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  • From the arid deserts of Tucson, Arizona to the icy forests of Poori, Finland to the tropical beaches of New South Wales, Australia to the urban jungle of downtown Manhattan, critics Alanna Stang and Christopher Hawthorne have traveled to the farthest reaches of the globe to find all that is new in the design of sustainable, or "green," homes. The result: more than thirty-five residences in fifteen countries -- and nearly every conceivable natural environment -- designed by a combination of star architects and heretofore unknown practitioners....

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  • After the advent of green revolution, more emphasis is laid on the quality of the product along with the quantity of production to meet the ever- growing food requirements. Both these demands can be met when the environment for the plant growth is suitably controlled. The need to protect the crops against unfavourable environmental conditions led to the development of protected agriculture.

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  • Nhiệt độ bề mặt trái đất được tạo nên do sự cân bằng giữa năng lượng mặt trời đến bề mặt trái đất và năng lượng bức xạ của trái đất vào khoảng không gian giữa các hành tinh. Năng lượng mặt trời chủ yếu là các tia sóng ngắn dễ dàng xuyên qua cửa sổ khí quyển.

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  • Thưc̣ trạng: theo thông tin bô ̣ xây dưṇ g, hiêṇ nay co ́ khoan̉ g 7 triêụ người dân đô thi ̣ đang co ́ nhu câù nhà ở. Theo nghiên cứu của Cơ quan bảo vệ môi sinh Hoa Kỳ EPA, ô nhiễm trong nhà thậm chí còn cao gấp từ 2 đến 5 lần so với môi trường bên ngoài

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  • Gió là một trong các tài nguyên dồi dào nhất trên hành tinh chúng ta. Năng lượng gió (NLG) là nguồn năng lượng thân thiện với môi trường (green energy), vì nó không phát thải khi nhà kính (Green house gas_HGH) CO2 là nguyên nhân trực tiếp làm trái đất nóng lên, cũng như các loại khí gây mưa axit như NOx, SOx...

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  • “Have you thanked a green plant today?” reads a popular bumper sticker. Indeed, we should thank green plants for providing the food we eat, fiber for the clothing we wear, wood for building our houses, and the oxygen we breathe. Without plants, humans and other animals simply could not exist. Psychologists tell us that plants also provide a sense of well-being and peace of mind, which is why we preserve forested parks in our cities, surround our homes with gardens, and install plants and flowers in our homes and workplaces.

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  • Internal combustion engines have experienced an enjoyed monopoly for almost a century as power sources of road transport vehicles. But, in the same period, vehicle ownership and mileages increased to a level that the resulting petroleum based fuel consumption, urban air pollutants and green house gas emissions (the challenging triad) have became great concern especially for past a few decades.

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  • The initiative aims to complement the 5 year cyclic plan, the National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJPM) 20102014, as well as the 20 year National Long Term Development Plan (RPJPN) 20052023. The national government has also committed to reduce green house gases though the National Action Plan for Greenhouse Gas (RAN GRK) and Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+). Such plans are expected to be in line with the National Spatial Plan (RTRWN) which is yet to be completed. ...

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  • Institutional gaps at the country level can be immense. Too often, they have included a lack of documented rights claimed by local people and weak con- sultation processes that have led to uncompensated loss of land rights, espe- cially by vulnerable groups; a limited capacity to assess a proposed project’s technical and economic viability; and a limited capacity to assess or enforce environmental and social safeguards. Such problems are not due to a lack of potential.

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  • We are experiencing rapid growth rate of urbanization, motorization and industrialization. Our overwhelming dependence on fossil fuel to drive our daily life and economic activities has led to releasing of various green house gases and air pollutants into the atmosphere resulting in degrading of the quality of air in the urban areas and global problem of climate change. Degrading of the quality of air in the urban areas has put at risk the lives of millions of people under direct threat due to health impacts associated with air pollution.

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  • HE sea that laves the palm-fringed shores of Pernambuco gleams like an emerald. Never before had I seen a sea of such a vivid green; and when, on entering the harbour of Recife, the capital of the State of Pernambuco, and looking out over the farflung stone breakwater, where from time to time the foam of the breakers spouted up in snowy clouds, I beheld this green radiance, I could hardly at first beheve that this was the ocean over which I had been voyaging.

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  • The attendant “green house effect” is one of the most frightening environmental problems of our time. Ozone layers that serve as blanket for regulating the earth’s temperature are stripped as a resulting of gas flaring thereby causing global warming (Ikelegbe, 1993). In spite of advances in technology and the potential to convert the flared gas into a source of enormous nation revenue, the practices has continued in Nigeria, ostensibly underscoring the problems of our national development (Oyekunle, 1999; Akpan, 2009).

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  • Universal sensitivity to our environment and environmental considerations have led to the development of projects that not only minimize GHG (Green House Gas) emissions, but also help to displace GHG emissions from existing plants as well as other emissions sources. Thus, one of the more significant advantages for gas turbine, combined cycles and gas reciprocating engines is the potential for GHG reductions as compared to less efficient systems.

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  • Today, across the globe, many local governmental incentives have been established to help promote the development of new cogeneration applications with an objective of driving fuel utilization. One such example is the SPP (Small Power Plant) in Thailand. While such incentives are not new (for example, PURPA in the US), the underlying motivations can be different.

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  • (BQ) This book includes these contents: Things in the home, the body, food and drink, choose the word, around the house, disasters, cartoon, green issues,... Invite you to consult this book.

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  • It was a cold, bleak and freezing day, was that second day of the year 1764, in the good town of Bennington. The first day of the year had been celebrated in a devout fashion by nearly all the inhabitants of the district. Truly, some stayed away from the meeting-house, and especially was the absence of one family noticed. "It seems to me kind of strange and creepy-like that those Allen boys will never come to meeting," good old Elder Baker had said, and the people shook their heads, and were quite ready to believe that the Allen boys were uncanny. But after meeting, when the...

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  • One of the outstanding challenges for the European economy is sustainable production. Substantial developments are required in order to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. Although ME is not an energy intensive sector, it plays a major role in attaining political objectives. 29 Its engineering solutions are indispensable for a cleaner, healthier, safer and sustainable world. ME renders new energy sources accessible, enhances the cleanliness of existing forms of power generation and increases the efficiency of current and emerging technologies.

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  • By inadvertently increasing the concentration of energy-trapping gases in the lower atmosphere, human actions have begun to amplify Earth’s natural green- house effect. The primary challenge facing the world community is to achieve sufficient reduction in greenhouse gas emissions so as to avoid dangerous inter- ference in the climate system. National governments, via the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC), are committed in principle to seeking this outcome.

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  • Viewed from above, the city of Mataram appears as a patchwork of green fields, and red and brown rooftops, strategically clustered around gleaming white mosques. Plots of water spinach and wet rice are dotted throughout the city and still feed many of its people, despite the steady encroachment of housing and commercial developments. Horse-drawn carts carry people along dusty laneways, to and from school, work and the neighbourhood markets, and up to the main thoroughfares where mini buses run the length of the city. Mataram is hot and humid, or hot and wet.

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  • ENGLISH FOR ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES 1) Spain and Portugal started many new cities in the New World, especially south of Mexico. These two countries …………………………most of Central and South America. 2) The Greens bought a beautiful old house in the country. They ………………………… the kitchen by adding a dishwasher, a microwave, and a new refrigerator. The rest of the house is not modern. It has simple furniture and old wood floors, but it’s very nice. 3) Victor is studying engineering at the university.

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