Grounding systems

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  • Current injecting a grounding system of high voltage substation decides the amplitude and the voltage distribution along the grounding grid [1]-[2]. Therefore, the determination of short circuit current at substation is always cared by the designers. This paper presents a method to fast calculate the current passing through grounding system of high voltage substation when lightning strikes at the grounding wire of transmission line.

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  • Air liaison officers (ALOs) play an important interservice role as U.S. Air Force officers collocated with U.S. Army units, providing air-ground support and advising ground commanders on related issues. Under the current system, ALO duty is restricted to career aviators, and this approach seems to meet all the requirements of both services. However, there are compelling reasons for the Air Force to consider a dedicated ALO career field,

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  • There are a number of good reasons to ground but primary among them is to ensure personnel safety. The following agencies and organizations all have recommendations and / or standards for grounding, to ensure that personnel safety is being protected.

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  • Presented in this document are requirements for design, inspection, and certification of ground-based pressure vessels and pressurized systems (PV/S) owned and/or operated by JSC and of all PV/S used on JSC property. JSC organizations must implement these requirements on PV/S for which they have the responsibility. P.2 APPLICABILITY This applies to all PV/S used on JSC property. P.3 AUTHORITY Comments and questions concerning this document should be directed to the JSC Pressure Systems Manager, mail code NS2, member of the Safety and Test Operations Division....

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  • The telephone system remains as the backbone of low-cost telecommunications services in North America. An understanding of the telephone system is necessary when considering its use for data communications. Telephone: invented in 1874 by Alexander Graham Bell and patented in 1876 Single wire: In the beginning, the market was for telephones only. It is the customer who used to wire them between telephones using single wires and the earth as the ground or the other conductor to complete the circuit. ...

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  • A Unix system can easily be identified by its prompts. When you first connect to a Unix system, you should receive the login prompt, which is usually "Login:" (Note, that the first character may or may not be capitalized.) On some systems, this prompt may be ";Login:" or "User:" (Again, the first letter may or may not be capitalized.) This may be preceded by a short message,

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  • The study of geology, soils in the selection of sites for water spreading or infiltration recharging system are rather more important than for any well recharging systems. The basic aspects, which are considered, are: Moving the water through the vadose zone Making the water move through aquifer away from infiltration recharge sites so as to raise water buildup of ground water mound or ridge Therefore, for infiltration recharge systems the following area characteristics are desirable...

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  • LINUX IS A MULTIUSER, multitasking operating system from the ground up, and in this regard the system administrator has flexibility — and responsibility — far beyond those of other operating systems. Now, Red Hat has employed innovations that extend these duties even for the experienced Linux user. In this chapter, we look at those requirements.

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  • Furse is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of earthing and lightning protection systems. Over 100 years of experience makes us acknowledged experts in the field. We provide technical support to our customers, ranging from site visits, system design advice, detailed application drawings and training through to on-site supervision, testing and commissioning. Quality approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2000, we are dedicated to providing cost-effective and highly efficient products and service.

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  • Work on Deisboeck and Kresh's Complex Systems Science in BioMedicine started years ago. In fact, thoughts and ideas leading up to this textbook date back to our first conversation, sometime in the fall of 1996. We quickly found common ground, and talked about emergence and self-organization and their relevance for medicine. We were both fascinated by the idea of complexity and marveled about its tremendous possibilities for cancer research, which was then and still is Tom's main scientific interest. Much has happened in science and technology since we first discussed our vision.

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  • Vibrations occur all around us: in the human body, in mechanical systems and sensors, in buildings and structures, and in vehicles used in the air, on the ground, and in the water. In some cases, these vibrations are undesirable and attempts are made to avoid them or to minimize them; in other cases, vibrations are controlled and put to beneficial uses. Until recently, many of the application areas of vibrations have been largely concerned with objects having one or more of its dimensions being tens of centimeters and larger, a size that we shall denote as the macro scale.

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  • This book makes no pretence of giving to the world a new theory of the intellectual operations. Its claim to attention, if it possess any, is grounded on the fact that it is an attempt not to supersede, but to embody and systematize, the best ideas which have been either promulgated on its subject by speculative writers, or conformed to by accurate thinkers in their scientific inquiries.

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  • (BQ) Ebook Ground Anchors and Anchored Structures focuses on designs that are safe and reasonably priced. It is divided into two parts. Following a general introduction in the first chapter, Part One goes on to explore anchor systems, components, installation and construction details. Presents special anchor systems such as extractable, compression-type, multibell, and regroutable anchors.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Signals and systems using MATLAB" has contents: From the ground up, continuous time signals, continuous time systems, the laplace transform, frequency analysis - The fourier series, frequency analysis - The fourier transform, application to control and communications.

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  • Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) needs quantitative tools to assist it in making decisions on how changes in the dollars invested in maintenance and sustainment of the ground segment of space systems affect the operational performance of those systems. This monograph outlines criteria for analyzing how sustainment

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  • In spite of decades of research on word sense disambiguation (WSD), all-words general purpose WSD has remained a distant goal. Many supervised WSD systems have been built, but the effort of creating the training corpus - annotated sense marked corpora - has always been a matter of concern. Therefore, attempts have been made to develop unsupervised and knowledge based techniques for WSD which do not need sense marked corpora. However such approaches have not proved effective, since they typically do not better Wordnet first sense baseline accuracy. ...

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  • Flexible and scalable wide area network using satellite backhauls and configurable wireless ground access. Supports broadband multimedia applications and all-IP based mobility management.

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  • Learning a semantic lexicon is often an important first step in building a system that learns to interpret the meaning of natural language. It is especially important in language grounding where the training data usually consist of language paired with an ambiguous perceptual context. Recent work by Chen and Mooney (2011) introduced a lexicon learning method that deals with ambiguous relational data by taking intersections of graphs.

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  • In the paper, will propose the prediction deconvolution technique for signal processing in GPR systems. The technique is developed based on the method of Least Square filter and Wiener filter. Our processed results have shown that by applying the proposed technique, received signals will be eliminated interference and give better images with high resolution.

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  • In this chapter you will learn about the following: Describe the basic structure of the legal system in the United States, relate how laws affect the paramedic’s practice, list situations that a paramedic is legally required to report in most states, describe the four elements involved in a claim of negligence, describe measures paramedics may take to protect themselves from claims of negligence.

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