Group metaphors

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  • This edition of the book continues the discussion about small groups and chaos theory, particularly the mechanisms by which groups develop and change. Other topics like group metaphors, spirituality, regressive groups, gender, and other ideas not usually addressed in group-oriented textbooks are explored here. Many of the ideas articulated here grew from my own experiences with groups.

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  • The obvious alternative to polling for data is to dis- tribute that data, as it becomes available, to lists of subscribers. This approach may be adequate for small subscription lists (for example, e-mail lists), but it will not scale to accommodate the growing subscription de- mands of Web site syndication. Furthermore, while such an approach may reduce the overall bandwidth usage of RSS (by reducing unnecessary fetches), it does nothing to alleviate the per-update stress on network links close to the source.

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  • When motion capture is used on line, it is possible to create applications based on a full 3-D interaction metaphor in which the specifications of deformations or motion are given in real-time. This new concept drastically changes the way of designing animation sequences. Thalmann [1993] calls all techniques based on this new way of specifying animation VR-based animation techniques. He also calls VR devices all interactive devices allowing to communicate with virtual worlds.

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  • Idiom - A group of words (or a single word) which have a meaning that is not understood by combining the standard definitions of the individual words (though that meaning may sometimes be inferred). Idioms are a style or form of (often artistic) expression, characteristic of a particular language, group, subculture, school of thought, generation, or medium (for example, movies and television). Idioms can convey that the current situation being described has a resemblance with past history, and in that sense they may be similar to analogies or metaphors.

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