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Habits of success

Xem 1-20 trên 29 kết quả Habits of success
  • Thirty interspecific crosses (including reciprocals) involving three genotypes/varieties of greengram (Vigna radiate (L) Wilczek) cv. HUM 1 HUM 2 & HUM 8 and five genotypes/varieties of blackgram (Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper) cv. T 9, Pant U 19, PDU 1, BHUU 1 & BHUU 91-346-1 were attempted. Nine out of 30 crosses were successful only when greengram was used as seed parents. The crossability ranged from 0.0 to 61.0 per cent. Germination, survival and pod bearing habit of the F1s hybrids were much better in Kharif season as compared to spring/summer season.

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  • Being early ripening, low chill plums grown in Indian sub-tropics have the potential for production of quality fruits and plum growing in the plains can be made successful venture by evolving improved varieties. Bearing habit, flower bud development and flower morphology, time and duration of flowering, anthesis, dehiscence, pollen studies (pollen viability and germinabitily) were studied in six varieties. Alu Bokhara Amritsari produced flowers on spurs.

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  • Plant architecture and the vegetative-reproductive transition have major impacts on the agronomic success of crop plants, but genetic mechanisms underlying these traits in cotton (Gossypium spp.) have not been identified.

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  • Currently the most effective treatment for severe obesity in adolescents is weight-loss surgery coupled with lifestyle behavior change. In preparation for weight-loss surgery, adolescents are required to make changes to eating and activity habits (lifestyle changes) to promote long term success.

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  • The start of complementary feeding in infancy plays an essential role in promoting healthy eating habits. Evidence shows that it is important what infants are offered during this first introduction of solid foods: e.g. starting exclusively with vegetables is more successful for vegetable acceptance than starting with fruits.

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  • Envision your goal, plan your strategy, and go for it, how to form positive habits that will help you reach your goals, memory Techniques how to learn faster, and remember better, divide and Conquer - Mastery though piece work, be a parrot don't think, talk, and if you still can't get it right, try this, don't settle for less than excellence, help you answer the questions above, you are invited to consult the document content "The Secrets of Successful Language Learning".

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  • I extend my appreciation and thanks to my team at SUCCESS Media and SUCCESS magazine, who have supported me through this labor of blood, sweat, and almost tears, particularly my good friends and colleagues Reed Bilbray and Stuart Johnson… To my writing muse and collaborator, Linda Sivertsen, who helped pull out the stories and references from my past and give my process order and coherence… To the editing wizardry of Erin Casey, the always-genius touch of our SUCCESS magazine editor Lisa Ocker, and to our editor in chief, Deborah Heisz...

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  • In addition, providing coverage for children today means potentially spending less for adult health care down the road. Children who receive regular check-ups and are taught to embrace preventive care have an improved chance of becoming healthy adults with medical needs less expensive than what they would be otherwise. For example, an obese child may receive family-centered nutritional counseling to assist in learning better eating habits and other lifestyle changes to reduce his or her weight, potentially preventing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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  • The threat statement, or the list of potential threat-sources, should be tailored to the individual organization and its processing environment (e.g., end-user computing habits). In general, information on natural threats (e.g., floods, earthquakes, storms) should be readily available. Known threats have been identified by many government and private sector organizations. Intrusion detection tools also are becoming more prevalent, and government and industry organizations continually collect data on security events, thereby improving the ability to realistically assess threats....

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  • PERHAPS the sentiments contained in the following pages, are not YET sufficiently fashionable to procure them general favor; a long habit of not thinking a thing WRONG, gives it a superficial appearance of being RIGHT, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defence of custom. But the tumult soon subsides. Time makes more converts than reason.

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  • It is interesting to note that a year or more ago a few deaths from bichlorid of mercury poisoning caused within a period of six months a general movement toward protective legislation. This movement was successful, and after the lapse of only a short time the public was thoroughly protected against this dangerous poison. It will be observed that the financial returns from the total sale of bichlorid of mercury tablets could be but small.

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  • The 15-Second Principle will effortlessly and quickly get you wherever you want to go now!" —Mark Victor Hansen, cocreator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul ® " The 15-Second Principle offers tools and support to help you unleash your courage and reach the out

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  • It is unlikely that a person would wake up one morning and say, “Grief, what a concept, I think I’ll make it my life’s work.” That is not how it happened for either of us. We are John W. James and Russell Friedman, and together we represent the Grief Recovery Institute. Here is a little outline of our lives, the institute, and the evolution of The Grief Recovery Handbook. John was thrust painfully into this arena by the death of a child in 1977. After discovering a successful process for completing his grief, he continued his career in the solar energy design business.

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  • Wouldn’t it be great to understand the secret behind diet success? Wouldn’t it be amazing to lose fat effi ciently? What if you could have built-in “Food Passes” that allow you to eat out, have a drink, and celebrate in style—not in starvation? What if you could solve the age-old mystery of how to lose the fat—and keep it off? Now you can. Crack the Fat-Loss Code takes the mystery out of your body, a machine that fi ghts every effort you make to lose fat. By understanding the science behind the fat-loss code, you can conquer your old eating habits and crack the fat-loss code....

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  • There is a knack in the successful handling of plants that it is impossible to describe in print. All persons can improve their practice through diligent reading of useful gardening literature, but no amount of reading and advice will make a good gardener of a person who does not love to dig in a garden or who does not have a care for plants just because they are plants. To grow a plant well, one must learn its natural habits. Some persons learn this as if by intuition, acquiring the knowledge from close discrimination of the behavior of the...

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  • A person's soft skill EQ is an important part of their individual contribution to the success of an organization. Particularly those organizations dealing with customers face-to-face are generally more successful, if they train their staff to use these skills. Screening or training for personal habits or traits such as dependability and conscientiousness can yield significant return on investment for an organization.[2] For this reason, soft skills are increasingly sought out by employers in addition to standard qualifications....

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  • Hi, I’m Tommy. I’m your success coach for the next 28 days. Born and reared in Ireland where I live with my wife Sandra, I have worked most of my life in the motor business. In 2009 I studied and qualified as a life coach because I wanted to improve my skills in motivating and coaching staff. I discovered a new profession that actually produces very positive results. In 2011, affected by the economic crisis, I wrapped up my motor business, and free time led me to look at life coaching along with my other skills to help me discover...

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  • We live in a world where the pace of life is phenomenal. We have to work harder, faster, more efficiently, longer hours and with less job security than ever before. This environment is a very difficult one for the perfectionist, who is driven not so much by the desire for success, but by the fear of failure and need for control. They have unrealistic expectations of themselves (possibly others too) and feel they can never achieve enough and never be good enough. They feel unable to bask in the pleasure of achievement or really enjoy their relationships. I hope this book...

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  • The Art of Public Speaking try as he please, he is still sure of failure; and it is an old and very true saying that failure is the only highroad to success. Form the Reference−Book Habit Do not be content with your general knowledge of a word−−press your study until you have mastered its individual shades of meaning and usage. Mere fluency is sure to become despicable, but accuracy never. The dictionary contains the crystallized usage of intellectual giants. No one who would write effectively dare despise its definitions and discriminations.

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  • The study habits explained at the end of this chapter will help you succeed on the TOEFL and after the TOEFL when you are admitted to a college or university, or when you continue your professional training to keep your licenses current. Successful students understand the value of these habits.

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