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  • \It’s wonderful to have parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, and uncles and aunts who love us. But the deepest love comes from Jesus. This bedtime story will leave the sweetest of thoughts in a child’s head as the little one drifts off to sleep: "Jesus loves me!" Table of Contents Complete text: Always remember… Mama loves you, and Daddy loves you. Your brother loves you, and your sister loves you. Your grandma loves you, and your grandpa loves you. Your aunts and uncles love you, and your cousins love you. And your friends love you. But most of all… Jesus...

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  • At Last A Book about REAL, TRUE LOVE!!!!! March 11, 2004 Roderick M. Clontz (Albertville, Alabama United States) If you are looking for your purpose in life and the answer to all of life’s questions and the reason for your existence, then I would highly recommend this book. It will have you search the depths of your heart and soul for the answer that we all so desperately need in these trying times that we live in. Find in this book the wonderful and liberating Truth about the Love Of God in Jesus Christ. The healing touch of love ...

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  • SCORCHED CORONA E.A. Bowen Copyright 2011 by E.A. Bowen Smashwords Edition For Those In Need Collected Poetry Passion's Imp In Darkness Lays the Dragon Scorched Corona What Evil Does to He: Cry of the Werewolf Knight of the Crimson Night Imprisoned Mankind My Scarlet Countess Doll with No Face Why the Widow Weeps Hermit Sod House View of the Vile Lasher Of Tulips Tearless

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  • Don't get me wrong, he's not dangerous or anything. Just weird. Weird but harmless. The woman brushed past, not giving Graham a second look as he turned and dropped the Post Room key into his jacket pocket. He'd been right. It had been Anne, now deep in conversation with the new girl from personnel, planning their night out, eyes flashing, words dancing between them.

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