREFACE The Analyst’s Style Manual is a product intended to assist student analysts with the many perplexing and complex rules they should follow in producing written intelligence products. When to capitalize? When to use numerals? When to spell out numbers? Where does a comma go? How to abbreviate? When to abbreviate? The list of questions goes on. The answers are in this manual. Follow these rules when you write intelligence products. Doing so keeps decisionmakers from being distracted by poor writing, spelling or grammar. Doing so also keeps products consistent. ...

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  • Nonconcatenative constraints, such as the shuffle relation, are frequently employed in grammatical analyses of languages that have more flexible ordering of constituents than English. We show how it is possible to avoid searching the large space of permutations that results from a nondeterministic application of shuffle constraints. The results of our implementation demonstrate that deterministic application of shuffle constraints yields a dramatic improvement in the overall performance of a head-corner parser for German using an HPSG-style grammar.

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  • This paper describes a wide-coverage Japanese grammar based on HPSG. The aim of this work is to see the coverage and accuracy attainable using an underspecified grammar. Underspecification, allowed in a typed feature structure formalism, enables us to write down a wide-coverage grammar concisely. The grammar we have implemented consists of only 6 ID schemata, 68 lexical entries (assigned to functional words), and 63 lexical entry templates (assigned to parts of speech ( B O S s ) ) .

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  • We present a new chart parsing method for Lambek grammars, inspired by a method for DTree grammar parsing. The formulae of a Lambek sequent are firstly converted into rules of an indexed grammar formalism, which are used in an Earley-style predictive chart algorithm. The method is non-polynomial, but performs well for practical purposes - - much better than previous chart methods for Lambek grammars.

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  • Automated essay scoring is now an established capability used from elementary school through graduate school for purposes of instruction and assessment. Newer applications provide automated diagnostic feedback about student writing. Feedback includes errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics, comments about writing style, and evaluation of discourse structure. This paper reports on a system that evaluates a characteristic of lower quality essay writing style: repetitious word use.

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  • Generalized Multitext Grammar (GMTG) is a synchronous grammar formalism that is weakly equivalent to Linear Context-Free Rewriting Systems (LCFRS), but retains much of the notational and intuitive simplicity of Context-Free Grammar (CFG). GMTG allows both synchronous and independent rewriting. Such flexibility facilitates more perspicuous modeling of parallel text than what is possible with other synchronous formalisms.

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  • (BQ) Ebook The economic Style giude cố cấu trúc gồm 3 bài trình bày các nội dung: the essence of style, american and british English, business ratios, abbreviations, homes and other buildings, food, cooking and eating,... Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo nội dung chi tiết tài liệu.

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  • We present a CYK and an Earley-style algorithm for parsing Range Concatenation Grammar (RCG), using the deductive parsing framework. The characteristic property of the Earley parser is that we use a technique of range boundary constraint propagation to compute the yields of non-terminals as late as possible. Experiments show that, compared to previous approaches, the constraint propagation helps to considerably decrease the number of items in the chart.

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  • We have developed willex, a tool that helps grammar developers to work efficiently by using annotated corpora and recording parsing errors. Willex has two major new functions. First, it decreases ambiguity of the parsing results by comparing them to an annotated corpus and removing wrong partial results both automatically and manually. Second, willex accumulates parsing errors as data for the developers to clarify the defects of the grammar statistically. We applied willex to a large-scale HPSG-style grammar as an example. ...

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  • Part 2 this book includes these contents: All you need to know about descriptions and comparison, writing with style, the part of tens. Invite you to consult this book.

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