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  • GSM is a Second Generation (2G) digital radio cellular network Time Division Multiplexing / Multiple access TDM/TDMA) are employed .Capacity necessary to transmit appropriate data signals between two access points creating an interface to the network

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  • In the past year and a half the use of mobile telephones has increased very rapidly and is still on the rise. As a result of this an increasing number of people is being exposed to the electromagnetic fields used for the data transfer between mobile telephones and base stations

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  • This book is concerned with two digital mobile radio systems: the global system for mobile communications (GSM); and a code division multiple access (CDMA) system that was originally known as the American interim standard 95, or IS-95 and is now called cdmaOne [1–7]. While GSM was conceived and developed through the concerted efforts of regulators, operators and equipment manufacturers in Europe, cdmaOne owes its existence to one dynamic Californian company, Qualcomm Inc.

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  • The near future will witness the universal deployment of the third-generation mobile access networks that are expected to revolutionise the world of telecommunications. In addition to conventional voice communication services provided by the second-generation GSM networks, the third-generation mobile networks will support a greatly enhanced range of services due to the higher throughput made available by embracing a number of new access technologies. These include TDMA and a variety of CDMA radio access families such as the direct sequence Wideband-CDMA (WCDMA) and multi-carrier CDMA....

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  • The GSM Recommendation The early 1980s were marked by the development of a number of national and incompatible radio networks in Europe; see Table 1.2 and Figure 1.3. The seven different mobile radio networks made the prospect of the mobile telephone unattractive to many potential customers because of high tariffs and equipment costs. For this reason, at its general meeting in Vienna in June 1982, CEPT (see Appendix B.2.2) decided to develop and standardize a Pan-European cellular mobile radio network.

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  • The big success of first (1G) and second-generation (2G) wireless cellular systems can be attributed to the user need for voice communication services, a need that follows the 3A paradigm: Anywhere, Anytime, with Anyone. By dialing a friend or colleague’s mobile phone number, one is able to contact him/her in a variety of geographical locations, thus overcoming the disadvantage of fixed telephony. For more than a decade, the 2G systems presented in the previous chapters (GSM, IS-136, IS-95) have performed very well as far voice communication is concerned. ...

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  • Dramatic developments have been taking place in the mobile radio area all over the world during the last couple of decades. Mobile communications is one of the fastest growing markets in the telecommunications area. According to projections, there will be a linear increase in the number of subscribers to the major GSM networks operated in Europe by the end of the decade. The political environment in Europe is the main reason for the rapid development.

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  • UPT—Universal Personal Telecommunication∗ People are becoming more mobile. At the same time they have a greater need to be reachable and to be able to reach others. A variety of different systems that address all the different categories of mobility already exist: • Employees can be reached through a DECT terminal anywhere in their company. • Tradesmen can be called over a Digital Communication System (DCS) within a city. • Business people can be reached over the same telephone number via GSM anywhere in Europe, wherever they are located. ...

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