Graphs of functions

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  • Ebook Algebra & trigonometry: Enhanced with graphing utilities (Sixth edition) - Part 2 presents the following content: Chapter 8 analytic trigonometry; chapter 9 applications of trigonometric functions; chapter 10 polar coordinates vectors; chapter 11 analytic geometry; chapter 12 systems of equations and inequalities; chapter 13 sequences induction the binomial theorem; chapter 14 counting and probability.

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  • Ebook College algebra (9th edition): Part 2 includes the following content: Chapter 6 exponential and logarithmic functions; chapter 7 analytic geometry; chapter 8 systems of equations and inequalities; chapter 9 sequences; induction; the binomial theorem; chapter 10 counting and probability; appendix: graphing utilities. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

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  • (BQ) Ebook Analytical and computational methods of advanced engineering mathematics: Part 2 includes the following content: chapter 13 complex numbers and functions, complex differentiation; chapter 14 complex integration; chapter 15 power series, taylor series; chapter 16 laurent series, residue integration; chapter 17 conformal mapping; chapter 18 complex analysis and potential theory; chapter 19 numerics in general; chapter 20 numeric linear algebra C; chapter 21 numerics for ODEs and PDEs; chapter 22 unconstrained optimization, linear programming; chapter 23 graphs, combinatorial optimi...

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  • In the paper "Local Polynomial Convexity of Certain Graphs in C²", the authors employ the theory of plurisubharmonic functions and plurisubharmonic hulls to attack the problem. More precisely, the authors construct nonnegative smooth functions vanishing exactly on Lf .

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  • Lecture Introduction to Control Systems - Chapter 2: Mathematical models of continuous control systems (Dr. Huynh Thai Hoang). The main topics covered in this chapter include: the concept of mathematical model; the concept of mathematical model; transfer function; block diagram algebra Block diagram algebra; signal flow graph; state space equation State space equation; linearized models of nonlinear systems;...

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  • Genomes computationally inferred from large metagenomic data sets are often incomplete and may be missing functionally important content and strain variation. We introduce an information retrieval system for large metagenomic data sets that exploits the sparsity of DNA assembly graphs to efficiently extract subgraphs surrounding an inferred genome.

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  • Lecture Discrete Mathematics I - Chapter 4: Functions (Tran Vinh Tan) provide students with knowledge about function, add and multiply real-valued functions, inverse function (hàm ngược), function composition, graphs of functions,...

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  • Hi-C sequencing offers novel, cost-effective means to study the spatial conformation of chromosomes. We use data obtained from Hi-C experiments to provide new evidence for the existence of spatial gene clusters. These are sets of genes with associated functionality that exhibit close proximity to each other in the spatial conformation of chromosomes across several related species.

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  • The detection of protein complexes is of great significance for researching mechanisms underlying complex diseases and developing new drugs. Thus, various computational algorithms have been proposed for protein complex detection.

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  • Lecture Calculus - Chapter 17: How do you get those lovely curves? After studying this section will help you understand: the only curves we can draw (so far, you’ll learn more later) are graphs of functions y = f(x),...

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  • Lecture Calculus - Chapter 19: The A B C’s of Graphing. After studying this section will help you understand: the necessary hints, tips, rules to follow, and some smart advice, to allow you to look at a given function y = f(x),...

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  • We study the area-minimizing property of slices in the weighted warped product manifold (R+ ×f Rn, e−ϕ), assuming that the density function e−ϕ and the warping function f satisfy some additional conditions. Based on a calibration argument, a slice {t0} × Gn is proved weighted areaminimizing in the class of all entire graphs satisfying a volume balance condition and some Bernstein type theorems in R+ ×f Gn and G+ ×f Gn, when f is constant, are obtained.

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  • Ebook "Calculus volume 1" present the content: functions and graphs; derivatives; applications of derivatives; integration; applications of integration.

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  • The analysis of large, complex networks is an important aspect of ongoing biological research. Yet there is a need for entirely new, scalable approaches for network visualization that can provide more insight into the structure and function of these complex networks.

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  • This paper proposes a computational model of topic trust being constructed from users similarity and levels of their interaction. It is defined as function of similarity degrees in interests and levels of interaction in topics among users. Based on this model, we may estimate trustworthy values among peers in all cases with some direct and indirect interaction or without any interaction. The proposed approach may overcome limitation in the high computational cost of propagation methods based on graph models.

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  • In this paper, we will determine regularity of ideals associated with a complete graph in two weight. The value of this function depends on the structure of an associated simplex graph.

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  • This chapter provides knowledge of demand. The contents of this chapter include all of the following: General demand function, direct demand function, inverse demand function, demand curve function, demand schedule, graphing demand curves,...

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  • This chapter provides knowledge of supply. The contents of this chapter include all of the following: General supply function, direct supply function, inverse supply function, graphing supply curves, three supply functions, market equilibrium, ceiling & floor prices,...

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  • The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: Vertical asymptotes, horizontal asymptotes, oblique asymptotes, graphing functions with asymptotes, graph of f from the graph of f’.

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  • Lecture you will review how the second derivative of a function is related to the shape of its graph and how that information can be used to classify relative extreme values. This chapter presents the following content: Concavity and points of inflection, the second derivative test, graphing polynomials.

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